Edward Peel

Edward Peel ,was born 1943 in Bradford, West Riding of Yorkshire, England,is a British actor.

He has mostly appeared on television, his roles include Shogun '1980', Juliet Bravo '1983–1985', Cracker '1993–1995', Emmerdale Farm (Tom Merrick: '1981-1982', Tony Cairns: '1997-1998' and London's Burning ,'2000–2001',as John Coleman. He appeared as Kane, the main villain in the '1987' Doctor Who serial Dragonfire.

He was the face of the Direct Line commercials.

Peel , has been cast in The Royal Today as David Collingworth, and as the Chief Inspector in the short film comedy Homicide: Division B, directed by Abner Pastoll.

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