Victoria Vida

Whether lighting up the stage or starring in a hit TV series, Victoria

Vida is the most electric talent to storm into Hollywood. This

Miami-born, Brazilian/American actress and singer is a force to be

reckoned with as she takes over the screen as the star of the Emmy award

nominated Netflix series "Project MC2 ." Winner of "Best Actress" by

the Brazilian International Press Awards for her role as the lovable

fashionista "Adrienne Attoms" on the Netflix series, which is seen in

over 190 countries worldwide. The series revolves around a group of

girls who excel in the fields of STEM (science, technology, engineering

and math). The high school-set series, with the seal of approval from

the White House Council on Women and Girls/U.S. Department of Education,

is based on the best-selling Project MC2 dolls that encourage girls to

interact with and experiment with science.

When she is not

educating and encouraging her peers to enter the field of STEM, Victoria

uses her talent to empower others. Drawing inspiration from difficult

times she experienced in middle school, where she often felt like an

outsider, she wrote and recorded the song "Shining Star". This is her

way of reaching out to people who feel the way she used to and encourage

them to always believe in their inner "Shining Star."


out on stage at the Hollywood Pop Academy, at tender age of eight she

was chosen to perform solo in front of a sold out Stevie Wonder concert,

Victoria found her calling early. She uses her free time to perfect her

craft, which includes playing the guitar and dancing. Family is

Victoria's absolute everything, it is where she draws her strength and

her values. Her close family ties also instill in her a desire to spread

the love and support she receives from home to her community.

Motivating her to help children in need by volunteering at local Los

Angeles food banks and hospitals, adding to her list of passions she

pursues when she's not on set. She considers herself a "World Citizen"

because she feels one culture isn't enough to describe her, every new

person, city and culture that she experiences makes a huge impact in her

heart, and she integrates all knowledge she gains from these

experiences into who she is. Victoria's life motto is DON'T ERASE


Known For


Cast Credits

Project Mc² (2015)
Starring as Adrienne Attoms (28 episodes)
Trophy Wife (2013)
Guest starring as Theater Kid #2