Steve Reichert

Steve Reichert is a Canadian born in Brampton Ontario, on the outskirts of Toronto, Ontario. Steve Reichert has been involved in the business community in Brampton and Niagara Falls Canada as an investor and portfolio manager of investment properties. Steve started out at a young age writing and obtaining his stockbrokers license at age 16, but was too young to register or practice, he continued to pursue education in the financial services industry and obtained an insurance license at age 18, and went on to become a top salesperson, earning million dollar round table awards. Reichert recalls the younger days as " I was so young that I had to grow a mustache for people to take me seriously in business at 18 years old" That didn t stop Reichert from moving on and opening his own brokerage business in the Financial Services, and hiring some top talent. which made him the forefront of the industry for a number of years, before selling his business to investors. Reichert went on to invest in real estate, and stated that " I always had an appreciation for art and architecture and loved restoring turn of the century Victorian homes, back to their natural grandeur., every property is like an open canvas to paint and recreate." Reichert goes on to laugh that ," I failed art class miserably in school and was discouraged by my teachers in pursuing anything in the arts" After having done over $10 million dollars worth of Victorian houses and restorations before 25 yrs old, Reichert can look back with satisfaction. " I am sure my school art teacher is cringing somewhere right now"

Reichert enjoys the outdoors, travel, reading and the martial arts. Reichert despite being friends with a few celebrities never thought of pursuing a career in acting, "too many hours and a lot of repetition, maybe if I had to do my own stunts it would be more appealing". Reichert has turned down several offers from the movie industry, deciding to pursue his passion in the business world, and is happily living in Belize. "I think after the hustle and bustle of North American traffic, I can really appreciate the relaxed and healthy atmosphere of Belize. "Once in a while I miss the sound of the big city, but dont think I ever need to move back" Reichert was asked what he missed the most about leaving Toronto for Belize. his response was. " the food, I love to eat, and Toronto is world class for food"

We asked Reichert how he felt about being an actor in the HG TV series? The response we got was, " The production crew and people of HG TV were highly professional, very relaxed and just let things flow naturally, I felt very comfortable on set, and the natural backdrop of the film location at Better in Belize was amazing. I think all,these years of being in business doing real estate personally, just made it that much easier , as things came naturally."

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