Hans De Munter

Hans de Munter is a Belgium Flemish actor.

In the theater, he was, among other things as an actor and director associated with the Window Theatre , in productions King Lear,and The Hakkelgaren Onkreukbaren.

His most famous roles on television are those of police chief Paul Keyser in Witse , who Lawyer Robert Swerts at home , that of Ambassador Petros in Family , which Dimitri Vanieper in Wittekerke and Leon Van Wyck in Sara - telenovela .

He also played a major role as Antonio, a friend of Sabrina Backeljau in the series Family Backeljau (1994-1997) and as Deputy Commissioner Wim Steurs in the series along the Quay , a colleague of Paul Crets (played by Charles Vingerhoets ).

He played guest roles in Interflix , Wildschut (1985), Heterdaad (Captain Bruno Snoeckx), Congo (Jean Roland) Windkracht 10 (Colonel Meersman), Right to Right (Research Judge), Hello Belgium (John) Aspe (Inspector Bultynck) Rupel (Doctor Dirk Deruyck) Law according to Milo (Attorney Kral), FC Champions (Alex Cooremans 1994, Customer VAT restaurant in 1998 and Hubert Somers in 2007), Rush (Hugo), Flikken (Pastor in 1999 Philippe D'Hoker in 2008), Lili Marleen (Armand), W817 (Robert De Hert), Amika (Mathieu Louis'), Spring (Father of Pia), Code 37 , 2009 (Serge Vlaeminck) and Witse , 2009 (Paul Keyser ). He made two guest appearances on MegaMindy in 2007 as Kazimir Kriminalsky and Fred Brick in 2009. Since 2011 Hans also played guest roles in Transport.TV program on Canal Z.

He has two sons with actress Ann Hendrickx and one son with another partner.

From December 2010 until May 2014 he played the role of Dirk Cockelaere in the Family , in 2012, he has been featured in the fiction series The Pentagon on One. In 2014 he was also in two episodes of the 2nd season of Crimi Clowns ever in November 2014, he has been featured in the new youth series Ghost rockers as the school director Rocco Kent

Known For


Cast Credits

Crimi Clowns (2012)
Guest starring as Inspecteur Coenen (2 episodes)
De vijfhoek (2012)
Starring as Herman
Clan (2012)
Guest starring as Meneer Custermans
Sara (2007)
Starring as Leon Van Wyck (5 episodes)
Flikken (1999)
Guest starring as Pastoor
Thuis (1995)
Guest starring as Robert Swerts (16 episodes)
Familie Backeljau (1994)
Starring as Antonio Tagliatelle (20 episodes)
Wittekerke (1993)
Guest starring as Dimitri Vanieper (58 episodes)
Familie (1991)
Starring as Dirk Cockelaere (567 episodes)
Guest starring as Petros Granitou (8 episodes)