Amira Willighagen

Amira Willighagen (Nijmegen) is a Dutch girl who became famous by singing opera songs. Willighagen acquired at the age of nine nationwide, directly after global fame when she appeared in the TV program Britain's Got Talent's aria O mio babbino caro from the Italian opera Gianni Schicchi performed. Her audition was on YouTube worldwide watched by 20 million people. In the following live show she sang the Ave Maria by Charles Gounod.On 28 December 2013 she won the final with her performance of Nessun Dorma from the opera Turandot. Besides singing makes the young singer to athletics and gymnastics. She won in her category in both November 2012 and in November 2013 the Zevenheuvelenloop. In January 2014 she won in her category Leemkuil crossloop.

End March 2014 she was in England recorded their debut album titled Amira released. End of August 2015 was in Belgium recorded its second CD; This is titled Merry Christmas received and includes a selection of various well-known Christmas carols, supplemented with famous arias. With part of the proceeds from CD sales and concerts Willighagen contributes to the construction of playgrounds for poor children. In the township Ikageng, at Potchefstroom in South Africa, she opened on March 5 the first playground that also came about through its contribution in 2014. She chose to be in South Africa to do something because her mother comes from this country.

For the construction and maintenance of playgrounds formalizing on November 1 its foundation in 2014 Luck Kinders founded. Two weeks after the release of their debut album Willig Hagens had sold enough copies and downloaded to crown it with a status of Gold. On 14th april the 2014th she received her first gold disc. On 8 November 2014 received Willighagen at the Pontifical Urban University, the International Giuseppe Sciaccaprijs for her performance and skills in the field of music and song.

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