Leo DeLyon

Leo De Lyon is an American voice actor famous for his role as Spook and Brain in the cartoon Top Cat .Look for Leo on the extras for the Top Cat DVDs. He performed on stage as pianist and vocal entertainer and was musical director for several artists such as Sandler and Young. Worked with Al Kooper on Al's first record. Recorded 45's and 78's and LPs using multi tracking and his voice as instruments, long before Bobby McFerrin as early as 1951. Recorded an album of Jewish humor in the 50's in England which led to a world tour and his classic LP "Leo's Here" Was a voice over actor on : Top Cat Smurfs The Incredible Hulk The Jungle Book Jack and the Beanstalk The Flintstones Soupy Sales Appeared on TV shows such as Bewitched, My Mother the Car, The Jack Benny Program, Arrest and Trial, Steve Allen Show, Cavalcade of Stars ,Milton Berle Show and co-starred with Bob Haymes and Dorothy Loudon in the short-lived DuMont Television Network sitcom It's a Business (March-May 1952). Worked with Mel Blanc on Mel's "Superfun" radio series in the 1960s. Born in 1926 and currently is retired, playing at rest homes and facilities in the Reseda N. Hollywood area.

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