Heartless Recap

Mary Margaret wakes up in the middle of the night and discovers that she's in the forest. The Evil Queen steps out and talks about how Mary Margaret's father got her a tiny pony as her fifteenth birthday. When it bowed to her as trained, Mary Margaret was delighted and said it was her perfect day. The Queen points out that Mary Margaret's father always got what she wanted and a little more, and now she wants Mary Margaret's heart in her hand, and the half that David has. Mary Margaret puts out that Regina put a protection spell on both hearts, and the Queen tells her that they will hand them over willingly. She puts a bottle in Mary Margaret's hand and tells her that she has 12 hours to figure out what it is. If they don't follow their conscience then the townspeople will die. With that, the Queen teleports away.

The next morning, the Queen returns and Zelena asks what terrible things she's been up to. The Queen says that she's finally getting her revenge on Mary Margaret and David, and Zelena wonders if the Dark One is helping her. The Queen explains that Gold wanted the Shears of Destiny, and insists that they're simply old friends. Zelena isn't convinced, and the Queen says that she has a lot to do before Mary Margaret dies.

The Enchanted Forest

Snow approaches a nobleman at a forest camp and offers him a piece of jewelry. She says that there's been an emergency and she's forced to sell it, and he offers her three coppers. Snow points out that it's worth a hundred times and he says that he only knows one family that has such a family heirloom. She says that three coppers will be fine, takes it, and leaves.

David returns to the cottage with his dog Wilby and tells his mother Ruth that the lost lamb they were looking for died in the cold night. Ruth realizes that they have to sell the farm because they can't keep it going.

The Blue Fairy approaches Snow, who says that the nobleman would have turned her over to the Queen if she had demanded any more money. A Woodcutter emerges from the forest and throws an axe at the Blue Fairy. She avoids it and darts at the woodcutter, and Snow hits the man in the axe and disarms him. The Blue Fairy grows to human size and grabs the axe, and the Woodcutter runs off. Snow says that the Woodcutter is a bounty hunter and the nobleman must have tipped him off. She has just enough money to book passage out of the Queen's reach, and she's heading to the port town of Longbourn to leave.

Ruth gives David some food and wishes him safe journey, and he promises that he won't return from Longbourn until he finds a buyer.


At the diner, the group meets and Mary Margaret tells them of the Queen's threat. Emma's hand is still shaking, and she says that despite her vision that her parents were alive, the Oracle said that things could change. Regina realizes what the potion is and puts a drop on a nearby tree, and it immediately dies. She explains that it's water from the River of Lost Souls, and the Queen got it from Gold.

As Mary Margaret and David walk through the town, they look at all the townspeople who will die if they don't give their hearts to the Queen. Mary Margaret figures that the Queen finally has them.

The Enchanted Forest

As David walks to Longbourn, Wilby finds a cup and brings it to his master. The dog then runs off and David goes after it. They come to a merchant's wagon and the owner, Gabriel, steps out. He sees the cup and says that he lost it earlier. David hands it over and Gabriel says that Wilby is a fine animal, and there are brigands on the road. He says that he's heading to Longbourn, and suggests that they travel together for safety. As David gets on the front, Gabriel unlocks the back of his wagon... which contains the Woodcutter's weapons.

The Blue Fairy says that her people can help her, and says that all of the people love her. Snow says that her mother loved the heirloom because it was a present from her husband, and he gave it to the Queen after his first wife died. The Queen treated it like trash, and the money from it will let her change her life. They hug and Snow heads for Longbourn.


At the apartment, the group tells Belle what happened. She admits that she's found neutralizing agent in her books and goes to keep searching. Mother Superior arrives and admits that she can't counteract the water, and says that there is a sapling that was created by the firs spark of a true love. They had one in the Enchanted Forest and think that it's lost in Storybrooke. Mother Superior explains that there's a spell that could find it, but Gold, the Queen, or Zelena would recognize it if they saw it and know what they're up to. Regina admits that there may be more to the Queen's alliance with Gold than business, and suggests that they can use it to their advantage.

Regina writes a note to Zelena claiming to be the Queen and asking her to meet her at the pawnshop. When Zelena arrives there, she hears someone in the back. The Queen and gold are kissing, and Zelena comes in, furious that the Queen lied to her. The Queen confronts her and Zelena says that she wanted her to see them together. Her neck starts to turn green from jealousy, and Zelena complains that she thought she and the Queen were a team. Gold finds the note and the Queen confirms that she didn't right it. They realize that Regina did it and Gold figures that they're being played.

At the docks, Mother Superior casts the spell and finds the sapling's location on the beach. Regina says that she's taken all of the blood magic off of the vault locks so it will hold the Queen. Hook and Emma go there to remove the remaining magical artifacts there, while Regina, David, and Mary Margaret go to get the sapling.

The Enchanted Forest

Gabriel stops to give his horse a break, and offers David a drink. David passes out and Gabriel tells Wilby that while he sleeps, he has a fun game to play.

Snow is walking toward Longbourn when she hears something behind her. Wilby runs out and the Woodcutter confronts her. He removes his helmet and says that he used Wilby to track her. Wilby walks off and Snow spits in Gabriel's face. Gabriel says that he's taking her to the Queen to collect his reward.


Regina, Mary Margaret, and David go the spell's location, and the couple realizes that it's where they first met after the curse. They find a trapdoor and Regina teleport them below.

In the vault, Emma and Hook pack away Regina's artifacts. He realizes that Emma is worried about her parents and assures her that they'll be okay. She wonders what happens if the Queen gets there first and she's not ready for the fight, and Hook takes out the Storybook and reads her the story of how Snow and charming always found each other, and then they found Emma. He assures her that she's the Savior because she was born of their love, and they're together because of her. Hook tells Emma to remember that she's the Savior and can overcome anything, and kisses her hand.

The Enchanted Forest

Wilby goes back to David and wakes him up, and he realizes that Gabriel drugged him. Wilby leads him to the wagon where Snow is trying to break out of the back. She yells through the door that the Woodcutter will be back, but David breaks the lock with a rock.


The trio finds the sapling, and when the couple picks it up together they see all of the memories that they shared. As they leave, the Queen teleports in and takes the sapling. Mary Margaret says that it won't work for her, and the Queen breaks it in half. David says that they still have some time to hand over their hearts, and Regina advises them to do whatever they intend quickly.

Back at the apartment, Mary Margaret tells David that they can't let the town die. He points that they heard that if one believes in them, it means they're not alone, and it's still true. Mary Margaret says that it was her memory, but all the other ones were memories that they shared. They both realize that the other wasn't there when they heard the words.

The Enchanted Forest

As David works at the lock, the woodsman throws his axe at David, missing him, and charges forward. David grabs the axe and the two men fight, and the Woodcutter shatters the axe in David's hand. the Bounty Hunter swings again, breaking a hole in the door, and Snow grabs the man's axe. David kills him and gets his key, and starts to unlock the wagon. Snow warns him that if he sees her face then her enemies will come after him as well. David agrees not to free her and slips the key through the hole. He tells her that she's resourceful and explains that he was going to sell his mother's farm for the money. Snow gives him the money she has as a reward for saving her, and figures that she can survive. She considers robbing the nobleman, and says that knowing David believes in her means that she isn't alone. As she hands the coins out the hole, their hands touch and neither are aware of the spark from their contact that creates the sapling.


At the cemetery, the Queen tells the townspeople that if Mary Margaret doesn't arrive in five minutes then she'll use the water. Zelena comes over and taunts Belle, and asks if she'd like to know the rest of what Gold and the Queen have been up to.

As Regina and Emma prepare to attack the Queen, David and Mary Margaret arrive and says that they don't need the sapling. Hey know that their love is more powerful than her magic, and they're going to do the right thing. Mary Margaret tells Emma that they always know that their paths bring them to each other and then back to Emma, and the couple tells Regina to lift the protection spell. She does, and the couple turn to the Queen. She pulls out their hearts and says that she's dreamt of the moment for so long. However, she want to give them her pain of being alone. The Queen puts their hearts back into their chests and Mary Margaret collapses. David realizes that the Queen put a sleeping curse on Mary Margaret, and the Queen teleports her away. She tells David to start looking for Mary Margaret and they'll see what happens when he finds her, and then teleports away.

Later at the pawnshop, Belle visits Gold. He thanks her for leaving the ultrasound picture off, and she says that Zelena told her that he was involved with the Queen. Belle doesn't care what he does or who he does it with, but Zelena also told her that Gold plans to use the shears to cut their son off from his future. She forbids it, and says that he feels love and could be a good man if he tried. Belle tells him to be worthy of his son's love rather than take it, and Gold wonders what happens if he fails. His wife says that he's afraid of failing and that's worse than evil. With that, belle walks out. Gold snarls Zelena's name.

David and Emma go back to the apartment but there's no sign of Mary Margaret. He drives drive to the woods where the Queen sent her before and finds Mary Margaret sealed within a glass casket. He opens it as the others arrive, and Regina warns that a kiss won't wake Mary Margaret. Mary Margaret wakes up... and David collapses. Regina says that the Queen put the sleeping curse on the heart they share. Now they share the curse as well, and when is one awake the other will be asleep.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 7, 2016