The Interrogation Recap

The guys are crossing a field when a gorilla patrol intercepts them. They split up and Pete is captured while Alan and Galen escape.

Pete is taken to Ape City where Urko meets with Zaius, who has a special "experiment" planned to get information from him with the aid of Wanda, a chimpanzee scientist, who has a book from a 20th century time capsule on how to brainwash humans. Urko isn't happy (preferring to simply kill the astronaut) and argues to oversee the experiment. Alan and Galen follow but they're two days away on foot.

Wanda interrogates Pete who is less then helpful about who has helped them and when and where.

Galen and Alan intercept a wagon while Urko prepares traps for their eventual rescue attempt.

Wanda uses sleep deprivation on Pete while the guys manage to evade a patrol, abandon the wagon, and go to the home of Galen's parents. Galen's father Yalu, prejudiced against humans, isn't happy but offers them shelter but no other help, while Urko finds out the two are in Gorilla City and has Yalu's house searched. Yalu and Galen's mother Ann hide them in a hidden basement compartment and they avoid detection.

Wanda continues her interrogation using a spinning table to further disorient Pete, who barely manages to hold out.

Alan and Galen sneak into the Council building but don't find Pete, who is being held at a secret facility, so they break into Urko's office. Wanda uses herself as a sympathetic female presence – Pete hallucinates a romantic situation with his girlfriend Susan back on Earth and almost breaks. But he holds out and Wanda turns him over to Urko.

Alan and Galen figure out where Urko is holding Pete and go to the cavern outside of the city as Pete is being removed and taken to a hospital for a brain operation by a Dr. Malthus.

Back at his home, Galen and Alan prepare to use his family's carriage but Ann realizes it's hopeless and offers her own help. She delivers an "injured" Galen in to the hospital compound and orders Alan (who's already slipped in) to take him inside. She blusters her way past the guards and into Malthus' operating theater, then slips knives to the guys so they can take the guards prisoners. Ann sets off a ruckus to cover her involvement and the guys send the carriage on its own while they slip out the back.

Urko confronts Ann and Yalu, who deny everything and force him to declare them innocent rather then arrest them. The guys hide out in the house for the time being, and Yalu and Galen reconcile.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 14, 2016