Trust Me Knot Recap

Man is not what he thinks he is, he is what he hides.

The SERT officers move in on Bud's shop. They check the refrigerator and confirm that the truck is clear. meanwhile, Bud wonders what they're going to do. Trubel wants to fight, and Monroe blurts out that Rosalee is pregnant. Nick apologizes for dragging them into his problems, gets the others into his back, and prepares to turn himself in. However, Eve and Trubel both stop him.

As the SERT officers prepare to break in, Hank and Wu arrive and put Renard under arrest for Rachel's murder. Hank orders Franco to stand down and tells Renard that he is relieved of command, and reads him his rights.

Nick says that he doesn't want anyone else to get hurt and orders Trubel and Eve out of their way. After a moment, they move to the side.

Hank and Wu tell Franco to ignore Renard's orders and take him away. The SERT commander tells her men to go in, and Nick raises his hands and surrenders himself. The leader picks up the stick and takes it out of Nick's pocket... and a burst of magical energy knocks all of the officers out. Nick picks up the stick and pockets it.

Renard warns Hank and Wu that they're not helping Nick, and says that Nick is a dead man. Wu promises that whatever happens to Nick will happen to Renard.

Franco and the SERT commander hear gunshots and an officer runs out and says that the fugitives are escaping. They all take off, and the others take the unconscious SERT leader to the van and drive away. Nick is behind the wheel, posing as the leader, and tells Monroe that they'll have to drop him off. Monroe tells Nick that he and Rosalee found a way out by the railroad tracks and draws him a map. Nick tells him to get back to the spice shop with Rosalee.

Hank and Wu walk Renard into the station and everyone stares in shock. They put him in an interrogation room and ask where he was the night that Rachel was murdered. Renard claims that he doesn't know anything about her death, and they point out that his fingerprints were all over Rachel's apartment. The captain tells them to reconsider what they're doing, but they warn him that they can put him at the scene of the crime and provide a motive. Hank asks who did it if Renard didn't, and Renard can't tell them that Diana killed Rachel. He woges and asks if they're going to take it to trial, but Hank is unimpressed and demands the name of his campaign manager. Renard woges back and gives them Conrad's name, and claims that he left the country. Hank points out that Renard has no alibi, and Renard demands his phone call.

Renard calls Adalind and tells her that he's been arrested for Rachel's murder. He tells her that she needs to come down there because she's going to get him out of jail. As they lock Renard up, Renard watches a janitor paint over the Black Claw mark off the wall. The janitor then woges and tells Renard to let him know if he needs anything, and Renard tells him to get him a phone.

Hank and Wu wonder what happens if Renard gets out. Franco demands answers and says that Nick got away. He advises them to tell Nick to turn himself in and walks away. Trubel calls Hank and says that she, Nick, Eve, and Bud are going back into the tunnels and they need Hank to join them. Hank tells Nick that they arrested Renard and hangs up. They find the tunnel entrance and go in. Nick advises Bud to have his family leave Portland, and Eve tells Nick that she feels bad about Rosalee getting pregnant at such an inopportune time. She admits that she feels different, like there are two of her, and asks Nick for the cloth so she can take it to Rosalee. Eve says that they need to know what the stick is and where it came from, and the answer is on the cloth. Nick doesn't believe it, and Eve tells Trubel that they need to find out where the stick's power comes from.

Monroe and Rosalee return to the spice shop and wonder what to do next. They finally agree to open up the shop and act normal, just as the phone rings. It's Adalind, who asks Rosalee to watch her kids. Rosalee agrees and hangs up, and then tells Monroe what's going on.

The Wesen janitor brings Renard a phone, and he calls Stancroft. The captain explains what's going on and tells Stancroft to uncomplicate things for him. Once Renard hangs up, he finds a shell casing on the floor. There's a gun lying nearby, and Renard picks it up and remembers using it to kill Meisner. The gun disappears, and Renard realizes that he's hallucinating again.

Nick opens the stick's case but hesitates. Eve takes out the cloth and points to where she saw the symbols. No one else sees the symbols, and Eve tells Nick that he shouldn't carry the stick around. She points out that the stick acted defensively when the SERT leader tried to take it, but Nick irritably says that he'll decide when to put it away. Eve suggests that he put it away if he can, and Nick puts it in the box and reseals it.

Monroe is repairing the spice shop when Adalind arrives with Diana and Kelly. When he says that it was impressive how she appeared, Diana asks why and Monroe awkwardly says that most people can't do it. As Rosalee takes Adalind and Kelly into the back, Monroe shows Kelly around the shop. When he reaches for a jar of cinnamon stick, Diana levitates it to her hand and smiles.

In the other room, Adalind tells Rosalee that Renard has been arrested for Rachel's murder. She explains that Renard wants her to get him out of jail, but she doesn't know how.

Nick gets increasingly jumpy, and goes back to the box and takes the stick out. Bud warns against it, and after a minute's concentration Nick puts it back in the box, shuts it, and heads out.

Monroe asks Rosalee to help him with Diana. She goes out and they see Diana levitating dozens of jars around the room. She touches one and makes it disappear, and Rosalee asks Diana to put them back. The girl does so as Eve and Trubel arrive. Diana recognizes Trubel and Eve, and says that Eve is different now. Eve agrees and tells Rosalee that they need to find out more about the cloth... leaving Monroe with Diana.

Adalind meets Renard in the interrogation room and he says that he was killing Conrad the night that Rachel died. He wants Adalind to be his alibi, and reminds her that she owes him. Adalind refuses to endanger her children by perjuring herself and walks out.

Nick and Bud hear someone up ahead and turn off their lights. It's Hank and Wu, and Bud tells them about what happened at the shop. Nick says that they have to let Renard go so that they can talk to him and negotiate a deal. He tells Bud to go home and Bud finally agrees. Nick then calls Adalind and says that he needs her help. She describes a spell, a Trust Me Knot, and if someone breaks the agreement then they'll choke to death. Nick asks her to do it, and tells her to meet him where she first told him that he loved her.

Hank and Wu go to Renard's cell and say that Nick is looking for him. They assure Renard that they're not going to kill him, handcuff him, and lead him out to the loft. Nick is waiting and says that he's Renard's alibi for the night of Rachel's murder. In return Renard will drop the charges against Nick and reinstate him. They'll also have Adalind give Renard an alibi, and Nick assures Renard that she'll testify. Adalind comes in with the Trust Me Knot and has Nick and Renard take each end of the rope. She explains that whoever breaks their promise will choke to death, and spells out the arrangement. Nick agrees and after a moment, Renard does so as well. Adalind woges and puts some of her blood on the rope, casting the spell. The rope turns entirely red and forms into a hangman's noose.

In the cellar, Rosalee develops a chemical to bring out the imagery on the cloth. Adalind comes down and explains about the deal and how Nick is on his way over. They tell her what they're doing, and Diana comes down. She asks what they're doing and offers to help them. She concentrates and says that she can see the writing, more than what Eve saw.

Nick arrives and they tell him what Adalind can see. Diana realizes that Nick is Kelly's father, and says that she likes Kelly. Nick asks her to draw what she sees, and HW calls Trubel. She takes the call and hangs up, and then tells Nick that she's leaving Portland in four hours and doesn't know where she's going. HW didn't say anything about Eve, but they want Nick to come with Trubel. None of them recognize the writing and Rosalee checks it on the computer.

At the station, Wu wonders what happens if their evidence against Renard is too strong. Hank figures that Adalind can clear Renard. Hank gets a call that they're convening the grand jury for Renard in two hours because they're making an exception to speed things up. They go to call Nick.

Rosalee doesn't find anything on the computer about the writing. Trubel says that she has to go and asks Nick to go with her. She warns that it will be bad even if Renard clears Nick, but Nick figures that someone has to stay and deal with it. Once Trubel leaves, Hank calls and tells Nick that they need Adalind at the courthouse immediately.

The grand jury convenes and Adalind enters the courtroom. She sits with Hank and Wu, and Stancroft calls the case to order. He dismisses the case due to lack of evidence, and Renard tells Adalind that since she never testified, the deal is off. The captain tells Hank and Wu to resign by morning, and then goes into Stancroft's office where the DA, Hertz, is waiting. They agree that it went well and both of them woge as Renard assures them that he'll clean up Portland starting with Nick and his friends.

At the spice shop, Adalind and the others explain what happened. Nick tells Adalind that she has to move back in with Renard for her safety and the safety of the children.

As Renard leaves the courthouse, he calls one of his people and says that he wants Nick found.

Written by Gadfly on Jan 14, 2017