Part III Recap

A decade has passed, it’s the early 90s, HIV/AIDS continues to ravage the gay community, and Cleve, Ken and Richard now know they have this deadly disease. In order to get the country, the U.S. government and the President to give those dying of AIDS any attention, Cleve dedicates his waning energy to creating the Names Project AIDS Memorial quilt. Ken’s home ripped away from him and his health failing, Cecilia Chung helps him enter a VA hospital to receive the treatment any veteran deserves – but in this era of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, this environment proves challenging. Roma lives with Diane and Diane’s daughter, Annie, now a young pre-teen. When Annie begins asking about her father, Roma and Diane set out to find him, but are surprised to learn his identity and must make changes to their treasured little family.

It’s 1997, Cleve has moved to Palm Springs for his health, and has been pushed aside by modern LGBT rights organizations. When he objects to one such group honoring a president who signed Don’t Ask Don’t Tell and the Defense of Marriage Act, he learns just how little clout he now holds. Cleve does, however, find brief happiness in fatherhood when he begins the process to foster parent a sick neighbor’s child. Diane’s daughter, Annie, in full teenage rebellion mode, is sent to Catholic school where she struggles to find her place as a child of lesbians and a gay man. Meanwhile, Ken checks himself into a VA HIV+ drug addiction program where he grows close to a closeted gay man. But unable to be out in this military environment, things only grow darker, and Ken must turn back to his roots, to God, for the help he desperately needs

Written by TomSouthwell on Feb 13, 2017