Is This Henry Mills? Recap

A storm gathers over Hyperion Heights, and Lucy runs to the bar and tells Regina that true love's kiss didn't work. The girl explains that Samdi cured Henry but they're still cursed. Gothel appears and says that the clouds are a rebirth, and the balance of nature is changing. She says that if Regina joins her as the eighth wish, she'll spare Regina's favor. Regina refuses, and Gothel points out that she has no magic and Henry's belief is gone and there's nothing Regina can do to bring it back.

The Past

Regina asks a young Henry to mark his height on the door post on his last day of school. He reluctantly does so and goes, and Regina goes after him. She gives him his lunch box, and inside is a set of car keys. Henry realizes that the car at the curb is his, and says that he's not going to Storybrooke College. He suggests that he should go back to the real world and consider other options, and quickly drives off as Regina takes in the news.


Weaver goes to Regina's cellar and tells her that Lucy told him about Gothel's visit. He hands her a vial of memory potion and hopes that if Henry remembers who he is, he will believe again, the kiss will work, and the curse will break. Regina wonders why he's helping them after betraying them, and Weaver says that he's considered helping the family he has since he may never get back to Belle. He asks Regina to let him help her before it's too late.

In the catacombs, a tied-up Rogers watches as Tilly and the other witches channel the power. One of them transforms into a small tree, and the mesmerized desk sergeant says that when a witch has completed her task and given all that she has, she is rewarded with a place in the Eternal Glove. The sergeant admits that he'll be spared but not rewarded, and Rogers breaks free and punches him unconscious. He goes to Tilly and says that they have to go, but she says that she wants to be with her mother. Tilly is magically locked into the ritual, and Rogers says that he will come back and save her.

The Past

Outside of his house, Henry is checking his engine, and Granny comes over to help. Regina comes out and asks her to get them some grilled cheese sandwiches. She figures that Henry's future may be outside of Storybrooke and gives him flyers for other colleges, and says that she just wants him to be happy.


Regina goes to Henry's apartment with food and says that she wants to make sure that he's eating. Once he goes to get some coffee, Regina pours the memory potion in his drinking. He says that he's taking Jacinda and Lucy to Bainbridge Island, and admits that he and Jacinda are officially some kind of thing. Once Henry brings the coffee over, Regina watches Henry drink. Nothing happens, and she says that Gothel was right. She says that something bad is happening and she needs his help, and Henry insists that they're not fairy-tale characters. He rationalizes away his belief, and Regina realizes that he's acting like an adult. Henry says that he's done looking for answers in an imaginary past.

Jacinda is in Lucy's room packing for the trip with Henry, and she gets a text from Regina saying their plan doesn't work. Sabina comes in and says that she hasn't heard from Drew. Lucy finds a tarot card in the bag that Drew used, and Jacinda and Sabina go to the bar where he's been seen.

Rogers goes to the police station and asks Weaver what's going on. Weaver tells him that magic is real and they're all from another realm. He tells Rogers that he either has to accept madness or the proof of his own eyes. Rogers accepts that magic is real, and realizes that Tilly is his daughter. He tells Weaver that Tilly and the other coven members are locked in a ritual, and Weaver says that he has an idea of how to break it. As they go, Rogers asks who he was in the Enchanted Forest. Weaver tells him that all he needs to know is that he's a survivor, and calls him "Captain".

Weaver and Rogers go to the bar, and Weaver tells Margot to come with them. Rogers explains that Tilly is in trouble and they need Margot to get through to her.

Lucy finds Regina at the cemetery where Henry's family is supposedly buried. Regina takes out a copy of the storybook and figures that if Henry touches the real one, he might regain his memories. She tells Lucy that the Storybook is probably buried with Victoria, and she'll get it while Lucy gets Henry to the bar.

The Past

Regina comes home and finds Henry looking at his college acceptance letters. He got into every school he applied for, and Henry suggests that they wait to tell the others. Henry explains that he couldn't write about what happened to him, and the colleges didn't accept the real Henry. He wonders if he'd be better off staying at home, and asks Regina what he should do. Regina tells him that he's already grown up and he's the only one who can tell himself what to do.

Lucy brings Henry to the bar, claiming that Jacinda is there. Regina is the only one there, and takes out the Storybook. She says that she needs Henry to believe, and he reluctantly touches the book. Nothing happens, and Lucy runs out. Regina shows Henry the photo of her and a young Henry in Storybrooke, and shows him the adoption papers proving that she adopted him Henry says that he made his own home and it went up in flames, and he's trying to move on. He asks where all the people from his book are, and Regina explains that Gothel's curse took them back in time. They're all in Storybrooke at the same time that they're in Hyperion Heights. Henry says that he wishes it was real because it would mean the pain he's been through doesn't exist, but he's just a sad grown man that couldn't save his family. Regina tells him that he was kidnapped on the day they were cursed and he couldn't save his family, but Regina believes that he can save them because they've always been with him. She just needs Henry to remember that. Henry says goodbye and leaves.

Rogers, Margot, and Weaver go into the catacombs and find the witches. Margot approaches Tilly and tries to get through to her, and Tilly blasts her away and then shrinks her, Rogers, and Tilly to six inches tall. When they try to get to her, she conjures a wall of flames. All of the witches except Tilly transform into trees as they complete their part of the spell.

Jacinda and Sabina enter Samdi's office and they show him the tarot card they found. They ask where Drew is, and Samdi tells them to look behind a door. Inside is Drew, tied up, and Samdi uses a voodoo doll of Sabina to force them to get into the closet. He then closes the door and locks it.

Henry follows Lucy home, and she complains that he doesn't want to remember. She storms into her bedroom and says that she wishes Henry had never grown up. Henry sets down his backpack and finds the adoption papers inside. Regina's Storybrooke phone number is listed on the papers.

Young Henry is in his bedroom trying on his graduation gown. Henry calls him and Young Henry answers. Shocked, Henry relives all of his memories as they come back to him. He asks if he's talking to Henry Mills, and says that he's a friend of Regina's. Young Henry says that they're moving his graduation party to the diner, and Henry says that he called to congratulate him. He asks his younger self what's next, and figures that Young Henry is having doubts. Young Henry says that it's hard letting go of Storybrooke, and Henry tells him hat home isn't a place: it's the people in it, and they will always be with him. He says that he's someone who believes in him, and tells Young Henry to have fun at his party and not miss the tiny gift that fell behind his dresser. Once Young Henry hangs up, he finds the gift behind his dresser and finds the magic bean inside.

Lucy comes out and Henry hugs her, and says that he remembers that he's her father. He remembers the call that he just made, and says that he needs to go help Regina.

Gothel goes to the town center's garden and when Regina tries to hit her with a baseball bat, Gothel easily destroys the bat. Undeterred, Regina grabs the handle and prepares to attack Gothel.

The Past

After the graduation party, Regina and Henry return home. She realizes that Henry seems different, and he tells Regina that he realized that he wasn't ready to leave because change is hard. Henry repeats his caller's words, and figures that Storybrooke will always be with him. He says that they'll talk about what he's going to do in the future and goes up to his room.


Gothel blasts Regina unconscious, and a fire appears in the garden font. The witch channels the flames upward, and Henry arrives and goes to Regina. He tells his unconscious mother that he remembers and begs her to come back, and kisses her on the forehead. True love's kiss destroys the curse, restoring Rogers, Weaver, and Margot to normal size. Hook remembers who he is, and Robin and Alice kiss.

Regina wakes up and tells Henry that he broke the curse. Trees grow up around them in a matter of seconds, and Regina conjures a fireball and throw sit at Gothel. Gothel easily deflects it, but Gold and the others arrive. Gold says that Alice's magic will be enough, and Gold explains she'll be the one who stops Gothel. Alice says that Gothel is too strong, and Hook tells her that Alice is far stronger as he clutches as the poison in his heart takes place. He takes one of Alice's hands, and Robin takes the other one. Alice tells Gothel that she's not an outcast like Gothel, and she chooses love rather than hate.

Alice magically blasts Gothel, transforming her into a tree. She promises her mother that she will do better for everyone, and causes flowers to grow around the base of the tree.

In his office, Facilier realizes that Gothel is defeated. Ella, Tiana, and Naveen break out of the closet, and Facilier quickly teleports away. Ella goes to find her family.

Henry tells Regina that he remembers everything that she taught him.

The Past

Regina finds Henry's real essay on the mantle. He's written that every moment shapes them and they take that place with them wherever they go. No matter where they go, they find magic, love, hope, and a family that always fights for one another because they always find each other.


The medics take Hook away as Alice and Robin hug. Henry and Regina come over and Regina hugs her niece. Ella arrives, and she and Henry hug. Lucy runs up and hugs her parents, Gold sadly walks away, and Lucy goes to hug her grandmother.

The Past

Regina finishes reading Henry's essay and smiles.


Gold goes to the evidence locker and opens his safe. The contents is gone, and he realizes that Facilier has it. He goes to Facilier's office, and finally finds the scrapbook of his family. He says that he won't find his way to Belle, and Facilier comes out and agrees. Gold magically grabs him by the throat, but after a moment he loses his powers. Facilier says that Gold trying to get back to himself has made him the worst version of himself. Rumplestiltskin stabs Facilier in the back, and tells Gold that no wish realm could hold him... and it's time for the two of them to get better acquainted.

Written by Gadfly on May 5, 2018