Ajin - Episode List

Season 2

13Dec 23, 2016I Make Promises Too, Satō-san
12Dec 16, 2016It Sounds Interesting, so I Guess it's Okay.
11Dec 16, 2016This Really is War
10Dec 9, 2016I Won't Do It
9Dec 2, 2016You're the One Who Is Getting in the Way
8Nov 25, 2016Things Are Getting Kind of Tough in this Country
7Nov 18, 2016Kuro, Just One More, Please
6Nov 11, 2016It's Tough Being a Dog
5Nov 4, 2016Kuro-chan, please!
4Oct 28, 2016It's Sickening, Right?
3Oct 21, 2016I'm Always Scared
2Oct 14, 2016Everyone Around Here is an Idiot
1Oct 7, 2016It (Suddenly) Has Become Bothersome/Tiresome

Season 1

13Apr 8, 2016Satō-san, It's Your Fault Everything's Messed Up
12Apr 1, 2016Man, I'm Exhausted
11Mar 25, 2016Now Then, It's Showtime
10Mar 18, 2016Disintegration Begins As Soon As It Occurs
9Mar 11, 2016Wait, Let's Talk Over This Again
8Mar 4, 2016Brace for Impact
7Feb 26, 2016I Will Definitely Suppress Them
6Feb 19, 2016I'll Murder You As Well
5Feb 5, 2016The Kind of Garbage That Looks Down on Others, Yet Begs for Their Help
4Feb 5, 2016Have You Ever Seen a Black Ghost?
3Jan 29, 2016I Think I'm Done For
2Jan 22, 2016Why Is This Happening? I Did Nothing Wrong!
1Jan 15, 2016The History of Relationship We Never Had


SpecialSep 23, 2016Ajin Part 3: Shougeki
SpecialApr 29, 2016Ajin Part 2: Shoutotsu
SpecialNov 27, 2015Ajin Part 1: Shoudou