South of Nowhere - Episode List

Season 3

17Dec 12, 2008South of Nowhere (2)
16Dec 12, 2008South of Nowhere (1)
15Dec 5, 2008Taking Seconds
14Nov 21, 2008Past, Present and Future
13Nov 14, 2008Better Late Than Never
12Nov 7, 2008Love and Kisses
11Oct 24, 2008A Very Inconvenient Truth
10Oct 17, 2008Spencer's 18th Birthday
9Oct 10, 2008Career Day
8Sep 21, 2007Gay Pride
7Sep 14, 2007Saturday Night is for Fighting
6Sep 7, 2007Fighting Crime
5Aug 31, 2007The Truth Hurts
4Aug 24, 2007Spencer's New Girlfriend
3Aug 17, 2007The It Girls
2Aug 10, 2007Can't Buy Me Love
1Aug 10, 2007The Valley of the Shadows

Season 2

13Dec 22, 2006Trouble in Paradise
12Dec 22, 2006Too Many Girls, Not Enough Aiden
11Dec 15, 2006Love, Child and Videotape
10Dec 8, 2006Love and War and Love and War
9Dec 1, 2006Objects May Be Closer Than They Appear
8Nov 17, 2006That's the Way the World Crumbles
7Nov 10, 2006Come Out, Come Out Wherever You Are
6Nov 3, 2006That is So Not Mom
5Oct 20, 2006Rules of Engagement
4Oct 13, 2006Guess Who's Coming Out to Dinner
3Oct 6, 2006Behind the Music
2Sep 29, 2006Dad Went to Heaven and All I Got Was This Stupid Half Sister (2)
1Sep 29, 2006The Morning After (1)

Season 1

10Feb 3, 2006What Just Happened? (2)
9Jan 27, 2006Say It Aint So, Spencer (1)
8Jan 20, 2006Shake Rattle & Roll
7Jan 13, 2006Under My Skin
6Dec 16, 2005Friends with Benefits
5Dec 9, 2005Girl's Guide to Dating
4Dec 2, 2005First Time
3Nov 18, 2005Put Out or Get Out
2Nov 11, 2005Friends, Lovers, Brothers, and Others
1Nov 4, 2005Secret Truths