Survivor - Episode List

Season 37

2Oct 3, 2018The Chicken Has Flown The Coop,
1Sep 26, 2018Appearances Are Deceiving

Season 36

15May 23, 2018Live Reunion Show
14May 23, 2018It Is Game Time Kids
13May 16, 2018Always Be Moving
12May 9, 2018A Giant Game of Bumper Cars
11May 2, 2018The Finish Line Is In Sight
10Apr 25, 2018It's Like the Perfect Crime
9Apr 18, 2018The Sea Slug Slugger
8Apr 11, 2018Fear Keeps You Sharp
7Apr 4, 2018Gotta Risk It for the Biscuit
6Mar 28, 2018Fate is the Homie
5Mar 21, 2018A Diamond in the Rough
4Mar 14, 2018Trust Your Gut
3Mar 7, 2018Only Time Will Tell
2Feb 28, 2018Can You Reverse the Curse? (2)
1Feb 28, 2018Can You Reverse the Curse?

Season 35 Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers

15Dec 20, 2017Reunion
14Dec 20, 2017Million Dollar Night
13Dec 13, 2017The Survivor Devil
12Dec 6, 2017Not Going to Roll Over and Die
11Nov 29, 2017Buy One, Get One Free (2)
10Nov 29, 2017Buy One, Get One Free (1)
9Nov 22, 2017Fear of the Unknown
8Nov 15, 2017Playing with the Devil
7Nov 8, 2017Get to Gettin'
6Nov 1, 2017This Is Why You Play Survivor
5Oct 25, 2017The Past Will Eat You Alive
4Oct 18, 2017I Don't Like Having Snakes Around
3Oct 11, 2017My Kisses Are Very Private
2Oct 4, 2017I'm a Wild Banshee
1Sep 27, 2017I'm Not Crazy, I'm Confident

Season 34 Game Changers — Mamanuca Islands

13May 24, 2017Survivor 34: Game Changers Reunion
12May 24, 2017No Good Deed Goes Unpunished
11May 17, 2017Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow
10May 10, 2017It Is Not a High Without a Low
9May 3, 2017Reinventing How This Game Is Played
8Apr 26, 2017A Line Drawn in Concrete
7Apr 19, 2017There's a New Sheriff In Town
6Apr 12, 2017What Happened on Exile, Stays on Exile
5Apr 5, 2017Vote Early, Vote Often
4Mar 29, 2017Dirty Deed
3Mar 22, 2017The Tables Have Turned
2Mar 15, 2017Survivor Jackpot
1Mar 8, 2017The Stakes Have Been Raised

Season 33 Millennials vs. Gen X

14Dec 14, 2016Survivor Season 33: Millennials vs. Gen X Reunion
13Dec 14, 2016I'm Going for a Million Bucks
12Dec 7, 2016Slayed the Survivor Dragon
11Nov 30, 2016About to Have a Rumble
10Nov 23, 2016Million Dollar Gamble
9Nov 16, 2016Still Throwin' Punches
8Nov 9, 2016I'm the Kingpin
7Nov 2, 2016I Will Destroy You
6Oct 26, 2016The Truth Works Well
5Oct 19, 2016Idol Search Party
4Oct 12, 2016Who's the Sucker at the Table?
3Oct 5, 2016Your Job is Recon
2Sep 28, 2016Love Goggles
1Sep 21, 2016May the Best Generation Win

Season 32 Survivor: Kaoh Rong

15May 18, 2016Survivor: Kaôh Rōng Reunion
14May 18, 2016Not Going Down Without a Fight
13May 11, 2016With Me or Not With Me
12May 4, 2016Now's the Time to Start Scheming
11Apr 27, 2016It's a ‘Me' Game, Not a ‘We' Game
10Apr 20, 2016I'm Not Here to Make Good Friends
9Apr 13, 2016It's Psychological Warfare
8Apr 6, 2016The Jocks vs the Pretty People
7Mar 30, 2016It's Merge Time
6Mar 23, 2016Play or Go Home
5Mar 16, 2016The Devils We Know
4Mar 9, 2016Signed, Sealed and Delivered
3Mar 2, 2016The Circle of Life
2Feb 24, 2016Kindergarten Camp
1Feb 17, 2016I'm a Mental Giant

Season 31 Survivor: Cambodia — Second Chance

15Dec 16, 2015Survivor: Second Chance Reunion
14Dec 16, 2015Lie, Cheat and Steal
13Dec 9, 2015Villains Have More Fun
12Dec 2, 2015Tiny Little Shanks to the Heart
11Nov 25, 2015My Wheels Are Spinning
10Nov 25, 2015Like Selling Your Soul to the Devil
9Nov 18, 2015Witches Coven
8Nov 11, 2015You Call, We'll Haul
7Nov 4, 2015Play to Win
6Oct 28, 2015Bunking with the Devil
5Oct 21, 2015A Snake in the Grass
4Oct 14, 2015What's the Beef?
3Oct 7, 2015We Got a Rat
2Sep 30, 2015Survivor MacGyver
1Sep 23, 2015Second Chance

Season 30 Survivor: Worlds Apart

15May 20, 2015Season 30 Reunion Special
14May 20, 2015It's a Fickle, Fickle Game
13May 13, 2015My Word is My Bond
12May 6, 2015Holding on for Dear Life
11Apr 29, 2015Survivor Russian Roulette
10Apr 22, 2015Bring the Popcorn
9Apr 15, 2015Livin' on the Edge
8Apr 8, 2015Keep It Real
7Apr 1, 2015The Line Will Be Drawn Tonight
6Mar 25, 2015Odd Woman Out
5Mar 18, 2015We're Finally Playing Some Survivor
4Mar 18, 2015Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner
3Mar 11, 2015Crazy is as Crazy Does
2Mar 4, 2015It Will Be My Revenge
1Feb 25, 2015It's Survivor Warfare

Season 29 Survivor: San Juan del Sur — Blood vs. Water

14Dec 17, 2014Survivor Season 29: The Reunion
13Dec 17, 2014This is My Time
12Dec 10, 2014Let's Make a Move
11Dec 3, 2014Kind of Like Cream Cheese; Still Holdin' On
10Nov 26, 2014This is Where We Build Trust
9Nov 19, 2014Gettin' to Crunch Time
8Nov 12, 2014Wrinkle in the Plan
7Nov 5, 2014Million Dollar Decision
6Oct 29, 2014Make Some Magic Happen
5Oct 22, 2014Blood is Blood
4Oct 15, 2014We're a Hot Mess
3Oct 8, 2014Actions vs. Accusations
2Oct 1, 2014Method to This Madness
1Sep 24, 2014Suck it Up and Survive

Season 28 Survivor: Cagayan

14May 21, 2014Survivor Season 28: The Reunion
13May 21, 2014It's Do or Die
12May 14, 2014Straw That Broke the Camel's Back
11May 7, 2014Havoc to Wreak
10Apr 30, 2014Chaos is My Friend
9Apr 23, 2014Sitting in My Spy Shack
8Apr 16, 2014Bag of Tricks
7Apr 9, 2014Mad Treasure Hunt
6Apr 2, 2014Head of the Snake
5Mar 26, 2014We Found Our Zombies
4Mar 19, 2014Odd One Out
3Mar 12, 2014Our Time to Shine
2Mar 5, 2014Cops-R-Us
1Feb 26, 2014Hot Girl with a Grudge

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