Alaska: The Last Frontier - Episode List

Season 8

1Oct 7, 2018TBA

Season 7

16Jan 28, 2018Homesteading: The Next Generation
15Jan 21, 20185000 Mile Hunt
14Jan 14, 2018Hunting Season Begins
13Jan 7, 2018Hunting on Land and Sea
12Dec 17, 2017The Day Santa Came to the Homestead
11Dec 10, 2017The Day of Triumph & Tragedy
10Dec 3, 2017The Day Jewel Returned
9Nov 26, 2017The Day the Crane Collapsed
8Nov 19, 2017The Day Thanksgiving Went Mobile
7Nov 12, 2017The Day the Glacier Fell
6Nov 5, 2017Buffalo 2, Cowboys 0
5Oct 29, 2017The Day the Buffalo Broke Free
4Oct 22, 2017The Day the Cattle Swam
3Oct 15, 2017The Day the Homestead Caught Fire
2Oct 8, 2017The Day the Ice Road Shattered
1Oct 1, 2017The Day the Homestead Almost Died

Season 6

18Feb 19, 2017Like Father, Like Son
17Feb 12, 2017Blood is Thicker than Winter
16Jan 29, 2017Decision Time
15Jan 22, 2017Hunting Season
14Jan 15, 2017Gold Rush
13Jan 8, 2017Winter is Coming
12Jan 1, 2017Bracing for Change
11Dec 18, 2016Homesteading for the Holidays
10Dec 11, 2016Chopper Rescue
9Dec 4, 2016The Monster Catch / When Cows Attack
8Nov 27, 2016The Prodigal Daughter Returns
7Nov 20, 2016Kilchergiving
6Nov 13, 2016One Man Short
5Nov 6, 2016Under the Knife
4Oct 30, 2016Killer Repairs
3Oct 23, 2016Stranded
2Oct 16, 2016Shattered Shelter
1Oct 16, 2016The Great Kilcher Quake

Season 5

20Feb 21, 2016Truth Be Told
19Feb 14, 2016The Lost Episode
18Jan 24, 2016Surviving the Seasons
17Jan 24, 2016The Last Straw
16Jan 17, 2016Do or Die
15Jan 10, 2016New Beginnings
14Jan 3, 2016Recovery Road
13Dec 27, 2015Cycle of Life
12Dec 20, 2015A Very Kilcher Christmas
11Dec 13, 2015Hard Road Home
10Dec 6, 2015The Fall
9Nov 29, 2015No Rain, Big Pain
8Nov 22, 2015Olden Days, Olden Ways
7Nov 15, 2015Homestead Hardships
6Nov 8, 2015One Small Flush for Man
5Nov 1, 2015Mobility, Mo' Problems
4Oct 25, 2015Calling All Bears
3Oct 18, 2015Fear and Floating
2Oct 11, 2015Blood, Sweat & Beers
1Oct 4, 2015Big Changes

Season 4

20Mar 1, 2015The Super Bull Special
19Feb 22, 2015Hardcore Homesteading
18Feb 15, 2015Will Winter Come?
17Feb 8, 2015Snowy Roundup
16Jan 25, 2015Fall Bear Fall
15Jan 18, 2015Call of the Cattleman
14Jan 11, 2015A Hunt Above the Clouds
13Jan 4, 2015Claims, Cans and Cabins
12Dec 28, 2014The Ties that Bind
11Dec 21, 2014Christmas Kaboom!
10Dec 14, 2014Journey to Perl Island
9Nov 30, 2014Secrets of the Range Rider
8Nov 23, 2014Thanksgiving on the Homestead
7Nov 16, 2014Waste Not, Want Not
6Nov 9, 2014Greener Pastures
5Nov 2, 2014Loaded for Bear
4Oct 26, 2014On the Move
3Oct 19, 2014Spring Forward
2Oct 12, 2014Moving Toward the Future
1Oct 5, 2014A Mild Winter

Season 3

17Jan 26, 2014Extreme Seasons
16Jan 26, 2014Baby Kilcher Arrives
15Jan 19, 2014Circle of Life
14Jan 12, 2014Call of the Wild
13Jan 5, 2014Marital Maintenance
12Dec 29, 2013Predators and Prey
11Dec 22, 2013Homestead for the Holidays
10Dec 15, 2013Of Moose and Men
9Dec 1, 2013A Prickly Situation
8Nov 24, 2013Thanksgiving
7Nov 17, 2013Hunt in the Clouds
6Nov 10, 2013Outhouses, Cow Bras and Bears, Oh My!
5Nov 3, 2013Parlors and Poop Chutes
4Oct 27, 2013Spring Delicacy
3Oct 20, 2013Spring Has Sprung
2Oct 13, 2013Father-Son Ingenuity
1Oct 6, 2013Cabin Fever

Season 2

15Jun 16, 2013Family Ties
14Jun 9, 2013Fall Flurry
13Jun 2, 2013Eve's Hunting Dilemma
12May 26, 2013Poopscicle
11May 19, 2013Til the Cows Come Home
10Dec 4, 2012Homestead Innovations
9Nov 27, 2012Life According to Otto
8Nov 20, 2012Fall Feast
7Nov 13, 2012Legend of "Terrible Island"
6Nov 6, 2012Something's Fishy
5Oct 30, 2012The River Wild
4Oct 23, 2012Range Riding
3Oct 16, 2012Cattle Drive
2Oct 9, 2012Spring Has Sprung
1Oct 2, 2012Dead of Winter

Season 1

3Jan 12, 2012Snow, Cold and Darkness
2Jan 5, 2012Fueling the Fire
1Dec 29, 2011Before the Freeze


SpecialFeb 11, 2018Frontier Beasts
SpecialFeb 4, 2018The Blind Side
SpecialJan 18, 2018Home Alone
SpecialJan 18, 2018Chasing Black Bear
SpecialJan 14, 2018Dirty Jobs
SpecialDec 24, 2017A Very Kilcher Christmas
SpecialDec 17, 2017Big Machines, Bigger Risks
SpecialDec 3, 2017Friends 'til the End
SpecialSep 24, 2017To Live and Die in AK
SpecialSep 17, 2017Backcountry Survival
SpecialJun 9, 2017Homestead Secrets: Lone Wolf
SpecialMay 10, 2017Homestead Secrets: Secrets of the Boneyard
SpecialApr 26, 2017Homestead Secrets: Jane Takes the Reigns
SpecialApr 21, 2017Homestead Secrets: Otto's Tour
SpecialFeb 19, 2017Homestead Secrets: Jane
SpecialFeb 19, 2017Homestead Secrets: Eivin and Eve
SpecialFeb 12, 2017Homestead Secrets: Atz Senior
SpecialJan 29, 2017Homestead Secrets: Otto's Boneyard
SpecialJan 22, 2017Homestead Secrets: One Year After the Fall
SpecialJan 1, 2017The Danger Zone
SpecialJan 1, 2017Jewel's Homecoming
SpecialDec 17, 2016A Homestead Christmas
SpecialNov 19, 2016Thanksgiving
SpecialOct 9, 2016Epic Adventures
SpecialNov 9, 2015Thanksgiving
SpecialOct 15, 2014Only on the Homestead
SpecialOct 5, 2014Kilcher Countdown
SpecialSep 9, 2014Kilchers Revealed: Snow, Cold and Darkness
SpecialSep 2, 2014Kilchers Revealed: Fueling the Fire
SpecialAug 26, 2014Kilchers Revealed: Before the Freeze
SpecialJun 15, 2014Father's Day Special
SpecialMay 11, 2014Mother's Day Special
SpecialNov 1, 2013Meet the Kilcher's