Medaka Box - Episode List

Season 2 Medaka Box Abnormal

12Dec 27, 2012Good Loser Kumagawa
11Dec 20, 2012That's All She Wrote!
10Dec 13, 2012To Make Everyone Happy
9Dec 6, 2012Kurokami Medaka (Revised)
8Nov 29, 2012I Don't Want to See You Cry
7Nov 22, 2012The Lovely Name
6Nov 15, 2012Please Become My Something
5Nov 8, 2012You Can't Be Killed!
4Nov 1, 2012The Monster I've Sought
3Oct 25, 2012Crush You Today!
2Oct 18, 2012Sister, Sister, Sister!
1Oct 11, 2012Normal, Special, and Abnormal

Season 1

12Jun 20, 2012Even Without Kurokami Medaka!
11Jun 13, 2012This Is the End!!
10Jun 6, 2012I Will Not Forgive You!!
9May 30, 2012It's Not Justice if You Don't Go Overboard!
8May 23, 2012I Will Crush Kurokami Medaka!!
7May 16, 2012Does Everyone Do This? / My Own Tune!!
6May 9, 2012I Don't Expect You to Understand
5May 2, 2012Win Your Earnings!
4Apr 25, 2012Make Your Choice!! If You're Going to Make a Wish...
3Apr 18, 2012Initiating a Conversation!! As You Wish, Medaka!!
2Apr 11, 2012Are You the Criminal? / Of Course I Am!
1Apr 4, 2012Controlling the Student Council!