The Drew Carey Show - Episode List

Season 9

26Sep 8, 2004Finale
25Sep 8, 2004The Passion of the Wick
24Sep 1, 2004Knot in the Mood
23Sep 1, 2004Love, Sri Lankan Style
22Aug 25, 2004Assault with a Lovely Weapon
21Aug 25, 2004Sleeping with the Enemy
20Aug 18, 2004Liar, Liar, House on Fire
19Aug 18, 2004Burning Down the House
18Jul 28, 2004Still Life with Freeloader
17Jul 28, 2004Straight Eye for the Queer Guy
16Jul 21, 2004Girlfriend, Interrupted
15Jul 21, 2004Baby Face
14Jul 14, 2004Asleep at the Wheel
13Jul 14, 2004Dog Soup
12Jul 7, 2004House of the Rising Son-in-Law
11Jul 7, 2004Arrivederci, Italy
10Jun 30, 2004Drew's Best Friend
9Jun 30, 2004No Booze for Drew
8Jun 23, 2004Michigan J. Gus
7Jun 23, 2004Baby Makes Stress
6Jun 16, 2004Sealed in a Kiss
5Jun 16, 2004At Your Cervix
4Jun 9, 2004Drew Thinks Inside the Box
3Jun 9, 2004Foos Rush In
2Jun 2, 2004Eye of the Leopard
1Jun 2, 2004Drew Hunts Silver Fox

Season 8

26Aug 27, 2003The Bataan Wedding March
25Aug 20, 2003Love is in the Air
24Jul 23, 2003What Screams May Come
23Jul 23, 2003Drew Answers the Belle
22Jul 16, 2003A Means to an End
21Jul 16, 2003A Speedy Recovery
20Jul 9, 2003Lewis You Can Drive My Car
19Jul 9, 2003Two Days of the Condo
18Jul 2, 2003Two Girls for Every Boy
17Jul 2, 2003What's Love Got to Do With It?
16Jun 25, 2003Suddenly No Summer
15Jun 25, 2003Turkeyspotting
14Jan 24, 2003Blecch Sunday
13Jan 10, 2003Drew Takes a Guilt Trip
12Dec 20, 2002The Man in the Iron Chair
11Dec 6, 2002Drew Tries Hot Salsa
10Nov 29, 2002Drew's Girl Friday
9Nov 15, 2002The Dawn Patrol (2)
8Nov 8, 2002Chemistry Schmemistry (1)
7Nov 8, 2002Family Affair
6Oct 21, 2002Mama Told Me I Should Come
5Oct 7, 2002Hickory Dickory...Double Date
4Sep 30, 2002Drew and the Life-Size Jim Thome Cut-Out
3Sep 23, 2002Eyes Wide Open
2Sep 16, 2002Kate's Wedding (2)
1Sep 9, 2002Revenge of the Doormat (1)

Season 7

27May 22, 2002The Underpants Guy
26May 15, 2002The Eagle Has Landed
25May 8, 2002Look Mom, One Hand!
24May 1, 2002What Women Don't Want
23Apr 10, 2002Rich Woman, Poor Man
22Apr 3, 2002O Brother, Who Art Thou?
21Mar 27, 2002Never Been to Spain
20Mar 20, 2002Daddy Dearest (2)
19Mar 13, 2002Bringing Up Boss (1)
18Feb 27, 2002It's a Dog Eat Drew World
17Feb 13, 2002A Shot in the Dark
16Feb 6, 2002Pretty Baby
15Jan 23, 2002The Enabler
14Jan 16, 2002The Curse of the Mummy
13Dec 19, 2001Drew and the King
12Dec 12, 2001Hotel Drew
11Nov 28, 2001Mr. Laffoon's Wild Ride
10Nov 21, 2001Eat Drink Drew Woman
9Nov 14, 2001Drew Live (3)
8Nov 7, 2001How Beulah Gets Her Groove Back
7Oct 31, 2001It's Halloween, Dummy
6Oct 24, 2001Bus-ted
5Oct 17, 2001When Wives Collide
4Oct 10, 2001Married to a Mob
3Oct 3, 2001Drew Gets Out of the Nuthouse
2Sep 26, 2001Drew Carey's Back-to-School Rock 'n' Roll Comedy Hour (2)
1Sep 26, 2001Drew Carey's Back-to-School Rock 'n' Roll Comedy Hour (1)

Season 6

27May 23, 2001Bananas (2)
26May 23, 2001Bananas (1)
25May 16, 2001Drew and the Activist (2)
24May 9, 2001Drew and the Activist (1)
23May 2, 2001Christening
22Apr 11, 2001The Easter Show
21Mar 28, 2001What's Wrong with This Episode? (4)
20Mar 21, 2001Kate and Her New Boyfriend
19Mar 14, 2001Drew and the Motorcycle
18Feb 28, 2001Drew's Life After Death
17Feb 21, 2001Hush Little Baby
16Feb 14, 2001Drew and the Baby (3)
15Feb 7, 2001Drew's in a Coma (2)
14Jan 24, 2001All Work and No Play (1)
13Jan 17, 2001Oswald's Dad Returns
12Jan 10, 2001The Warsaw Closes
11Dec 20, 2000Fetal Attraction
10Dec 13, 2000Buzzie Wuzzie Liked His Beer
9Dec 6, 2000Drew Can't Carey a Tune
8Nov 29, 2000Drew and Kate Become Friends
7Nov 22, 2000Drew and the Trail Scouts
6Nov 15, 2000The Pregnancy Scare
5Nov 8, 2000Drew Live (2)
4Nov 1, 2000Mimi's a Partner
3Oct 25, 2000Drew's Inheritance
2Oct 18, 2000Be Drew to Your School
1Oct 4, 2000Drew Pops Something on Kate

Season 5

26May 17, 2000A Very Special Drew
25May 10, 2000Drew and Kate Boink
24May 3, 2000Beer Ball
23Apr 26, 2000Kate vs. Speedy
22Apr 12, 2000Mr. Wick Returns
21Mar 29, 2000Oswald's Son
20Mar 22, 2000The Gang Stops Drinking
19Mar 1, 2000What's Wrong with This Episode? (3)
18Feb 23, 2000Drew Goes to Hell
17Feb 16, 2000I Dishonestly Love You
16Feb 9, 2000Do Drew and Kate Have Sex?
15Feb 2, 2000Mimi Moves In
14Jan 12, 2000Kate Works for Drew
13Jan 5, 2000Drew and the Racial Tension Play
12Dec 15, 1999Drew and Kate's First Date
11Dec 1, 1999Steve and Mimi Get Married
10Nov 24, 1999Drew's Stomachache
9Nov 17, 1999Drew Cam
8Nov 10, 1999Drew Live (1)
7Nov 3, 1999Red, White and Drew
6Oct 27, 1999Drew Tries to Kill Mimi
5Oct 20, 1999Drew's Physical
4Oct 13, 1999Drew's Reunion
3Oct 6, 1999Drew and the Gang Law
2Sep 29, 1999Drew Goes to the Browns' Game
1Sep 22, 1999Y2K, You're Okay

Season 4

27May 26, 1999Brotherhood of Man
26May 19, 1999Up on the Roof
25May 12, 1999Do the Hustle
24May 5, 1999Good Vibrations
23Apr 7, 1999She's Gotta Have It
22Mar 31, 1999What's Wrong with This Episode? (2)
21Mar 24, 1999Steve and Mimi
20Mar 3, 1999DrugCo
19Feb 24, 1999Tracy Bowl
18Feb 17, 1999Boy Party/Girl Party
17Feb 10, 1999Three Guys, a Girl and a B-Story
16Jan 27, 1999Rats, Kate's Dating a Wrestler
15Jan 13, 1999A House Reunited
14Jan 6, 1999A House Divided
13Dec 16, 1998Drew's Holiday Punch
12Dec 9, 1998Drew Dates a Senior
11Nov 25, 1998Kate's Family
10Nov 18, 1998Drew's Dance Party
9Nov 18, 1998The High Road to China
8Nov 11, 1998Drew's New Car
7Nov 4, 1998Nicki's Wedding
6Oct 28, 1998Cain and Mabel
5Oct 21, 1998Sexual Perversity in Cleveland
4Oct 14, 1998Drew Between the Rock and a Hard Place
3Oct 7, 1998Golden Boy
2Sep 30, 1998In Ramada Da Vida
1Sep 23, 1998Drew and the Conspiracy

Season 3

28May 20, 1998My Best Friend's Wedding
27May 13, 1998The Wedding Dress
26May 6, 1998From the Earth to the Moon
25Apr 29, 1998Drew's Cousin
24Apr 22, 1998The Dating Consultant
23Apr 8, 1998The Rebound
22Apr 1, 1998What's Wrong with This Episode? (1)
21Mar 18, 1998The Sex Drug
20Mar 11, 1998The Bachelor Party
19Mar 4, 1998Two Weddings and a Funeral for a Refrigerator
18Feb 25, 1998Nicki's Parents
17Feb 11, 1998The Engagement
16Feb 4, 1998The Salon
15Jan 28, 1998Mr. Louder's Birthday Party
14Jan 14, 1998He Harassed Me, He Harassed Me Not
13Jan 7, 1998Howdy Neighbor
12Dec 17, 1997Vacation
11Dec 3, 1997Volunteer
10Nov 26, 1997That Thing You Don't
9Nov 19, 1997Drew's Brother
8Nov 12, 1997The Dog and Pony Show
7Nov 5, 1997Batmobile
6Oct 29, 1997Drew vs. the Pig
5Oct 15, 1997A Very, Very, Very Fine House
4Oct 8, 1997Misery Loves Mimi
3Oct 1, 1997Strange Bedfellows
2Sep 24, 1997Drew and the Singles Union
1Sep 23, 1997Drew vs. Billboard

Season 2

24May 14, 1997New York and Queens
23May 7, 1997Win a Date with Kate
22Apr 30, 1997Drew vs. Mimi, Part II
21Apr 2, 1997Cap-Beer-Cino
20Mar 19, 1997Two Drews and the Queen of Poland Walk into a Bar
19Mar 5, 1997Man's Best Same Sex Companion
18Feb 26, 1997Drew Gets Married
17Feb 19, 1997See Drew Run
16Feb 12, 1997Check Out Drew's Old Flame
15Feb 5, 1997Drew Blows His Promotion
14Jan 29, 1997Drewstock
13Jan 15, 1997Hello/Goodbye
12Jan 8, 1997They're Back
11Dec 18, 1996Lisa Gets Married
10Dec 4, 1996It's Your Party and I'll Crash If I Want To
9Nov 27, 1996Mimi's Day Parade
8Nov 20, 1996Drew's the Other Man
7Nov 13, 1996What the Zoning Inspector Saw
6Nov 6, 1996The Day the Music Died
5Oct 30, 1996The Devil, You Say
4Oct 16, 1996The Bully You Know
3Oct 2, 1996Break It Up, Break It Up
2Sep 25, 1996Something Wick This Way Comes
1Sep 18, 1996We'll Remember Always, Evaluation Day

Season 1

22May 8, 1996Buzz Beer
21May 1, 1996Drew Gets Motivated
20Feb 27, 1996Drew and Kate and Kate's Mom
19Feb 21, 1996Atomic Cat Fight
18Feb 14, 1996Playing the Unified Field
17Feb 7, 1996The Front
16Jan 31, 1996Drew's New Assistant
15Jan 17, 1996There is No Scientific Name for a Show About God
14Jan 10, 1996Drew and Mr. Bell's Nephew
13Jan 3, 1996Drew and the Unstable Element
12Dec 20, 1995Isomers Have Distinct Characteristics
11Dec 13, 1995The Electron Doesn't Fall Far from the Tree
10Dec 6, 1995Science Names Suck
9Nov 29, 1995Drew and Mrs. Louder
8Nov 15, 1995Lewis' Sister
7Nov 8, 1995Drew in Court
6Nov 1, 1995Drew Meets Lawyers
5Oct 18, 1995No Two Things in Nature are Exactly Alike
4Oct 4, 1995Nature Abhors a Vacuum
3Sep 27, 1995The Joining of Two Unlike Elements is a Mixture
2Sep 20, 1995Miss Right
1Sep 13, 1995Pilot