Wings - Episode List

Season 8

24May 21, 1997Final Approach (2)
23May 21, 1997Final Approach (1)
22May 14, 1997Raging Bull*&@!
21May 7, 1997Oedipus Wrecks
20Apr 16, 1997Heartache Tonight
19Apr 2, 1997Dreamgirl
18Mar 19, 1997Ms. Write
17Mar 5, 1997House of Blues
16Feb 19, 1997Escape from New York
15Feb 12, 1997Fay There, Georgy Girl
14Feb 5, 1997Just Call Me Angel
13Jan 15, 1997Hosed
12Jan 8, 1997Let's Talk About Sex
11Dec 18, 1996All About Christmas Eve
10Dec 11, 1996Wingless (3)
9Nov 20, 1996Wingless (2)
8Nov 13, 1996Wingless (1)
7Nov 6, 1996Olive or Twist
6Oct 30, 1996The Gift of Life
5Oct 23, 1996Too Beautiful for You
4Oct 9, 1996Single and Hating It
3Oct 2, 1996Maybe It's You
2Sep 25, 1996... Like a Neighbor Scorned
1Sep 18, 1996Porno for Pyros

Season 7

26May 21, 1996Grouses, Houses and Bickering Spouses
25May 14, 1996Love Overboard
24May 7, 1996The Lyin' King
23Apr 30, 1996Life Could Be a Dream
22Apr 23, 1996The Lady Vanishes
21Apr 9, 1996What About Larry?
20Mar 26, 1996A Tale of Two Sister Cities
19Mar 12, 1996Driving Mr. DeCarlo
18Feb 27, 1996One Flew Over the Cooper's Nest
17Feb 20, 1996Lynch Party
16Feb 13, 1996Love at First Flight
15Feb 6, 1996The Team Player
14Jan 30, 1996Bye, George
13Jan 16, 1996Sons and Lovers
12Jan 9, 1996B.S., I Love You
11Jan 2, 1996Honey, We Broke the Kid
10Dec 19, 1995'Twas the Heist Before Christmas
9Dec 12, 1995The Big Sleep
8Nov 28, 1995When a Man Loves a Donut
7Nov 21, 1995So Long, Frank Lloyd Wrong
6Nov 14, 1995She's Gotta Have It
5Nov 7, 1995Hooker, Line and Sinker
4Oct 31, 1995The Person Formerly Known as Lowell
3Oct 10, 1995Death Becomes Him
2Sep 26, 1995Burnin' Down the House (2)
1Sep 19, 1995Burnin' Down the House (1)

Season 6

26May 23, 1995Here It Is: The Big Wedding (2)
25May 23, 1995Boys Just Want to Have Fun (1)
24May 16, 1995Et Tu, Antonio?
23May 9, 1995Nuptials Off
22May 2, 1995A House to Die For
21Apr 4, 1995The Love Life and Times of Joe and Helen
20Mar 21, 1995Portrait of the Con Artist as a Young Man
19Feb 28, 1995Ex, Lies and Videotape
18Feb 21, 1995Gone But Not Faygotten
17Feb 14, 1995Remembrance of Flings Past (2)
16Feb 9, 1995Remembrance of Flings Past (1)
15Feb 7, 1995Let's Call the Whole Thing Off
14Jan 31, 1995Fools Russian
13Jan 10, 1995Have I Got a Couple for You
12Jan 3, 1995She's Baaack
11Dec 13, 1994Insanity Claus
10Nov 29, 1994The Wrong Stuff
9Nov 22, 1994If It's Not One Thing, It's Your Mother
8Nov 15, 1994Miss Jenkins
7Nov 8, 1994All's Fare
6Nov 1, 1994Is That a Ten-Foot Sandwich or Are You Just Glad to See Me?
5Oct 18, 1994The Waxman Cometh
4Oct 11, 1994The Spark and How to Get It
3Oct 4, 1994The Shrink
2Sep 27, 1994Twisted Sister
1Sep 20, 1994Whose Wife is it Anyway?

Season 5

24May 12, 1994A Decent Proposal
23May 5, 1994Call of the Wild
22Apr 28, 1994Long Distance Lament
21Apr 14, 1994Roy Crazy
20Apr 7, 1994Boys Will Be Girls
19Mar 10, 1994Sleepless in Nantucket
18Feb 17, 1994Moonlighting
17Feb 14, 1994Exclusively Yours
16Feb 10, 1994Hey, Nineteen
15Feb 3, 1994Say Uncle, Carlton
14Jan 27, 1994The Faygitive
13Jan 20, 1994Oh, Give Me a Home Where the Mathers Don't Roam
12Jan 6, 1994Ready, Teddy, Go
11Dec 16, 1993Happy Holidays
10Dec 2, 1993Come Fly with Me
9Nov 18, 19932 Good 2 B 4 Gotten
8Nov 11, 1993Joe Blows (2)
7Nov 4, 1993Joe Blows (1)
6Oct 28, 1993Black Eye Affair
5Oct 14, 1993An Affair to Forget
4Oct 7, 1993Business or Pleasure
3Sep 30, 1993Bye-Bye, Bunny
2Sep 23, 1993Terminal Jealousy
1Sep 16, 1993Stop in the Name of Love

Season 4

22May 13, 1993Date Package Number Seven
21May 6, 1993Another Wedding
20Apr 29, 1993Goodbye, Old Friend
19Apr 15, 1993The Key to Alex
18Apr 8, 1993The Houseguest
17Feb 25, 1993I Love Brian
16Feb 18, 1993The Gift (2)
15Feb 11, 1993The Gift (1)
14Feb 4, 1993I've Got a Secret
13Jan 28, 1993Labor Pains
12Jan 14, 1993What the Cabbie Saw
11Jan 7, 1993Exit Laughing
10Dec 17, 1992The Customer's Usually Right
9Dec 3, 1992It May Have Happened One Night
8Nov 19, 1992Just Say No
7Nov 12, 1992It's So Nice to Have a Mather Around the House
6Nov 5, 1992Two Jerks and a Jill
5Oct 29, 1992Mathers of the Heart
4Oct 22, 1992Blackout Biggins
3Oct 8, 1992Noses Off
2Oct 1, 1992The Fortune Cookie
1Sep 24, 1992Lifeboat

Season 3

22May 7, 1992As Fate Would Have It
21Apr 30, 1992Say It Ain't So, Joe
20Apr 23, 1992The Bank Dick
19Apr 2, 1992Four Dates That Will Live in Infamy
18Feb 27, 1992Take My Life, Please
17Feb 20, 1992Das Plane
16Feb 13, 1992Planes, Trains and Visiting Cranes
15Jan 30, 1992This Old House
14Jan 23, 1992Stew in a Stew
13Jan 16, 1992Divorce, American Style (2)
12Jan 9, 1992Marriage, Italian Style (1)
11Dec 19, 1991The Bogey Men
10Dec 12, 1991The Late Mrs. Biggins
9Dec 5, 1991Try to Remember the Night He Dismembered
8Nov 21, 1991Ladies Who Lunch
7Nov 14, 1991Crate Expectations
6Nov 7, 1991My Brother's Keeper
5Oct 31, 1991If Elected, I Will Not Live
4Oct 17, 1991I Ain't Got No Bunny
3Oct 10, 1991The Taming of the Shrew
2Sep 26, 1991Is That a Subpoena in Your Pocket...?
1Sep 19, 1991The Naked Truth

Season 2

22Mar 28, 1991Duet for Plane and Cello
21Mar 21, 1991Murder She Roast
20Mar 14, 1991Mother Wore Stripes
19Mar 7, 1991All in the Family
18Feb 21, 1991Love Means Never Having to Say Geronimo
17Feb 14, 1991Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places
16Feb 7, 1991Plane Nine From Nantucket
15Jan 31, 1991My Brother's Back---And There's Gonna Be Trouble
14Jan 24, 1991The Tennis Bum
13Jan 10, 1991Love Is Like Pulling Teeth
12Jan 3, 1991Airport '90
11Dec 21, 1990A Terminal Christmas
10Dec 14, 1990There's Always Room for Cello
9Dec 7, 1990Friends or Lovers?
8Nov 23, 1990High Anxiety
7Nov 16, 1990Hell Hath No Fury Like a Policewoman Scorned
6Nov 9, 1990It's Not the Thought, It's the Gift
5Oct 26, 1990A Stand-up Kind of Guy
4Oct 19, 1990Sports & Leisure
3Oct 12, 1990A Little Nightmare Music
2Oct 5, 1990The Story of Joe
1Sep 28, 1990The Puppetmaster

Season 1

6May 24, 1990All for One and Two for Helen
5May 17, 1990There Once Was a Girl from Nantucket
4May 10, 1990Return to Nantucket (2)
3May 3, 1990Return to Nantucket (1)
2Apr 26, 1990Around the World in Eighty Years
1Apr 19, 1990Legacy