Atomic Puppet - Episode Guide

Season 1

Sick Day

Episode: 1x01 | Airdate: May 30, 2016

When Joey catches a cold, Mookie tries to take over as the city's top hero.

AP vs Disastro

Episode: 1x02 | Airdate: May 30, 2016

AP is stolen after he's mistaken for a cat at the Kitty Expo.

Atomic Detention

Episode: 1x03 | Airdate: Jan 31, 2017

AP's chatting lands Joey in hot water with his tough-as-nails teacher.

Big Pickle

Episode: 1x04 | Airdate: Jan 31, 2017

Joey seeks help from a surprising source when AP is trapped in a pickle jar.

Pizza Planet

Episode: 1x05 | Airdate: Feb 1, 2017

There's a ravenous conspiracy in Mega City, and Joey's the only one who can stop it.

Don't Track the Mudman

Episode: 1x06 | Airdate: Feb 1, 2017

AP and Joey cross paths with the nefarious Mudman.

Justice Alliance

Episode: 1x07 | Airdate: Feb 2, 2017

AP tries to hide from the Justice Alliance so they won't find out he's a puppet.

Bad Lair Day

Episode: 1x08 | Airdate: Feb 2, 2017

Joey and AP visit the old Captain Atomic lair and bump into a rival.

Master of Disaster

Episode: 1x09 | Airdate: Feb 3, 2017

AP asks his former sensei for help fighting a tricky opponent.

Atomic Hairball

Episode: 1x10 | Airdate: Feb 3, 2017

Joey and AP race to turn a mutant Bubbles back into a normal cat before Dad finds out.

Sold Out

Episode: 1x11 | Airdate: Feb 6, 2017

Joey goes to extremes to score tickets to a sold-out movie.

Sword Sisters

Episode: 1x12 | Airdate: Feb 6, 2017

Pauline falls under the spell of a mystical sword.

Atomic Android

Episode: 1x13 | Airdate: Feb 7, 2017

A nosy neighbor threatens to expose Joey's secret identity.

Soft Spot

Episode: 1x14 | Airdate: Feb 7, 2017

AP's supersensitive new personality couldn't have come at a worse time for Joey.

Ultimate Collection

Episode: 1x15 | Airdate: Feb 8, 2017

Joey searches for a rare and mysterious Captain Atomic action figure.

Media Darlings

Episode: 1x16 | Airdate: Feb 8, 2017

AP can't believe it when a hair salon steals his spotlight on the news.

Something Chicken

Episode: 1x17 | Airdate: Feb 9, 2017

A trip to the farm inspires memories of one of AP's toughest enemies.

Bucket List

Episode: 1x18 | Airdate: Feb 9, 2017

Joey comes across an old list of things he'd like to accomplish as a superhero.

Big Blowout

Episode: 1x19 | Airdate: Feb 10, 2017

After a big argument with Joey, AP moves into Abigail's dollhouse.

Quick Draw

Episode: 1x20 | Airdate: Feb 10, 2017

A sinister comic book artist brings his demented drawings to life.

Atomic Goo

Episode: 1x21 | Airdate: Feb 13, 2017

A glue snafu forces Joey and AP to stick together, no matter what.

AP vs Disastro Round 2

Episode: 1x22 | Airdate: Feb 13, 2017

After being transformed into an evil genius, Bubbles the cat seeks revenge on AP.


Episode: 1x23 | Airdate: Feb 14, 2017

Absorbo-Lad's powers make life draining for the Justice Alliance.

Bend It Like Joey

Episode: 1x24 | Airdate: Feb 14, 2017

AP and the Justice Alliance play Queen Tentacleez in a high-stakes soccer game.

Survival of the Felt-ist

Episode: 1x25 | Airdate: Feb 15, 2017

While exploring nature with his dad, Joey learns how to survive without AP.

Tick'd off

Episode: 1x26 | Airdate: Feb 15, 2017

A talkative tick makes itself right at home in Joey's neck.

Surf ‘n Turf

Episode: 1x27 | Airdate: Feb 16, 2017

On a fishing trip with his dad, Joey reels in a real whopper: Megalo-Don.

Monster Truck Invasion

Episode: 1x28 | Airdate: Feb 16, 2017

A trip to the monster truck show takes a monstrous turn.

Brawl For All

Episode: 1x29 | Airdate: Feb 21, 2017

Joey and AP enter a charity wrestling match against the formidable Manatee Man.

Down and Out Dyna-Moe

Episode: 1x30 | Airdate: Feb 21, 2017

A hapless superhero seeks a few tips from AP and Joey.

Erlenmeyer's Revenge

Episode: 1x31 | Airdate: Feb 22, 2017

Ms. Erlenmeyer returns with a fiendish new scheme to brainwash Joey.

Mega City Mole Men

Episode: 1x32 | Airdate: Feb 22, 2017

When buildings start to sink, Joey and AP must do battle with the Mole Men.

Mookie's Got the Power

Episode: 1x33 | Airdate: Feb 23, 2017

Mookie has a hard time controlling his newly acquired powers.

Buck Monkey

Episode: 1x34 | Airdate: Feb 23, 2017

An old friend's unexpected visit could spell trouble for Atomic Puppet.

Truce or Consequences

Episode: 1x36 | Airdate: Feb 24, 2017

Joey and AP aren't invited to a superhero/villain party.

Atomic Weakness

Episode: 1x37 | Airdate: Feb 27, 2017

Eager to be Mega City's only hero, the new police chief exploits AP's weakness.

Private Proton

Episode: 1x38 | Airdate: Feb 27, 2017

Joey's decision to join forces with Mookie raises red flags.

The Switch

Episode: 1x39 | Airdate: Feb 28, 2017

Princess War Tickle and AP switch bodies, leading to a host of complications.

Lacer Takes Over

Episode: 1x40 | Airdate: Feb 28, 2017

Lacer leads the appliances in a citywide revolt.

Hero Hall of Fame

Episode: 1x43 | Airdate: Mar 2, 2017

Joey and AP visit the Hero Hall of Fame, unaware they're walking into a trap.

Parallel Puppet

Episode: 1x44 | Airdate: Mar 2, 2017

The heroes' villainous doppelgängers emerge from a parallel dimension.

Snow Maniac

Episode: 1x45 | Airdate: Mar 3, 2017

The Snow Maniac proves to be a coldhearted nemesis.

Hero's Holiday

Episode: 1x46 | Airdate: Mar 3, 2017

While attending the Justice Alliance Holiday Bash, AP has an out-of-puppet experience.

L'il AP

Episode: 1x47 | Airdate: Mar 6, 2017

When Queen Mindbender turns AP into a whiny kid, Joey has to be the babysitter.

Pinched Nerves

Episode: 1x48 | Airdate: Mar 6, 2017

After a nerve-wracking close call, Joey elects to take some time off.

Mintenberg's Armor

Episode: 1x49 | Airdate: Mar 7, 2017

Atomic Puppet learns that free gifts and perks come with a hefty price.

Claude Returns

Episode: 1x50 | Airdate: Mar 7, 2017

The return of Captain Atomic's clone puts Joey and AP in a tough spot.