Pound Puppies - Episode List

Season 3

26Nov 16, 2013Lucky Has to Move
25Nov 9, 2013The Pupple's Court
24Oct 26, 2013The Road to Empawerment
23Oct 19, 2013Lord of the Fleas
22Oct 12, 2013Rebound's First Symphony
21Oct 5, 2013Little Monster
20Sep 28, 2013Doubles Trouble
19Sep 21, 2013No More S'mores
18Sep 14, 2013The Truth Is in Hear
17Sep 7, 2013Back in Action
16Aug 31, 2013Lucky the Dunce
15Aug 24, 2013All Bark and Little Bite
14Aug 17, 2013Hail to the Chief
13Aug 17, 2013The Watchdogs
12Aug 10, 2013Beauty is Only Fur Deep
11Aug 3, 2013Hello Kitten
10Jul 27, 2013Once a Ralph, Always a Ralph
9Jul 20, 2013When Niblet Met Giblet
8Jul 13, 2013I'm Ready for my Close Pup
7Jul 6, 2013Hot Dawg
6Jun 29, 2013It's Elementary My Dear Pup Club
5Jun 23, 2013Puddles the Problem Pup
4Jun 15, 2013Fright at the Museum
3Jun 8, 2013The Pups Who Loved Me
2Jun 1, 2013Cuddle Up Buttercup
1Jun 1, 2013Working K-9 to 5

Season 2

13Nov 24, 2012I Heard the Barks on Christmas Eve
12Sep 18, 2012Pound Preemies
11Sep 1, 2012No Dogs Allowed
10Aug 25, 2012The Accidental Pup Star
9Jul 28, 2012Squawk
8Jul 21, 2012Salty
7Jul 14, 2012The Ruff Ruff Bunch
6Jul 7, 2012Good Dog, McLeish
5Jun 30, 2012There's Something About Camelia
4Jun 23, 2012Barlow
3Jun 16, 2012The Super Secret Pup Club
2Jun 9, 2012The Fraud Princess
1Jun 2, 2012Zipper the Zoomit Dog

Season 1

26Jan 28, 2012Lucky Gets Adopted
25Jan 21, 2012Mutternal Instincts
24Jan 14, 2012Kennel Kittens Return
23Jan 7, 2012Olaf in Love
22Dec 17, 2011McLeish Unleashed
21Dec 10, 2011I Never Barked for My Father
20Dec 3, 2011Call of the Squirrel Dog
19Nov 26, 2011The K9 Kid
18Nov 19, 2011Snow Problem
17Nov 12, 2011Bone Voyage
16Oct 22, 2011The Really Weird Dog
15Oct 15, 2011Zoltron
14Oct 8, 2011Toyoshiko Bark Friend Machine
13Oct 1, 2011Taboo
12Sep 10, 2011Rebel Without a Collar
11Aug 27, 2011Homeward Pound
10Aug 20, 2011Dogs on a Wire
9Aug 13, 2011Quintuplets
8Aug 13, 2011My Fair Rebound
7Dec 24, 2010King of the Heap
6Dec 17, 2010Catcalls
5Dec 3, 2010The Prince and the Pupper
4Nov 19, 2010The General
3Nov 5, 2010Rebound
2Oct 29, 2010Nightmare on Pound Street
1Oct 10, 2010The Yipper Caper