The Agenda with Steve Paikin - Episode List

Season 13

1Sep 3, 2018TBA

Season 12

206Jun 29, 2018A Change in Power, Ontario Hubs & The Agenda's Week
205Jun 28, 2018Changing Attitudes Towards Cannabis & Essential Works of Art
204Jun 27, 2018Personal Stories of Prime Ministers & Fixing Parliament
203Jun 26, 2018Trade Tiffs and Tension & Praise for President Trump
202Jun 25, 2018Ontario's New Ticket Sales Act & Taxing Online Platforms
201Jun 22, 2018The Agenda's Story, Ontario Hubs & The Agenda's Week
200Jun 21, 2018Leading the Chiefs of Ontario & Promoting Indigenous Voices
199Jun 20, 2018Maternal Mental Health & Improving Maternity Care
198Jun 19, 2018The Safety of Toronto's Streets & The Celebrating a Maestro
197Jun 18, 2018Wrestling with Middle Age & The Power of Podcasts
196Jun 15, 2018Sparring with the U.S. on Trade, Helping Soldiers Heal & The Agenda's Week
195Jun 14, 2018Mike Schreiner's Historic Win & Whither the Liberals?
194Jun 13, 2018Sheltering Refugee Claimants & The Kurdi Family's Journey
193Jun 12, 2018Rethinking Canadian Sport Policy & The Legacy of Babe Ruth
192Jun 11, 2018Mainstream Media Trouble & Staging a Miscarriage of Justice
191Jun 8, 2018The Day After the Election
190Jun 7, 2018Ontario Election Night 2018
189Jun 6, 2018The Life of a Party Leader & The Ghosts of Premiers Past
188Jun 5, 2018The PC Party's Plan for Ontario & Fiscal Irresponsibility?
187Jun 4, 2018Premier Wynne Admits Defeat & Reaction to the Announcement
186Jun 1, 2018Ontario Election 2018 Update, Who Is Ford Nation? & The Agenda's Week
185May 31, 2018Disenfranchisement and Alienation in Northern Ontario
184May 30, 2018Northern Ontario's Economy & Fostering Innovation
183May 29, 2018Mining Voter Emotion & The Psychology of Voting
182May 28, 2018Reaction to the Leaders' Debate & Focus on Indigenous Issues
181May 25, 2018Mike Schreiner and the Green Party Platform
180May 24, 2018Tackling Housing Affordability in Ontario & Campaign Update
179May 23, 2018Addressing Ontario's Housing Challenges
178May 22, 2018Preventative Medicine Policy & Weighing In On Health Care
177May 21, 2018Making Ontario Barrier-Free & Taking Learning Outside
176May 18, 2018Plugging Away at Ontario's Hydro Issues, Ridings to Watch & The Agenda's Week
175May 17, 2018Ontario Election 2018: Andrea Horwath and the NDP Platform
174May 16, 2018Ontario Election 2018: Keeping Ontario Moving
173May 15, 2018Ontario Election 2018: The Transportation Debate
172May 14, 2018Ontario Election 2018: Focus on Mental Health and Dental Car
171May 11, 2018Ontario Election 2018: Ridings to Watch, Ontario Hubs & The Agenda's Week
170May 10, 2018Support for Special Education and ADHD
169May 9, 2018Tracking Ontario Voters & Government's Unfinished Business
168May 8, 2018Ford's Multicultural Mix & A Decade of Police Oversight
167May 7, 2018Ontario's Financial Fiasco & Understanding the Indian Act
166May 4, 2018Oh, What a Relief Line It Is, Ontario Hubs & The Week in Review
165May 3, 2018Studying Ontario's Finances & Big Ideas for Ontario
164May 2, 2018An Homage to Texas & The Darkside of DNA Testing
163May 1, 2018Is Democracy Delivering Growth? & Changing Saudi Arabia
162Apr 30, 2018Besieged By Climate Change & Indigenous Science Knowledge
161Apr 27, 2018Gender Disparity in the Culinary World, Ontario Hubs & The Agenda's Week
160Apr 26, 2018When Mayhem Comes to Town & Major Changes to Policing
159Apr 25, 2018Canada's Climate Change Commitments
158Apr 24, 2018Eradicating Extreme Poverty & Housing as a Human Right
157Apr 23, 2018Building Sustainable Cities & Reversing Global Warming
156Apr 20, 2018Evaluating the NDP Platform, Ontario Hubs & The Agenda's Week
155Apr 19, 2018The Dangers of E-Waste & Construction Carcinogens
154Apr 18, 2018Engaging Disengaged Electors & Queen's Park's Youngest MPP
153Apr 17, 2018A History of Hunger & Nazi Germany's Drug Problem
152Apr 16, 2018Ontario in the Red
151Apr 13, 2018Understanding Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder, Ontario Hubs & The Agenda's Week
150Apr 12, 2018Breaking Barriers in Higher Education
149Apr 11, 2018Sexism in Science & Disparities in Women's Heart Health
148Apr 10, 2018The Divided States of America? & A New Look at Gun Violence
147Apr 9, 2018How Effective Are Antidepressants? & A Great American Essayist
146Apr 6, 2018A Post-OMB World & The Agenda's Week
145Apr 5, 2018Gentrification Frustration & Reviving London's East End
144Apr 4, 2018Celebrating and Questioning Progress
143Apr 3, 2018Caring for An Older Population
142Apr 2, 2018Liberalism Vs. Populism & Psychographic Profiling
141Mar 29, 2018Concerns Over Driverless Cars & Uber-As-Public-Transit Plan
140Mar 28, 2018Ontario Budget 2018
139Mar 27, 2018Death in the Digital Age & Profiling Global Organized Crime
138Mar 26, 2018Cash for Conservation & The Weirdest Stars in the Sky
137Mar 23, 2018Politics in the Age of Data-mining, Ontario Hubs & The Agenda's Week
136Mar 22, 2018Marking World Water Day
135Mar 21, 2018Combining Human Behaviour With Medical and Economic Analysis
134Mar 20, 2018Changing Concussion Culture
133Mar 19, 2018The Important Role of Charities in Ontario
132Mar 16, 2018The PC Party's New Leader, Ontario Hubs & The Agenda's Week
131Mar 15, 2018Politics in the Digital Age
130Mar 14, 2018Patient Groups and Big Pharma & Multi-Ethnic Donors Needed
129Mar 13, 2018Understanding, Profiling, and Commodifying Serial Killers
128Mar 12, 2018Oh What a Night, for the Ontario PCs & Understanding Sleep
127Mar 9, 2018Protecting Ontario Interests, Homeless Shelter Debate & The Agenda's Week
126Mar 8, 2018Talking Trade & Poetry and Reconciliation
125Mar 7, 2018Can Machines Be Funny? & The Era of AI Art
124Mar 6, 2018Ontario's Risky Roadways & The Road to Vision Zero
123Mar 5, 2018Grappling with a Post-Olympic Career & Life After War
122Mar 2, 2018Pharmacare Hits the National Stage, Ontario Hubs & The Agenda's Week in Review
121Mar 1, 2018Canada's Cyberstrategy
120Feb 28, 2018Living Small in the City & Welcome to Welbeck
119Feb 27, 2018A Tough Flu Season & Mending Broken Hearts
118Feb 26, 2018Breaking Trade Barriers & Happy Spending
117Feb 23, 2018Taylor Prize Finalists, Ontario Hubs & The Agenda's Week
116Feb 22, 2018Patrick Brown Back in the Race & Top Risks for 2018
115Feb 21, 2018A Portrait of Life on the Fringe & Revisiting the Museum
114Feb 20, 2018Committing to Poverty Reduction & Trumpism in Canada?
113Feb 16, 2018The Gerald Stanley verdict, Ontario Hubs & The Agenda's Week
112Feb 15, 2018Vying for Leadership
111Feb 14, 2018Canadian History With A Twist & Reducing Screen Time For Kids
110Feb 13, 2018The Incomparable Michael Enright & Facing Grief
109Feb 12, 2018Getting Immigrants to Ontario's North & Christian Cool?
108Feb 9, 2018A Stock Market Rollercoaster Ride & The Agenda's Week
107Feb 8, 2018Canada's Point Person on Pot & The Impacts of Legalization
106Feb 7, 2018The Power of Networks & Questions About Privacy
105Feb 6, 2018Police in Schools & Fighting Systemic Racism in Education
104Feb 5, 2018Being a Doctor in Northern Ontario & Unbalanced Incarceration
103Feb 2, 2018An Unprecedented Week in Ontario Politics, Ontario Hubs & The Agenda's Week
102Feb 1, 2018The New Tribalism & The Power of Power
101Jan 31, 2018Hospital Overcrowding & Learning About OHIP+
100Jan 30, 2018Fukushima's Impact on Canada & Ontario's Nuclear Peparedness
99Jan 29, 2018Paying Attention to Alcohol
98Jan 26, 2018Working Around Harassment & Trade On The Table & Ontario Hubs
97Jan 25, 2018Ontario PCs Lose Their Leader
96Jan 24, 2018Taking On "Trumpocracy" & Aboriginals Behind Bars
95Jan 23, 2018The "Megacity" @ 20 & Celebrating an Ontario Trailblazer
94Jan 22, 2018Reviewing Canada's Tax System & Sky-High CEO Pay
93Jan 19, 2018Reporting on the Rohingya Crisis, Ontario Hubs & The Agenda's Week
92Jan 18, 2018The Cult of Leadership & The Making of a Magnus Opus
91Jan 17, 2018The Rise of Clean Eating & Keeping Food Safe
90Jan 16, 2018Violence in Health Care & Hard Rock Goodbye
89Jan 15, 2018Support for Student Mental Health & Better Brain Food
88Jan 12, 2018Refugee Deportation & Going Digital for Prospectors & The Agenda's Week
87Jan 11, 2018Helping Canadian Companies Grow & The Value of Small Business
86Jan 10, 2018Foreign Fighters Returning to Canada & Behind Jihadi Culture
85Jan 9, 2018Energy Disruption & Mixing Oil and Government
84Jan 8, 2018The True Cost of Food & Searching for Richard Simmons
83Jan 5, 2018Iran: Budget Leaks, Unemployment and Unrest & Ontario Hubs & The Agenda's Week
82Jan 4, 2018Telling Local Tales & Portrait of a Renaissance Man
81Jan 3, 2018On the Frontlines in Iraq & Helping Women Around the World
80Jan 2, 2018The Subban Plan for Success & Parenting a Transgender Child
79Dec 22, 2017The Making of RFK & Ontario Hubs & The Agenda's Week
78Dec 21, 2017The Annual Music Show
77Dec 20, 2017The Trend of Toxic Discourse & A Soccer Academy for Good
76Dec 19, 2017Between Two Worlds & A New Sound From Canada's North
75Dec 18, 2017Taking Aim At Headshots & An Historic Election
74Dec 15, 2017Bye-Bye Byford & Helping Homeless People & The Agenda's Week
73Dec 14, 2017Previewing World Issues & Creating Compelling Creatures
72Dec 13, 2017Examining Indigenous Youth Deaths & Nunavut in Focus
71Dec 12, 2017Issues Shaping Canada's Future
70Dec 11, 2017Rediscovering Herbert Hoover & Fractured Politics
69Dec 8, 2017Ontario Politics: When December Feels Like June & TVO's New Politics Podcast & MMIWG in the Northwest & The Agenda's Week
68Dec 7, 2017Praise for Canadian Pension Plans & Recruiting Rural Doctors
67Dec 6, 2017Robots vs. Jobs & Transformative Tech
66Dec 5, 2017Elimaniting Land Mines & The Halifax Explosion at 100
65Dec 4, 2017Changing Grocery Landscape & Helping Kids Think About Food
64Dec 1, 2017The Agenda's Story & Ontario Hubs & The Agenda's Week
63Nov 30, 2017The Limits of Free Speech on Campus & RFK: A Liberal Icon
62Nov 29, 2017New Housing Money for Canada & Building World-Class Cities
61Nov 28, 2017Promoting Diversity in Law Firms & Battling the Far Right
60Nov 27, 2017Issues Facing the ICC & Nazi Germany's Drug Problem
59Nov 24, 2017The Agenda's Story & Ontario Hubs & The Agenda's Week
58Nov 23, 2017The Role of the Bystander & Confronting Domestic Abuse
57Nov 22, 2017From Coast to Coast to Coast & A Showbiz Tell-All
56Nov 21, 2017Truth in History & Understanding Historical Trauma
55Nov 20, 2017Creating a Safer Ontario & An Innocent Man's Story
54Nov 17, 2017The Agenda's Story & Ontario Hubs & The Agenda's Week
53Nov 16, 2017Profiting from Indigenous Communities & Why Dissent Matters
52Nov 15, 2017Canada's Sustainable Development Goals & Hospital Complaints
51Nov 14, 2017Ontario's Education Equity Plan & Making Kids More Resilient
50Nov 13, 2017Planning Smart Neighbourhoods & Policy for the Age of AI
49Nov 10, 2017Canada's Straight Shooters & Ontario Hubs & The Agenda's Week
48Nov 9, 2017The Fate of Residential School Records
47Nov 8, 2017The Russian Revolution, 100 Years On
46Nov 7, 2017A Nobel Laureate's Tale & Political Blind Date
45Nov 6, 2017Checking Up on Men's Health
44Nov 3, 2017Enforcing Environmental Rights & Ontario Hubs & The Agenda's Week
43Nov 2, 2017The Future of Ontario Shopping Malls & Filling Big Box Space
42Nov 1, 2017Scarborough Stories & A Presidential Speechwriter
41Oct 31, 2017Independent Journalism's Role & Activism and Changing Minds
40Oct 30, 2017Bill Browder Versus Russia & Canada in Afghanistan
39Oct 27, 2017The Agenda's Story & Ontario Hubs & The Agenda's Week
38Oct 26, 2017Championing Science In Canada & Ontario's Frustrated Doctors
37Oct 25, 2017Fostering Innovation in Canada & New Transit Data Collection
36Oct 24, 2017Silicon Valley North? & Rethinking the Suburbs
35Oct 23, 2017Ontario's Pot Plan & The Truth Behind Medical Marijuana
34Oct 20, 2017How Fair a Hydro Plan? & Ontario Hubs & The Agenda's Week
33Oct 19, 2017Running the Rails & Meeting the GTHA's Transit Needs
32Oct 18, 2017Quebec's Place in Canada
31Oct 17, 2017Essays on Human Rights & Embracing National Sovereignty
30Oct 16, 2017The Future of Wearables & Big Tech's Existential Threat
29Oct 13, 2017How Toronto is Facing the Opioid Crisis & Ontario Hubs & The Agenda's Week
28Oct 12, 2017The Business of Jihad & A Life Lived in Conflict
27Oct 11, 2017Canada's New NDP Leader & The Radical Reverend
26Oct 10, 2017Curing Inefficiencies in Health Care & Modular Farming
25Oct 9, 2017The CanLit Boom & Honouring Ontario-Based Writers
24Oct 6, 2017The Agenda's Story & Ontario Hubs & The Agenda's Week
23Oct 5, 2017Comedy and Satire in Journalism
22Oct 4, 2017The Pros and Cons of Chasing Tech Jobs
21Oct 3, 2017Engaging Female Engineers & How Technology Shapes Our World
20Oct 2, 2017Transitioning Economies in the Kawartha Lakes
19Sep 29, 2017The Agenda's Story & Ontario Hubs & The Agenda's Week
18Sep 28, 2017Democracy's Discontents & Standing Up for Moral Values
17Sep 27, 2017From Politics to Climate Leadership & The Oil Sands' History
16Sep 26, 2017Criticizing Identity Politics & The Making of Barack Obama
15Sep 25, 2017Capturing Canada in Bronze & From Barry to Barack Obama
14Sep 22, 2017Targeting Indigenous Mental Health & Ontario Hubs & The Agenda's Week
13Sep 21, 2017Staving Off Dementia & An Early Onset
12Sep 20, 2017Benchmarking the Ontario Economy & Raising Resilient Girls
11Sep 19, 2017Ontario PC's Internal Strife
10Sep 18, 2017Battling Over Tax Reform & A Prolific Documentarian
9Sep 15, 2017Liberal Ethics on Trial & The Agenda's Week
8Sep 14, 2017North Korea's Nuclear Threat
7Sep 13, 2017The Impacts of Climate Change on Ontario and the Great Lakes
6Sep 12, 2017Catching Up With Bruce Cockburn & Building a Resilient City
5Sep 11, 2017Understanding and Countering Far-Right Extremism
4Sep 8, 2017Toronto's Top Planner Steps Down & The Week in Review
3Sep 7, 2017Negotiating NAFTA & Sir John A. Macdonald Controversy
2Sep 6, 2017Adding Up Ontario Education & Eliminating School Bus Woes
1Sep 5, 2017Checking In with Premier Wynne & Scheer's Conservative Party

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