Yes Minister - Episode List

Season 3

7Dec 23, 1982The Middle Class Rip Off
6Dec 16, 1982The Whiskey Priest
5Dec 9, 1982The Bed Of Nails
4Dec 2, 1982The Moral Dimension
3Nov 25, 1982The Skeleton in the Closet
2Nov 18, 1982The Challenge
1Nov 11, 1982Equal Opportunities

Season 2

7Apr 6, 1981A Question of Loyalty
6Mar 30, 1981The Quality of Life
5Mar 23, 1981The Devil You Know
4Mar 16, 1981The Greasy Pole
3Mar 9, 1981The Death List
2Mar 2, 1981Doing the Honours
1Feb 23, 1981The Compassionate Society

Season 1

7Apr 7, 1980Jobs for the Boys
6Mar 31, 1980The Right to Know
5Mar 24, 1980The Writing on the Wall
4Mar 17, 1980Big Brother
3Mar 10, 1980The Economy Drive
2Mar 3, 1980The Official Visit
1Feb 25, 1980Open Government


SpecialDec 27, 1984Party Games