K.C. Undercover - Episode List

Season 3

Number#Release dateNameScoreStatus
24Feb 2, 2018K.C. Undercover: The Final Chapter
23Feb 1, 2018Domino 4: The Mask
22Jan 31, 2018Domino 3: Buggin' Out
21Jan 30, 2018Domino 2: Barbecued
20Jan 29, 2018The Domino Effect
19Jan 24, 2018K.C. Times Three
18Jan 23, 2018Cassandra Undercover
17Jan 22, 2018Twin It to Win It
16Jan 18, 2018Take Me Out
15Jan 17, 2018The Gammy Files
14Jan 16, 2018Revenge of the Van People
13Jan 15, 2018Second Chances
12Nov 24, 2017Deleted!
11Nov 17, 2017Stormy Weather
10Nov 10, 2017The Truth Will Set You Free
9Nov 3, 2017Unmasking the Enemy
8Aug 25, 2017Keep On Truckin'
7Aug 18, 2017The Storm Maker
6Aug 11, 2017K.C. Under Construction
5Aug 4, 2017Teen Drama
4Jul 28, 2017Web of Lies
3Jul 14, 2017Out of the Water and Into the Fire
2Jul 14, 2017Welcome to the Jungle
1Jul 7, 2017Coopers on the Run

Season 2

Number#Release dateNameScoreStatus
24Jan 13, 2017Family Feud
23Jan 6, 2017Collision Course
22Dec 4, 2016Holly Holly Not So Jolly
21Nov 13, 2016Trust No One
20Nov 6, 2016Undercover Mother
19Oct 2, 2016Virtual Insanity
18Sep 25, 2016In Too Deep, Part 2
17Sep 18, 2016In Too Deep, Part 1
16Sep 11, 2016Spy of the Year Awards
15Aug 14, 2016The Legend of Bad, Bad Cleo Brown
14Aug 7, 2016Tightrope of Doom
13Jul 24, 2016Sup, Dawg?
12Jul 17, 2016Catch Him If You Can
11Jul 10, 2016K.C. Levels Up
10Jun 19, 2016The Love Jinx
9May 22, 2016Dance Like No One's Watching
8May 15, 2016Down in the Dumps
7May 8, 2016The Truth Hurts
6Apr 24, 2016Brainwashed
5Apr 17, 2016Accidents Will Happen
4Apr 10, 2016The Mother of all Missions
3Mar 20, 2016Rebel with a Cuz
2Mar 13, 2016Do You Want to Know a Secret
1Mar 6, 2016Coopers Reactivated!

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