Highlander: The Animated Series - Episode List

Season 2

27Nov 17, 1995Countdown
26Nov 8, 1995Ice Dwellers
25Nov 21, 1995Matsuda
24Nov 20, 1995Tricks Of The Mind
23Nov 14, 1995Playing With Fire
22Nov 15, 1995Cult Of The Immortal
21Nov 13, 1995The Double
20Nov 10, 1995Trick Of The Light
19Nov 9, 1995The Revenge Of The Shantytown
18Nov 24, 1995Isle Of Grans
17Jan 5, 1996Eagle Valley
16Nov 23, 1995King Of The Ants
15Nov 16, 1995The Survivors From Outer Space
14Nov 22, 1995Valka
13Sep 12, 1995The Blood Of My Enemy
12Oct 4, 1995The Seige Of The Dundees
11Sep 22, 1995Lord For A Day
10Oct 3, 1995Oblivion
9Sep 11, 1995Rage Of The Hurricane
8Sep 8, 1995Orion's Reign
7Sep 7, 1995Dead Ringer
6Sep 6, 1995The Secret Prison
5Nov 7, 1995Orane
4Nov 6, 1995The Treasure In The Sand
3Sep 5, 1995The Price Of Freedom
2Oct 2, 1995The Eye Of Heaven
1Sep 21, 1995The Sword Of Evil

Season 1

13Jan 8, 1995The Setup
12Dec 18, 1994The Courage Of Love
11Dec 11, 1994Fallout
10Dec 4, 1994The Valley Of The Thorn Pods
9Nov 20, 1994The History Lesson
8Nov 27, 1994The Cursed
7Nov 6, 1994Exodus
6Oct 30, 1994The Suspended Village
5Jan 15, 1995The Sound Of Madness
4Oct 2, 1994Melvyn The Magnificent
3Oct 23, 1994The Last Weapon
2Sep 18, 1994A Taste Of Betrayal
1Oct 16, 1994The Last Of The MacLeods