The Amazing Race - Episode List

Season 30

12Feb 21, 2018It's Just a Million Dollars, No Pressure (2)
11Feb 21, 2018It's Just a Million Dollars, No Pressure (1)
10Feb 14, 2018The First Rule of Amazing Race Club (2)
9Feb 14, 2018The First Rule of Amazing Race Club (1)
8Feb 7, 2018All's Fair in Love and War (2)
7Feb 7, 2018All's Fair in Love and War (1)
6Jan 31, 2018The Claws are Out
5Jan 24, 2018Gotta Put Your Sole Into It, Part 2
4Jan 24, 2018Gotta Put Your Sole Into It, Part 1
3Jan 17, 2018It's Gonna be a Fragrant Day
2Jan 10, 2018You're the Best French Fry Ever
1Jan 3, 2018You're a Champion, Prove It

Season 29

12Jun 1, 2017We're Going to Victory Lane
11May 25, 2017As Easy As Stacking Cups
10May 18, 2017Riding a Bike Is Like Riding a Bike
9May 18, 2017I Thought We Were Playing It Nice
8May 11, 2017Good Job, Donkey
7May 4, 2017Have Fun and Get it Done
6Apr 27, 2017Double U-Turn Ahead
5Apr 20, 2017Have Faith in Me, Broski
4Apr 20, 2017Another One Bites the Dust
3Apr 13, 2017Bucket List Type Stuff
2Apr 6, 2017Scared Spitless
1Mar 30, 2017We're Coming for You, Phil!

Season 28

12May 13, 2016The Only First That Matters
11May 6, 2016That's Money, Honey
10Apr 29, 2016Monkey Dance
9Apr 22, 2016Salt That Sand!
8Apr 15, 2016I Have a Wedgie and a Half
7Apr 8, 2016Welcome to Bloody Fingers 101
6Apr 1, 2016Let the Good Times Roll
5Mar 11, 2016We're Only Doing Freaky Stuff Today
4Mar 4, 2016Get it Trending
3Feb 26, 2016Bros Being Jocks
2Feb 19, 2016You Look Like Gollum
1Feb 12, 2016I Should've Been a Boy Scout

Season 27

12Dec 11, 2015We Got a Chance, Baby!
11Dec 4, 2015It's Not Easy Beating Green
10Nov 27, 2015Bring the Fun, Baby!
9Nov 20, 2015It's Always the Quiet Ones
8Nov 13, 2015Krakow, I'm Gonna Get You
7Nov 6, 2015Full Speed Ahead, Captain!
6Oct 30, 2015My Tongue Doesn't Even Twist That Way
5Oct 23, 2015King of the Jungle
4Oct 16, 2015Good Old Fashioned Spit in the Face
3Oct 9, 2015Where My Dogs At?
2Oct 2, 2015Get in There and Think Like a Dog
1Sep 25, 2015A Little Too Much Beefcake

Season 26

12May 15, 2015Monster Truck Heroes
11May 8, 2015In It to Win It
10May 1, 2015Fruits of Our Labor
9Apr 24, 2015Can I Get a Hot Tub!
8Apr 17, 2015Moment of Truth
7Apr 17, 2015Back in Business
6Apr 10, 2015Smells Like a Million Bucks
5Apr 3, 2015Get in That Lederhosen, Baby
4Mar 13, 2015The Great Amazing Nasty Race
3Mar 6, 2015#murphyslaw
2Feb 27, 2015I Got the Smartest Dude
1Feb 25, 2015Great Way to Start a Relationship

Season 25

12Dec 19, 2014All or Nothing
11Dec 12, 2014Hooping it Up
10Dec 5, 2014Smells Like Dirty Tube Socks
9Nov 28, 2014You're Taking My Tan Off
8Nov 21, 2014Hot Sexy Knights
7Nov 7, 2014Pretty Fly for a Food Scientist
6Oct 31, 2014I Feel Like I Just Kissed a Goat
5Oct 24, 2014Morocc' and Roll
4Oct 17, 2014Thinly Sliced Anchovies
3Oct 10, 2014Get Your Sheep Together
2Oct 3, 2014When You Gotta Go, You Gotta Go
1Sep 26, 2014Go Big or Go Home

Season 24 The Amazing Race: All-Stars

12May 18, 2014Do You Believe in Magic?
11May 11, 2014Hei Ho Heidi Ho
10May 4, 2014Bull Down
9Apr 27, 2014Accidental Alliance
8Apr 20, 2014Donkeylicious
7Apr 13, 2014The Gladiators are Here!
6Mar 30, 2014Down and Dirty
5Mar 23, 2014Can't Make Fish Bite
4Mar 16, 2014Smarter, Not Harder
3Mar 9, 2014Welcome to the Jungle
2Mar 2, 2014Baby Bear's Soup
1Feb 23, 2014Back in the Saddle

Season 23

12Dec 8, 2013Amazing "Crazy" Race (2)
11Dec 8, 2013Amazing "Crazy" Race (1)
10Dec 1, 2013Cobra in My Teeth
9Nov 24, 2013Part Like the Red Sea
8Nov 17, 2013One Hot Camel
7Nov 10, 2013Speed Dating is the Worst
6Nov 3, 2013Choir Boy at Heart
5Oct 27, 2013Get Our Groove On
4Oct 20, 2013Beards in the Wind
3Oct 13, 2013King Arthur Style
2Oct 6, 2013Zip It, Bingo
1Sep 29, 2013We're Not in Oklahoma No More

Season 22

12May 5, 2013Beacon of Hope (2)
11May 5, 2013Beacon of Hope (1)
10Apr 28, 2013Working Our Barrels Off
9Apr 21, 2013The Ultimate Fun House
8Apr 14, 2013My Cheese is Out of Control
7Mar 31, 2013Be Safe and Don't Hit a Cow
6Mar 24, 2013Scorpion King Hunter
5Mar 17, 2013Your Tan is Totally Cool
4Mar 10, 2013I Love Monkeys!
3Mar 3, 2013Like James Bond Again
2Feb 24, 2013Loose Lips Sink Ships
1Feb 17, 2013Business in the Front, Party in the Back

Season 21

12Dec 9, 2012Take Down That Million (2)
11Dec 9, 2012Take Down That Million (1)
10Dec 2, 2012Not a Well-Rounded Athlete
9Nov 25, 2012Fishy Kiss
8Nov 18, 2012We Was Robbed
7Nov 11, 2012Off to See the Wizard
6Nov 4, 2012Get Your Sexy On
5Oct 28, 2012Chill Out, Freak
4Oct 21, 2012Funky Monkey
3Oct 14, 2012There's No Crying in Baseball
2Oct 7, 2012Long Hair, Don't Care
1Sep 30, 2012Double Your Money

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