Rusty Rivets - Episode List

Season 2

32Sep 14, 2018Rusty's Teacher Appreciation Day
31Sep 14, 2018Rusty's Dino Coaster
30Aug 17, 2018Rusty in Space
29Aug 17, 2018Super Rusty Vs. Super Villain Bot
28Jul 12, 2018Liam Gets Bir
27Jul 12, 2018Rusty's Walk On The Small Sidednapped
26Jul 5, 2018Rusty's Journey To The Center Of Sparkton Hills
25Jul 10, 2018Rusty's Sick Fix
24May 15, 2018Rusty And The S'mores Snatcher
23Jun 14, 2018Rusty's Show Must Go On
22May 12, 2018Rusty's Sky Pie Delivery
21Jun 12, 2018Rusty's Runaway Sled
20May 19, 2018Rusty and the Stinky Situation
19May 8, 2018Rusty's Ninja Fish Rescue
18May 8, 2018Rusty And The Birthday Surprise
17Apr 20, 2018Rusty And The Mouse Problem
16Apr 20, 2018Rusty And The Pirates Of Sparkton Hills
15Apr 12, 2018Rusty's Day Of The Drones
14Apr 12, 2018Rusty And The Nuts To Bolts
13Mar 27, 2018Ice Ice Rusty
12Mar 27, 2018Rusty And The Fix It 500
11Mar 22, 2018Rusty's Mega Stacker
10Mar 22, 2018Frankie's Botasaur
9Mar 20, 2018Rusty's Day of the Drones
8Mar 20, 2018Rusty And The Nuts To Bolts
7Jan 25, 2018Rusty's Snow Problem
6Jan 25, 2018Rusty's Monkey Business
5Jan 23, 2018Rusty's Whale of a Problem
4Jan 23, 2018Rusty's Piggy Bank Heist
3Jan 11, 2018Rusty's Mobile Rivet Lab
2Jan 9, 2018Rusty's Messy Mishap
1Jan 9, 2018Ruby's Comet Adventure

Season 1

56Dec 15, 2017Rusty's Rustic Adventure
55Dec 15, 2017Rusty Learns To Skate
54Nov 22, 2017Rusty's Beach Day Delay
53Nov 22, 2017Rusty's Plant Predicament
52Nov 2, 2017Ruby's Kittybot
51Nov 2, 2017Robo Rusty/ruby's Kittybot
50Oct 31, 2017Rusty Bee Good
49Oct 31, 2017Rusty's Dancing Suit
48Oct 19, 2017Rusty Loses The Bits
47Oct 19, 2017Rusty's Spooky Adventure
46Oct 17, 2017Rusty's Running Car
45Oct 17, 2017Rusty's Alien Invasion
44Sep 14, 2017Rusty's Yard-cade Game
43Sep 14, 2017Rusty's Mysterious Mystery
42Sep 12, 2017Rusty Gets Stuck
41Sep 12, 2017Rusty's Pet Project
40Aug 3, 2017Rusty's Monkey Mayhem
39Aug 3, 2017Rusty Feels Peachy
38Aug 1, 2017Rusty's Bull Dozer
37Aug 1, 2017Rusty's Botafort
36May 12, 2017Rusty's Spaceship
35May 12, 2017Rusty's Mechanical Animal
34May 9, 2017Rusty's Jam at the Dam
33May 9, 2017Rusty and the Bit Police
32Apr 20, 2017Rusty's Creature Catcher
31Apr 20, 2017Rusty and Captain Scoops
30Apr 18, 2017Rusty the Vacuum Kid
29Apr 18, 2017Rusty In Liam Land
28Mar 10, 2017Rusty's Rubbish Race
27Mar 10, 2017Rusty's Water Works
26Feb 23, 2017Rusty And The Sneezing Fish
25Feb 23, 2017Rusty's Space Bit
24Feb 21, 2017Rusty's Sand Castle Hassle
23Feb 21, 2017Rusty's Penguin Problem
22Jan 12, 2017Rusty's Flingbot
21Jan 12, 2017Rusty's Nest Friend Forever
20Jan 10, 2017Rusty's Balloon Blast
19Jan 10, 2017Ruby Rocks
18Dec 9, 2016Rusty And The Camp Bandit
17Dec 9, 2016Rusty's Ski Trip Blip
16Nov 17, 2016Rusty's Night Lights
15Nov 17, 2016Rusty Goes Bananas
14Nov 15, 2016Rusty's Stuffy Toughy
13Nov 15, 2016Rusty's Bit In The Woods
12Nov 11, 2016Rusty's Bits On The Fritz
11Nov 11, 2016Rusty Marks the Spot
10Nov 10, 2016Rusty's Big Top Trouble
9Nov 10, 2016Rusty Dives In
8Nov 9, 2016Rusty's Brave Cave Save
7Nov 9, 2016Rusty Digs In
6Nov 8, 2016Rusty's Park N' Fly
5Nov 8, 2016Rusty's Rex Rescue
4Jul 25, 2016Rusty's Balloon Blast
3Jul 25, 2016Rusty Rocks
2Jun 20, 2016Rusty's Sand Castle Hassle
1Jun 20, 2016Rusty's Penguin Problem