The Agenda in the Summer - Episode List

Season 2018

45Aug 31, 2018Jan Wong, Part 2
44Aug 30, 2018Jackie Kai Ellis
43Aug 29, 2018Martin Amis, Part 2
42Aug 28, 2018Martin Amis, Part 1
41Aug 27, 2018New Cities & A Model Life
40Aug 24, 2018Tom Wilson, Part 2
39Aug 23, 2018Indigenous Voices Through Art
38Aug 22, 2018Cherie Dimaline
37Aug 21, 2018Edna Manitowabi
36Aug 20, 2018Youth Vote & Northern Dog Rescue
35Aug 17, 2018Sheila Heti & Thunder Bay Saunas
34Aug 16, 2018Elizabeth Renzetti
33Aug 15, 2018The New Demographics
32Aug 14, 2018Claire Messud
31Aug 13, 2018Seniors in the City
30Aug 10, 2018Rachel Kushner
29Aug 9, 2018Richard Atkinson
28Aug 8, 2018Portraits of Homelessness
27Aug 7, 2018Toronto: Love It or Hate It
26Aug 6, 2018Main Street & Modular Farming
25Aug 3, 2018Alanna Mitchell
24Aug 2, 2018Kate Harris
23Aug 1, 2018The Inner Life of Animals
22Jul 31, 2018Britt Wray
21Jul 30, 2018Transit in Ontario & Powwows
20Jul 27, 2018Jan Wong
19Jul 26, 2018Sharon Bala
18Jul 25, 2018Tom Rachman
17Jul 24, 2018Pauline Dakin
16Jul 23, 2018Building Cities & Addiction Update
15Jul 20, 2018Jamil Jivani
14Jul 19, 2018Rachel Giese
13Jul 18, 2018Daemon Fairless
12Jul 17, 2018Living History of Cities
11Jul 16, 2018David Crombie & Beekeeping
10Jul 13, 2018Lisa Genova
9Jul 12, 2018Mario Rigby
8Jul 11, 2018Tom Wilson
7Jul 10, 2018Miranda Mulholland
6Jul 9, 2018David Crombie & Ontario Stargazing
5Jul 6, 2018Aida Edemariam
4Jul 5, 2018Tina Brown, Part 2
3Jul 4, 2018Tina Brown, Part 1
2Jul 3, 2018Alan Hollinghurst
1Jul 2, 2018City Politics & Cottage Country

Season 2017

45Sep 1, 2017Toronto on the Big Screen
44Aug 31, 2017Life With The Hells Angels
43Aug 30, 2017Lawyering and the Feminist Revolution
42Aug 29, 2017Love, Marriage and Masculinity
41Aug 28, 2017The Last True Hermit
40Aug 25, 2017Ontario's Declining Moose
39Aug 24, 2017Chasing Charity
38Aug 23, 2017Phoebe Maltz Bovy
37Aug 22, 2017From Problems to Solutions
36Aug 21, 2017A Paramedic's Trauma and Recovery
35Aug 18, 2017City Food: Grow it Yourself
34Aug 17, 2017SHAD: Beyond the Classroom
33Aug 16, 2017Taking Health Into Your Own Hands
32Aug 15, 2017We All Care for Health Care
31Aug 14, 2017Life in the ER
30Aug 11, 2017Boys on Point
29Aug 10, 2017Thinking About Thinking
28Aug 9, 2017Married to the Fraud
27Aug 8, 2017Secrets of the Art Economy
26Aug 7, 2017The Benefits of Taking Time Off
25Aug 4, 2017Immigrant Women's Resilience
24Aug 3, 2017The Beauty of Black Hair
23Aug 2, 2017The Art of Being Captivating
22Aug 1, 2017Tracking the Truffle Trade
21Jul 31, 2017The Death of the Romantic Comedy?
20Jul 28, 2017Memoir of a Muslim in America
19Jul 27, 2017Untanned and Unvarnished
18Jul 26, 2017Exit West
17Jul 25, 2017Living with Darkness
16Jul 24, 2017Sinister Enchantment
15Jul 21, 2017Life at the End of a Species
14Jul 20, 2017Womanhood in Nazi Germany
13Jul 19, 2017Girl Power: Beyond the Stereotype
12Jul 18, 2017The Long Road to Gender Equality
11Jul 17, 2017Getting Comfortable with Discomfort
10Jul 14, 2017A Musician's Voyage to the Arctic
9Jul 13, 2017Caught Between Two Cultures
8Jul 12, 2017Straddling Worlds Apart
7Jul 11, 2017The Best Future
6Jul 10, 2017The History of Muskoka
5Jul 7, 2017Defining Bill Davis
4Jul 6, 2017Exploring Toronto's The Ward
3Jul 5, 2017Shame and Prejudice: Canada at 150
2Jul 4, 2017Hip Hop's Northern Touch
1Jul 3, 2017Tracing Toronto's Queer History

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