The Block - Episode List

Season 13

52Oct 29, 2017Auctions
51Oct 24, 2017The Teams at Home and Public Open for Inspections
50Oct 23, 2017The Best of The Block - Pimp My Pad Block
49Oct 22, 2017Front Garden Judging
48Oct 18, 2017Front Garden Continues
47Oct 17, 2017Front Garden Continues and Teams Work on Their Defects List
46Oct 16, 2017Front Garden Commences
45Oct 15, 2017Studio and Garage Judging
44Oct 11, 2017Studios and Garages continue and Final Walk Around
43Oct 10, 2017Studios and Garages Continue
42Oct 9, 2017Studio and Garage Week Commences
41Oct 8, 2017Backyards Judging
40Oct 5, 2017Backyards and Scott and Shelley Walk Arounds
39Oct 4, 2017Backyards Continue
38Oct 3, 2017Backyard Week Commences
37Oct 2, 2017Guest Bedroom Judging
36Sep 27, 2017Guest Bedroom Continues
35Sep 26, 2017Guest Bedroom and Challenge
34Sep 25, 2017Guest Bedroom Commences
33Sep 24, 2017Hall and Laundry Judging
32Sep 20, 2017Hall, Laundry and Challenge Continues
31Sep 19, 2017Hall, Laundry and Challenge
30Sep 18, 2017Hall and Laundry Commence
29Sep 17, 2017Kitchen Judging
28Sep 13, 2017Kitchens and Challenge continues
27Sep 12, 2017Kitchens and Challenge
26Sep 11, 2017Kitchens Commence
25Sep 10, 2017Master Suite Judging
24Sep 6, 2017Master Suite Continues
23Sep 5, 2017Master Suite and Challenge
22Sep 4, 2017Master Suite Commences
21Sep 3, 2017Living and Dining Judging
20Aug 30, 2017Living and Dining and Challenge
19Aug 29, 2017Living and Dining Continues
18Aug 28, 2017Living and Dining Commences
17Aug 27, 2017Anything But a Bedroom Judging
16Aug 23, 2017Anything But a Bedroom and Challenge
15Aug 22, 2017Anything But a Bedroom Continues
14Aug 21, 2017Anything But a Bedroom Begins
13Aug 20, 2017Kids Bedroom Judging
12Aug 16, 2017Kids Bedroom and Walk Arounds
11Aug 15, 2017Kids Bedroom Continues and Challenge
10Aug 14, 2017Kids Bedroom Begins
9Aug 13, 2017Guest Bedroom Judging
8Aug 9, 2017Guest Bedroom Takes its Toll
7Aug 8, 2017Guest Bedroom Continues
6Aug 7, 2017Guest Bedroom Begins
5Aug 6, 2017Bathroom Reveals
4Aug 2, 2017Bathroom Week (2)
3Aug 1, 2017Bathroom Week (1)
2Jul 31, 201748-Hour Challenge (2)
1Jul 30, 201748-Hour Challenge (1)

Season 12 The Block 2016

46Nov 13, 2016Grand Final Auctions & Winner Announced
45Nov 8, 2016Party Time
44Nov 7, 2016Final Challenge Rooms Revealed
43Nov 2, 2016Birthday Bash
42Nov 1, 2016Budget Blues and Budget Wins
41Oct 31, 2016Final Week Begins
40Oct 30, 2016Challenge Apartment Rooms Revealed
39Oct 26, 2016Challenge Episode Takes Shape
38Oct 25, 2016Renovating Roller Coaster
37Oct 24, 2016The Final Challenge Begins
36Oct 23, 2016Terraces Revealed
35Oct 19, 2016Brendan Fevola Cooking Challenge
34Oct 18, 2016Budget Blues
33Oct 17, 2016Terrace and Redo Rooms
32Oct 16, 2016Kitchens Revealed
31Oct 12, 2016Kitchen Week Chaos
30Oct 11, 2016Challenge Day
29Oct 10, 2016Kitchen Week Begins
28Oct 9, 2016Hallways, Laundries and Powder Rooms Revealed
27Oct 6, 2016Mid Week Mayhem
26Oct 5, 2016Tassie Road Trip Challenge
25Oct 4, 2016Hallway, Laundry and Powder Rooms
24Oct 3, 2016Master Bedrooms Revealed
23Sep 28, 2016Budget Blues
22Sep 27, 2016Bubbles Challenge
21Sep 26, 2016Master Bedroom Week Begins
20Sep 25, 2016Living and Dining Rooms Revealed
19Sep 21, 2016Mid Week Blues
18Sep 20, 2016$10,000 Challenge
17Sep 19, 2016Living and Dining Week Begins
16Sep 18, 20162nd Guest Bedrooms Revealed
15Sep 14, 2016Flooring Disaster
14Sep 13, 2016Restoration and Repurposing Challenge
13Sep 12, 20162nd Guest Bedroom Week
12Sep 11, 2016Main Bathrooms Revealed
11Sep 7, 2016The Roof Top Garden Challenge
10Sep 6, 2016Main Bathrooms Continue
9Sep 5, 2016The Art of Art Deco
8Sep 4, 20161st Guest Bedrooms Revealed
7Aug 31, 2016Budget Blowouts
6Aug 30, 20161st Guest Bedrooms Continue
5Aug 29, 2016Demolition and Design
4Aug 28, 2016Master Bathrooms Revealed
3Aug 23, 2016Battle of the Master Bathrooms
2Aug 22, 2016The Vault is Opened
1Aug 21, 2016The Biggest Block Begins

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