Sledge Hammer - Episode List

Season 2

19Feb 12, 1988Here's to You, Mrs. Hammer
18Feb 5, 1988It Happened What Night?
17Jan 29, 1988The Secret of My Excess
16Jan 22, 1988Suppose They Gave a War and Sledge Came?
15Jan 15, 1988Sledge, Rattle, 'N' Roll
14Jan 7, 1988Model Dearest
13Dec 17, 1987They Call Me Mr. Trunk
12Dec 10, 1987Icebreaker
11Dec 3, 1987Sledge in Toyland
10Nov 26, 1987Hammeroid
9Nov 19, 1987Last of the Red Hot Vampires
8Nov 12, 1987Hammer Hits the Rock (a.k.a. Sledge on the Rock)
7Nov 5, 1987Dressed to Call
6Oct 29, 1987Vertical
5Oct 15, 1987The Death of a Few Salesmen
4Oct 8, 1987Wild About Hammer
3Oct 1, 1987Play It Again, Sledge
2Sep 24, 1987Big Nazi on Campus
1Sep 17, 1987A Clockwork Hammer

Season 1

22Apr 28, 1987The Spa Who Loved Me
21Apr 21, 1987Jagged Sledge
20Feb 21, 1987Comrade Hammer
19Feb 14, 1987Sledgepoo
18Feb 7, 1987Desperately Seeking Dori
17Jan 31, 1987Brother, Can You Spare a Crime?
16Jan 24, 1987The Color of Hammer
15Jan 17, 1987Haven't Gun, Will Travel
14Jan 10, 1987State of Sledge
13Jan 3, 1987The Old Man and the Sledge
12Dec 20, 1986Miss of the Spider Woman
11Dec 13, 1986To Live and Die on TV
10Nov 29, 1986If I Had a Little Hammer
9Nov 22, 1986Magnum Farce
8Nov 14, 1986Over My Dead Bodyguard
7Nov 7, 1986All Shook Up
6Oct 31, 1986To Sledge, with Love
5Oct 24, 1986Dori Day Afternoon
4Oct 17, 1986They Shoot Hammers, Don't They?
3Oct 3, 1986Witless
2Sep 26, 1986Hammer Gets Nailed
1Sep 23, 1986Under the Gun