Tatakau Shisho: The Book of Bantorra - Episode List

Season 1

27Apr 2, 2010The Might of the World
26Mar 26, 2010Redemption, Purplexity and the Book Within a Book
25Mar 19, 2010A Story of Silence, Inactivity and Despair
24Mar 12, 2010Truth, Love, and the Second Sealed Library
23Mar 5, 2010A Jailbreak, a Tool and the Violet Desert
22Feb 26, 2010The Sky, an Ending, and a Girl's World
21Feb 19, 2010Enmity, the Color Blue, and the Rope Princess
20Feb 12, 2010Funeral Bells, a Book, and a Boy with a Death Wish
19Feb 5, 2010A Fool, Empty Space, and a Dancing Puppet
18Jan 29, 2010A Propeller, Recolletion, and the Lead Human
17Jan 22, 2010A Return Home, an Encounter, and Burning Bridges
16Jan 15, 2010A Banned Book, a Coward, and the Sacred Eyes
15Jan 8, 2010A Girl, a Girl, and the Bed of God
14Jan 1, 2010The Setting Sun, a Storyteller, and a Collection of Fables
13Dec 25, 2009A Day Off, a Picture Book, and Rusty Hair
12Dec 18, 2009The Past, Irrationality, and a Pipe's Smoke
11Dec 11, 2009A Weakling, the Labyrinth, and Moving the Queen
10Dec 4, 2009A Weird Guy, a Mother and the Nest of the Black Ants
9Nov 27, 2009A True Man, a Battlefield and My World
8Nov 20, 2009A Pond, Comrades, and a Seashell
7Nov 13, 2009A Smile, a Mask, and a Man with a Death Wish
6Nov 6, 2009Thunder, a Monster, and a Girl's Punch
5Oct 30, 2009A Betrayal, A Cup, and a Meandering Path
4Oct 23, 2009An Evening, Shiron and Korio
3Oct 16, 2009A Bomb, Humans, Death, and God`s Sickness
2Oct 9, 2009Bombs, a Princess and a Gray Town
1Oct 2, 2009A Bomb, a Book and a Sinking Ship