You're Under Arrest! - Episode List

Season 2

26Sep 29, 2001Hot Spring, Yukata, Confession?
25Sep 22, 2001Build the Bridge to Tomorrow
24Sep 15, 2001Their Separate Ways
23Sep 8, 2001Bokutou Station's Best Partners
22Sep 1, 2001The Combo Disbands
21Aug 25, 2001The Man, Nakajima, Bear with It
20Aug 18, 2001The Bus Stop That Passed By
19Aug 11, 2001Indecisive Thoughts
18Aug 4, 2001Cake and Steak, Fate's Choice
17Jul 28, 2001A Curse on a Midsummer's Night
16Jul 21, 2001How to Correctly Make an Internet Friend
15Jul 14, 2001Vivid Memories
14Jul 7, 2001C'est Se Bonne, Shaking Loving Heart
13Jun 30, 2001Fake Cop #2 vs. Actor Cop
12Jun 23, 2001Major Panic on the Bokutou Line, Part 2
11Jun 16, 2001Major Panic on the Bokutou Line, Part 1
10Jun 9, 2001For Their Bond
9Jun 2, 2001Women's Fight! Rival Returns!
8May 26, 2001Go Around and Round. The Two's Coffee Cup
7May 19, 2001Return of the Strike Man
6May 12, 2001Scoop! Love's Big Rampage
5May 5, 2001Pursue the Ghost Theft Group
4Apr 28, 2001Cyber Police 24-Hours
3Apr 21, 2001Tokyo Wild-Beast Dragnet
2Apr 14, 2001Goukon Victory's Equation
1Apr 7, 2001Order to Be Assigned to the Bokutou Traffic Department

Season 1

52Sep 27, 1997Diverting Traffic at the Beach
51Sep 20, 1997Bokuto's Best Investigation Partners
50Sep 13, 1997The Investigation at Bokuto Station
49Sep 6, 1997Inspector Kinoshita
48Aug 30, 1997The End of Summer
44Aug 2, 1997Bokuto Ghost Story
43Jul 26, 1997Bokuto Station Scandal
40Jul 5, 1997Three Couples' Dangerous Date
39Jun 28, 1997Ah! The Springtime of Beach Volleyball Man's Youth
36Jun 7, 1997The Lost Kitten
35May 31, 1997Friendship at 250 Meters
28Apr 12, 1997Chase Down Imposter No. 704
27Apr 5, 1997The ABC's of Driving
26Mar 29, 1997A Red Dress and a Knife
22Mar 1, 1997Yoriko Nikaidou's Day Off
17Jan 25, 1997That 20-Year-Old is My Mother!
16Jan 18, 1997Nakajima's Double?
15Jan 11, 1997Up Against Chie Sagami-Ono ... Again!
14Jan 4, 1997Manju Terror! Natsumi's Edo Escapade
13Dec 28, 1996Big Trouble at the Little Onsen
12Dec 21, 1996I Want to Be a Policewoman
11Dec 14, 1996Santa Claus Panic
10Dec 7, 1996The Outlaw Scooter Mama
9Nov 30, 1996The Love Triangle
8Nov 23, 1996Big Duel for Lucky Yoriko
7Nov 11, 1996Strike Man - Defender of Justice
6Nov 9, 1996Inspector Arikuza - The King of Hades
5Nov 2, 1996A Beauty to Be Reckoned With - Her Name is Aoi
4Nov 25, 1995On the Road Again
3Jun 25, 1995Love's Highway Stars
2Jan 21, 1995Tokyo Typhoon Rally
1Sep 24, 1994And So They Met


SpecialApr 25, 2002No Mercy
SpecialApr 29, 1999You're Under Arrest! The Motion PIcture (MOVIE)