Titan: American Built

A Story of Hope

TITAN–American Built and Titan Gilroy, himself, have a simple, yet profoundly massive vision – restore the United States of America as the Undisputed Champions of Manufacturing. Titan, his team, and his trademark aggressive style lead by example by producing the world's most intricate parts, completing impossible projects that no other team would dare attempt. "MADE IN AMERICA" used to mean something. To Titan, it still does. He's on a mission to put American manufacturing back on top of the world.

Simply put, TITAN–American Built far surpasses any build series that has been created for reality television, a rare show delivering an irresistible combination of high octane drama, integrity, and hope to the small screen. Titan and his team will tell a new story of hope, by blazing new trails with state-of-the-art machinery, cutting edge technology, and relentless determination. This show demonstrates how American Manufacturing can truly compete in a global market.

In each episode Titan and his team will take on a new high stakes challenge by building something for a different great American company, each in a vastly different industry. Industry leaders from aerospace to medical, military to deep sea exploration, all have one thing in common: the desire to manufacture their product right here in the US.

Titan and his select team of precision machinists have built the fastest growing job shop in California, taking on jobs that other companies deem impossible. Every day, Titan proves that the "experts" are wrong when they claim, "America can no longer compete with the rest of the world in terms of manufacturing." Titan's response: "We can do all this and so much more."

In the show, Titan's determination to see America regain its place in the global market puts him side by side with corporate executives, teaching them how to bring their businesses back to American soil. The challenges are tough and the stakes are high. With multinational corporations, government contracts, strict deadlines, and millions of dollars hanging in the balance, pressure is the norm. Failure is not an option.

Season One will also begin to peel back the multiple layers of Titan's life, revealing his past as well as his hopes for the future. TITAN- American Built combines non-fiction reality with dramatic flashbacks that tell Titan's gut-wrenching and heart-warming story. As the season progresses, viewers will gain insight into Titan's humble beginnings. Often homeless as a child, he had a troubled upbringing including incarceration as a young adult. There were also incredible triumphs: Becoming a championship boxer, creating and selling his oil paintings through his art gallery, and building his own manufacturing company. All of these experiences have forged Titan into the man he is today. Shown in the context of his past, Titan's determination brings hope for a prosperous future.

Each episode of TITAN- American Built will expose the compassionate, humanitarian side of Titan Gilroy. He has not forgotten where he has come from. Having overcome huge obstacles in his own life, Titan is passionate about helping others do the same. The painful mistakes that Titan has made in the past are unchangeable, and this in many ways has become the fuel to relentlessly pay it forward, bringing hope to people like parolees, battered women, and troubled teens. Titan has always been a fighter, but he is now using his aggressive nature to promote positive change in the world, to create something with dignity, rather than destroy something with rage. Viewers will be encouraged to look at their own lives, and ask the tough question: "What am I fighting for?"

In the end, TITAN-American Built is about something bigger than a man who overcame severe struggles, a manufacturing company, or about a reviving an American industry. It is about reviving and re-birthing the foundations that made this entire country come alive. It is about hope, a second chance, and the redemptive thread that runs through all of us.

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Airs on: United States MAVTV
Runtime: 45 minutes
Status: Running
Show Type: Reality

Official site: titanamericanbuilt.com

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