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Just Shoot Me! - Episode Guide

Season 1

Season 2

The Assistant

Episode: 2x02 | Airdate: Sep 30, 1997

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Maya's new assistant isn't very competent and Maya refuses to fire her when Jack insists. Meanwhile, Finch and Elliot create a fake word-of-the-day calendar to prank Nina who is trying to improve her vocabulary in preparation for an appearance on NPR.

La Cage

Episode: 2x04 | Airdate: Nov 4, 1997

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Episode: 2x11 | Airdate: Jan 13, 1998

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The Walk

Episode: 2x14 | Airdate: Feb 3, 1998

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The Kiss

Episode: 2x18 | Airdate: Mar 19, 1998

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Episode: 2x19 | Airdate: Mar 26, 1998

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Episode: 2x21 | Airdate: Apr 16, 1998

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Rescue Me

Episode: 2x23 | Airdate: Apr 30, 1998

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Season 3


Episode: 3x02 | Airdate: Sep 29, 1998

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The Mask

Episode: 3x03 | Airdate: Oct 27, 1998

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The List

Episode: 3x08 | Airdate: Nov 24, 1998

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How the Finch Stole Christmas

Episode: 3x10 | Airdate: Dec 15, 1998

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Finch sets out to ruin everyone's Christmas when he thinks the other members of the Blush team have gotten him a lousy gift.

Toy Story

Episode: 3x17 | Airdate: Mar 2, 1999

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Episode: 3x21 | Airdate: May 4, 1999

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Season 4

First Date

Episode: 4x08 | Airdate: Nov 25, 1999

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Episode: 4x18 | Airdate: Mar 28, 2000

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Season 5

Maya's and Tigers and Deans, Oh My

Episode: 5x15 | Airdate: Feb 15, 2001

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Finch and Maya project their insecurities on the new intern, Dean. Nina is dating the famous magician, Zigmund, who everyone is convinced is gay and Elliot believes is flirting with him.

Sid & Nina

Episode: 5x16 | Airdate: Feb 22, 2001

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Finch DJs a bar mitzvah for a kid who has a crush on Nina. Jack and Elliot like the same woman.

Where's Poppa?

Episode: 5x17 | Airdate: Mar 15, 2001

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After his close friend dies, Jack worries that an old secret might impact him and Maya.

Erlene and Boo

Episode: 5x18 | Airdate: Mar 29, 2001

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Nina's younger sister come to visit, bringing up feelings of jealousy in Nina when the staff falls in love with her.

Fanny Finch

Episode: 5x19 | Airdate: Apr 19, 2001

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Finch's mom comes to visit and finds romance. Elliot meets a famous photographer who is down on his luck.

Sugar Momma

Episode: 5x20 | Airdate: Apr 26, 2001

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Finch becomes the boy toy of a popular romance novelist. Nina says the wrong thing on the red carpet of an award show.

Maya Stops Thinking

Episode: 5x21 | Airdate: May 3, 2001

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Maya picks up a guy in a bar and finds he's not quite who he claims to be. After being the recipient of an act of kindness, Elliot tries to convince Finch to pay it forward to Nina.

At Long Last Allie

Episode: 5x22 | Airdate: May 10, 2001

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Allie returns and asks Jack for a job at Blush, but she has ulterior motives. Nina meets with Elliot's new girlfriend, who is a psychiatrist, but their session has means trouble for Elliot.

Season 6

Season 7