Terrific Trucks - Episode List

Season 1

34Feb 12, 2017Muddy, Muddy!; The Gump Truck
33Feb 11, 2017One Million Milestone; Twin Swap!
32Feb 5, 2017Tread-uncation; Nailed It
31Jan 29, 2017The Tricky Twin; The Difficult Day
30Jan 22, 2017Foundation Follies; Lost and Found
29Jan 14, 2017TrenchTrouble; Glitch Day Galore
28Jan 7, 2016No Easy Job; Distracted Trucks
27Nov 25, 2016Terrific Trucks Save Christmas
26Oct 8, 2016The Need for Speed
25Oct 8, 2016Mini Meltdown
24Oct 1, 2016The Scrap Yard Smash
23Oct 1, 2016Monster Truck Mashup
22Sep 24, 2016Losing Site of the Job
20Sep 17, 2016Home Base Big Wig
18Sep 10, 2016The Hunt for the Lost Bucket
17Sep 10, 2016The Car Crunching Mix Up
16Sep 5, 2016Don't Play with the Tire
15Sep 5, 2016Pushing the Pack
14Sep 3, 2016Dug Out
13Sep 3, 2016Play It Safe
11Sep 22, 2016Lightning/Losing Site
10Sep 18, 2016Over Torked/Home Base
9Jul 30, 2016The Hay Maze Soundwaves
8Jul 23, 2016Bling Rig Overload
7Jul 23, 2016The Rock Crunching Runaround
6Jul 16, 2016Terrific Trucks, Terrific Tests
5Jul 16, 2016Making the Grade
4Jul 10, 2016The Selfish Trash Truck
3Jul 10, 2016Multi-Purpose Mayhem
2Jul 9, 2016The Big Little Dig Tutor
1Jun 27, 2016The Shed Demo Strike/Big Little Dig Tutor