Green Acres - Episode List

Season 6

26Apr 27, 1971The Ex-Secretary
25Mar 16, 1971Hawaiian Honeymoon
24Mar 9, 1971Lisa the Psychologist
23Mar 2, 1971The Hole in the Porch
22Feb 23, 1971The Carpenter's Ball
21Feb 16, 1971A Girl for Drobny
20Feb 9, 1971King Oliver I
19Feb 2, 1971The Spot Remover
18Jan 26, 1971Star Witness
17Jan 19, 1971The Wedding Deal
16Jan 12, 1971Son of Drobny
15Jan 5, 1971The Free Paint Job
14Dec 29, 1970The Engagement Ring
13Dec 22, 1970Charlie, Homer and Natasha
12Dec 15, 1970The Liberation Movement
11Dec 8, 1970The High Cost of Loving
10Dec 1, 1970Oliver's Double
9Nov 24, 1970Enterprising Eb
8Nov 17, 1970Apple-Picking Time
7Nov 10, 1970Eb's Double Trouble
6Oct 27, 1970The Great Mayoralty Campaign
5Oct 20, 1970Oliver Goes Broke
4Oct 6, 1970A Royal Love Story
3Sep 29, 1970Jealousy
2Sep 22, 1970The Coming-Out Party
1Sep 15, 1970The City Kids

Season 5

26Apr 11, 1970Happy Birthday
25Apr 11, 1970The Wealthy Landowner
24Mar 28, 1970Uncle Fedor
23Mar 21, 1970The Beeping Rock
22Mar 7, 1970The Picnic
21Feb 28, 1970The Case of the Hooterville Refund Fraud
20Feb 14, 1970The Confrontation
19Feb 7, 1970The Cow Killer
18Jan 31, 1970The Ex-Con
17Jan 24, 1970Bundle of Joy
16Jan 17, 1970Trapped
15Jan 10, 1970Rest and Relaxation
14Jan 3, 1970The Wish-Book
13Dec 27, 1969Beauty is Skin Deep
12Dec 20, 1969Oliver and the Cornstalk
11Dec 13, 1969Ralph's Nuptials
10Nov 29, 1969Oliver's Schoolgirl Crush
9Nov 22, 1969The Special Delivery Letter
8Nov 15, 1969The Youth Center
7Nov 8, 1969Four of Spades
6Nov 1, 1969The Road
5Oct 25, 1969You and Your Big Shrunken Head
4Oct 18, 1969A Tale of a Tail
3Oct 11, 1969Where There's a Will
2Oct 4, 1969Everybody Tries to Love a Countess
1Sep 27, 1969Lisa's Mudder Comes for a Visit

Season 4

26Apr 2, 1969The Reincarnation of Eb
25Mar 26, 1969The Milk Maker
24Mar 19, 1969The Old Trunk
23Mar 12, 1969Eb Uses His Ingenuity
22Mar 5, 1969Oh, Promise Me
21Feb 26, 1969A Hunting We Won't Go
20Feb 19, 1969Retreat From Washington
19Feb 12, 1969Economy Flight to Washington
18Feb 5, 1969A Day in the Life of Oliver Wendell Holmes
17Jan 29, 1969Law Partners
16Jan 22, 1969A Prize in Every Package
15Jan 15, 1969The Marital Vacation
14Jan 8, 1969Everywhere a Chick Chick
13Jan 1, 1969The Birthday Gift
12Dec 25, 1968How to Get From Hooterville to Pixley Without Moving
11Dec 18, 1968The Blue Feather
10Dec 11, 1968How Hooterville was Floundered
9Nov 27, 1968The Agricultural Student
8Nov 20, 1968Old Mail Day
7Nov 13, 1968A Husband For Eleanor
6Nov 6, 1968Handy Lessons
5Oct 30, 1968The Candidate
4Oct 23, 1968Eb's Romance
3Oct 16, 1968Hail to the Fire Chief
2Oct 2, 1968The Rummage Sale
1Sep 25, 1968Guess Who's Not Going to the Luau?

Season 3

30Apr 10, 1968A Star Named Arnold is Born (2)
29Apr 3, 1968A Star Named Arnold is Born (1)
28Mar 27, 1968Instant Family
27Mar 20, 1968The Rutabaga Story
26Mar 13, 1968The Hungarian Curse
25Mar 6, 1968Oliver's Jaded Past
24Feb 28, 1968Our Son, the Barber
23Feb 21, 1968The Spring Festival
22Feb 14, 1968My Mother the Countess
21Feb 7, 1968Flight to Nowhere
20Jan 31, 1968Arnold Ziffel, Boy Hero
19Jan 24, 1968How to Succeed in Television Without Really Trying
18Jan 10, 1968Home is Where You Run Away From
17Jan 3, 1968Not Guilty
16Dec 27, 1967Eb Returns
15Dec 20, 1967No Trespassing
14Dec 13, 1967Alf and Ralph Break Up
13Nov 29, 1967Haney's New Image
12Nov 22, 1967Jealousy, English Style
11Nov 15, 1967Won't You Come Home, Arnold Ziffel?
10Nov 8, 1967Das Lumpen
9Nov 1, 1967The Thing
8Oct 25, 1967Eb Elopes
7Oct 18, 1967Don't Count Your Tomatoes Before They're Picked
6Oct 11, 1967A Kind Word For the President
5Oct 4, 1967Oliver Takes Over the Phone Company
4Sep 27, 1967Oliver vs. the Phone Company
3Sep 20, 1967Love Comes to Arnold Ziffel
2Sep 13, 1967Lisa's Jam Session
1Sep 6, 1967The Man For the Job

Season 2

30Apr 26, 1967Music to Milk By
29Apr 19, 1967Who's Lisa?
28Apr 12, 1967The Vulgar Ring Story
27Mar 29, 1967Kimball Gets Fired
26Mar 22, 1967Getting Even With Haney
25Mar 15, 1967The Saucer Season
24Mar 8, 1967Lisa's Vegetable Garden
23Mar 1, 1967The Beverly Hillbillies
22Feb 22, 1967Never Start Talking Unless Your Voice Comes Out
21Feb 15, 1967The Computer Age
20Feb 8, 1967Never Take Your Wife to a Convention
19Feb 1, 1967It's Human to Be Humane
18Jan 25, 1967Exodus to Bleedwell
17Jan 18, 1967It's So Peaceful in the Country
16Jan 11, 1967His Honor
15Jan 4, 1967School Days
14Dec 28, 1966Never Trust a Little Old Lady
13Dec 21, 1966An Old Fashioned Christmas
12Dec 14, 1966A Square is Not Round
11Nov 30, 1966A Home Isn't Built in a Day
10Nov 23, 1966You Ought to Be in Pictures
9Nov 16, 1966The Hooterville Image
8Nov 9, 1966Eb Discovers the Birds and the Bees
7Nov 2, 1966The Good Old Days
6Oct 26, 1966One of Our Assemblymen is Missing
5Oct 19, 1966The Ugly Duckling
4Oct 5, 1966How to See South America By Bus
3Sep 28, 1966I Didn't Raise My Pig to Be a Soldier
2Sep 21, 1966Water, Water Everywhere
1Sep 14, 1966Wings Over Hooterville

Season 1

32Jun 1, 1966Uncle Ollie
31May 25, 1966Culture
30May 18, 1966The Rains Came
29May 11, 1966Horse? What Horse?
28May 4, 1966Send a Boy to College
27Apr 27, 1966Never Look a Gift Tractor in the Mouth
26Apr 6, 1966The Ballad of Molly Turgis
25Mar 23, 1966Double Drick
24Mar 16, 1966The Deputy
23Mar 9, 1966A Pig In a Poke
22Feb 23, 1966The Day of Decision
21Feb 16, 1966What's In a Name?
20Feb 9, 1966The Price of Apples
19Feb 2, 1966Sprained Ankle, Country Style
18Jan 26, 1966Lisa Bakes a Cake
17Jan 19, 1966I Didn't Raise My Husband to Be a Fireman
16Jan 5, 1966Give Me Land, Lots Of Land
15Dec 29, 1965How to Enlarge a Bedroom
14Dec 22, 1965What Happened in Scranton?
13Dec 15, 1965The Wedding Anniversary
12Dec 8, 1965Lisa Has a Calf
11Nov 24, 1965Parity Begins at Home
10Nov 17, 1965Don't Call Us, We'll Call You
9Nov 10, 1965You Can't Plug In a 2 With a 6
8Nov 3, 1965Lisa, the Helpmate
7Oct 27, 1965Neighborliness
6Oct 20, 1965Furniture, Furniture, Who's Got the Furniture?
5Oct 13, 1965My Husband, the Rooster Renter
4Oct 6, 1965The Best Laid Plans
3Sep 29, 1965The Decorator
2Sep 22, 1965Lisa's First Day On the Farm
1Sep 15, 1965Oliver Buys A Farm


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