Death Valley Days - Episode List

Season 18

26Apr 24, 1970Early Candle Lighten
25Apr 21, 1970The Duke of Tombstone
24Apr 18, 1970The Contract
23Apr 9, 1970Clum's Constabulary
22Apr 7, 1970A Gift from Father Tapis
21Apr 1, 1970The Solid Gold Pie
20Mar 16, 1970The Man Who Planted Gold in California
19Feb 28, 1970Amos and the Black Bull
18Feb 15, 1970Talk to Me, Charley
17Feb 14, 1970A Saint of Travelers
16Jan 24, 1970The Biggest Little Post Office in the World
15Jan 24, 1970The Dragon of Gold Hill
14Jan 17, 1970The Wizard of Aberdeen
13Jan 12, 1970A Simple Question of Justice
12Jan 3, 1970Pioneer Pluck
11Jan 2, 1970The Mezcla Man
10Jan 1, 1970The King of Uvalde Road
9Nov 17, 1969The Visitor
8Nov 16, 1969The Great Pinto Bean Gold Hunt
7Oct 27, 1969The Lady Doctor
6Oct 26, 1969Son of Thunder
5Oct 10, 1969Biscuits and Billy, the Kid
4Oct 9, 1969The Tenderfoot
3Oct 4, 1969Old Stape
2Oct 4, 1969Tracy's Triumph
1Oct 2, 1969The Taming of Trudy Bell

Season 17

26Jun 21, 1969Jimmy Dayton's Bonanza
25May 11, 1969Lucia Darling and the Ostrich
24Mar 29, 1969The Oldest Law
23Apr 25, 1969Drop Out
22Mar 26, 1969A Key for the Fort
21Mar 18, 1969How to Beat a Badman
20Mar 14, 1969A Full House
19Mar 8, 1969The Angel of Tombstone
18Feb 18, 1969Here Stands Bailey
17Feb 15, 1969Long Night at Fort Lonely
16Jan 28, 1969The Understanding
15Jan 17, 1969Solomon's Glory
14Jan 10, 1969A Gift
13Jan 2, 1969A Restless Man
12Dec 21, 1968Ten Day Millionaires
11Dec 17, 1968The World's Greatest Swimming Horse
10Nov 30, 1968Up the Chimney
9Nov 22, 1968A Short Cut Through Tombstone
8Nov 19, 1968Lady with a Past
7Oct 27, 1968Lottie's Legacy
6Oct 5, 1968A Mule... Like the Army's Mule
5Oct 4, 1968The Other Cheek
4Oct 1, 1968The Sage Hen
3Sep 28, 1968Ton of Tin
2Sep 28, 1968The Leprechaun of Last Chance Gulch
1Sep 27, 1968The Secret of the Black Prince

Season 16

26May 17, 1968Tall Heart, Short Temper
25May 11, 1968The Pieces of the Puzzle
24May 10, 1968By the Book
23Apr 13, 1968The Other Side of the Mountain
22Apr 12, 1968The Thirty-Caliber Town
21Apr 5, 1968A Friend Indeed
20Mar 15, 1968The Gold Mine on Main Street
19Mar 7, 1968Out of the Valley of Death
18Mar 6, 1968Green is the Color of Gold
17Mar 2, 1968Bread on the Desert
16Mar 2, 1968Britta Goes Home
15Mar 1, 1968Dress for a Desert Girl
14Feb 24, 1968Count Me In, Count Me Out
13Feb 23, 1968The Great Diamond Mines
12Feb 17, 1968The Friend
11Jan 28, 1968Prince of the Oyster Pirates
10Jan 20, 1968The Indiana Girl
9Jan 13, 1968The Saga of Sadie Orchard
8Dec 30, 1967Lost Sheep in Trinidad
7Nov 18, 1967Spring Rendezvous
6Nov 11, 1967The Informer Who Cried
5Nov 4, 1967The Girl Who Walked the West
4Oct 28, 1967The Lone Grave
3Oct 21, 1967Let My People Go
2Oct 14, 1967Chicken Bill
1Oct 7, 1967Shanghai Kelly's Birthday Party

Season 15

26Jun 21, 1967A Man Called Abraham
25May 11, 1967Along Came Mariana
24May 5, 1967Solid Foundation
23May 3, 1967Siege at Amelia's Kitchen
22Apr 28, 1967The Day They Stole the Salamander
21Apr 26, 1967Major Horace Bell
20Mar 18, 1967The Saga of Dr. Davis
19Mar 4, 1967The Man Who Wouldn't Die
18Mar 3, 1967A Wrangler's Last Ride
17Mar 2, 1967Halo for a Badman
16Mar 1, 1967The Man Who Didn't Want Gold
15Feb 26, 1967Silver Tombstone
14Dec 30, 1966Doc Holiday's Gold Bars
13Dec 29, 1966A Calamity Called Jane
12Dec 28, 1966The Gypsy
11Dec 24, 1966The Hero of Apache Pass
10Dec 23, 1966The Jolly Roger and Wells Fargo
9Dec 21, 1966One Fast Injun
8Oct 27, 1966Samaritans, Mountain Style
7Oct 20, 1966The Kid from Hell's Kitchen
6Oct 8, 1966The Lady and the Sourdough
5Oct 6, 1966Sense of Justice
4Oct 5, 1966Brute Angel
3Oct 1, 1966The Resurrection of Deadwood Dick
2Oct 1, 1966The Solid Gold Cavity
1Sep 2, 1966The Day All Marriages Were Cancelled

Season 14

26May 5, 1966Lady of the Plains
25Apr 28, 1966An Organ for Brother Brigham
24Apr 14, 1966The Four Dollar Law Suit
23Apr 7, 1966The Hat That Huldah Wore
22Mar 24, 1966The Firebrand
21Mar 24, 1966Hugh Glass Meets the Bear
20Mar 22, 1966Crullers at Sundown!
19Mar 17, 1966The Water Bringer
18Mar 17, 1966The Courtship of Carrie Huntington
17Mar 17, 1966The Fight San Francisco Never Forgot
16Jan 20, 1966The Fastest Nun in the West
15Dec 30, 1965Canary Harris vs. the Almighty
14Dec 30, 1965A Picture of a Lady
13Dec 30, 1965The Red Shawl
12Dec 23, 1965Devil's Gate
11Dec 23, 1965Dry Water Sailors
10Dec 23, 1965Mrs. Romney and the Outlaws
9Oct 28, 1965The Book
8Oct 22, 1965A City is Born
7Oct 21, 1965No Place for a Lady
6Oct 7, 1965Traveling Trees
5Oct 7, 1965The Rider
4Oct 7, 1965The Great Turkey War
3Oct 1, 1965The Lawless Have Laws
2Oct 1, 1965Captain Dick Mine
1Sep 30, 1965Temporary Warden

Season 13

26May 6, 1965Birthright
25May 4, 1965Kate Melville and the Law
24Mar 29, 1965The Journey
23Mar 25, 1965Fighting Sky Pilot
22Mar 25, 1965No Gun Behind His Badge
21Mar 18, 1965The Wild West's Biggest Train Holdup
20Mar 18, 1965The Battle of San Francisco Bay
19Mar 17, 1965Magic Locket
18Mar 10, 1965Raid on the San Francisco Mint
17Mar 10, 1965Death in the Desert
16Jan 20, 1965The Race at Cherry Creek
15Jan 14, 1965The Trouble with Taxes
14Jan 11, 1965A Bell for Volcano
13Jan 1, 1965Paid in Full
12Dec 31, 1964Peter the Hunter
11Dec 30, 1964A Bargain is for Keeping
10Dec 24, 1964The $25,000 Wager
9Dec 24, 1964Tribute to the Dog
8Dec 10, 1964There Was Another Dalton Brother
7Oct 29, 1964The Left Hand is Damned
6Oct 9, 1964The Hero of Fort Halleck
5Oct 8, 1964The Other White Man
4Oct 8, 1964From the Earth, a Heritage
3Oct 1, 1964Big John and the Rainmaker
2Oct 1, 1964The Lucky Cow
1Oct 1, 1964Honor the Name Dennis Driscoll

Season 12

26May 5, 1964The Streets of El Paso
25Apr 28, 1964See the Elephant and Hear the Owl
24Apr 28, 1968The Quiet and the Fury
23Apr 28, 1964After the O.K. Corral
22Apr 21, 1964Trial at Belle's Springs
21Apr 21, 1964A Book of Spanish Grammar
20Mar 17, 1964The Last Stagecoach Robbery
19Mar 10, 1964The Bigger They Are
18Mar 3, 1964The Law of the Round Tent
17Mar 3, 1964Hastings Cut-Off
16Mar 1, 1964The Westside of Heaven
15Mar 1, 1964The Paper Dynasty
14Jan 14, 1964Sixty-Seven Miles of Gold
13Jan 7, 1964The Wooing of Perilous Pauline
12Jan 7, 1964Little Cayuse
11Jan 5, 1964Graydon's Charge
10Dec 29, 1963The Red Ghost of Eagle Creek
9Dec 11, 1963Three Minutes to Eternity
8Oct 29, 1963The Peacemaker
7Oct 22, 1963The Holy Terror
6Oct 8, 1963The Man Who Died Twice
5Oct 8, 1963Deadly Decision
4Oct 1, 1963Diamond Field Jack
3Oct 1, 1963A Kingdom for a Horse
2Oct 1, 1963Measure of a Man
1Sep 30, 1963Thar She Blows

Season 11

26Apr 18, 1963With Honesty and Integrity
25Apr 26, 1963The Melancholy Gun
24Apr 21, 1963Coffin for a Coward
23Apr 24, 1963Shadow of Violence
22Feb 20, 1963The Debt
21Mar 8, 1963Grotto of Death
20Apr 4, 1963Diamond Jim Brady
19Feb 22, 1963The Train and Lucy Tutaine
18Feb 18, 1963The Lion of Idaho
17Jan 25, 1963Stubborn Mule Hill
16Feb 8, 1963A Gun is Not a Gentleman
15Apr 12, 1963Phantom Procession
14Dec 19, 1962The Vintage Years
13Oct 23, 1962The Hat That Wore the West
12Dec 28, 1962The Private Mint of Clark, Gruber and Company
11Dec 17, 1962Bloodline
10Dec 31, 1962Loss of Faith
9Nov 14, 1962Davy's Friend
8Nov 13, 1962The Grass Man
7Nov 12, 1962To Walk with Greatness
6Oct 25, 1962The Last Shot
5Oct 10, 1962The $275,000 Sack of Flour
4Jan 2, 1963Pioneer Doctor
3Oct 3, 1962Suzie
2Oct 8, 1962Fort Bowie: Urgent
1Oct 1, 1962Hangtown Fry

Season 10

26Oct 2, 1961Third Passenger
25May 6, 1962The Unshakeable Man
24May 21, 1962La Tules
23May 15, 1962Showdown at Kamaaina Flats
22Mar 8, 1962Girl with a Gun
21Mar 1, 1962The Breaking Point
20Feb 12, 1962A Matter of Honor
19Jan 26, 1962Miracle at Whiskey Gulch
18Mar 9, 1962Way Station
17Feb 3, 1962Abel Duncan's Dying Wish
16Feb 1, 1962Preacher with a Past
15Jan 30, 1962Justice at Jackson Creek
14Jan 29, 1962Feud at Dome Rock
13Jan 25, 1962Experiment in Fear
12Jan 1, 1962The Truth Teller
11Jan 15, 1962Sponge Full of Vinegar
10Dec 11, 1961Miracle at Boot Hill
9Dec 4, 1961The Watch
8Oct 2, 1961The Hold-Up Proof Safe
7Oct 23, 1961Storm Over Truckee
6Aug 13, 1961Alias James Stuart
5Oct 2, 1961Queen of Spades
4Oct 2, 1961Trial by Fear
3Oct 2, 1961Lieutenant Bungle
2Nov 13, 1961A Bullet for the D.A.
1Oct 30, 1961Treasure of Elk Creek Canyon

Season 9

30Nov 6, 1960The Deserters
29Apr 12, 1961A General Without Cause
28Apr 9, 1961The Stolen City
27Mar 29, 1961The Red Petticoat
26Mar 25, 1961Loophole
25Mar 15, 1961Death Ride
24Mar 12, 1961Dangerous Crossing
23Mar 1, 1961Who's for Divide?
22Feb 26, 1961Dead Man's Tale
21Feb 15, 1961White Gold
20Feb 10, 1961Gamble with Death
19Jan 31, 1961South of Horror Flats
18Jan 29, 1961Deadline at Austin
17Jan 18, 1961The Madstone
16Jan 15, 1961The Salt War
15Jan 1, 1961The Lady Was an M.D.
14Dec 27, 1960The Young Gun
13Dec 19, 1960City of Widows
12Dec 18, 1960A Girl Named Virginia
11Dec 4, 19603-7-77
10Dec 5, 1960The Wind at Your Back
9Nov 21, 1960The White Healer
8Nov 20, 1960Extra Guns
7Nov 7, 1960The Gentle Sword
6Oct 24, 1960Yankee Confederate
5Oct 24, 1960Learnin' at Dirty Devil
4Oct 3, 1960Devil's Bar
3Oct 2, 1960Queen of the High-Graders
2Sep 25, 1960Splinter Station
1Sep 24, 1960Pamela's Oxen

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