How to Be a Grown Up - Episode List

Season 2

12Aug 11, 2015Advice, Mistakes And Being Handy
11Aug 11, 2015Yard Sales, Road Trips And Honeymoons
10Aug 4, 2015Love, Dinner and Aging Folks
9Jul 28, 2015Charity, Investing and Getting Pregnant
8Jul 21, 2015Brunch, Bullies, and Online Dating
7Jul 14, 2015Divorce, Commuting and Gettin' Some
6Jul 7, 2015Marriage, Dreams and Being Green
5Jun 30, 2015Jobs, Apologies and One Night Stands
4Jun 23, 2015Gossip, Jury Duty and Potty Training
3Jun 16, 2015Anxiety, Babies and Family Reunions
2Jun 9, 2015Splurging, Politics and Getting High
1Jun 2, 2015Mortality, Religion and Gettin' Freaky

Season 1

16Jan 22, 2015Childcare, Bucket Lists and Valentine's Day
15Jan 22, 2015Reading, Roommates and Revenge
14Jan 15, 2015Movies, Funerals and Favors
13Jan 15, 2015Kids, Coolness and Car Lots
12Jan 8, 2015Sports, Chores and Couples Therapy
11Jan 8, 2015Dating, Sleeping and Birthday Parties
10Jan 1, 2015Aging, Interviews and Exes
9Dec 25, 2014Dressing, Lying and Christmas Cheer
8Dec 18, 2014Beaches, Barbecues and Baldness
7Dec 11, 2014Cars, Cops and Party Fouls
6Dec 4, 2014Money, Neighbours and Dirty Diapers
5Nov 27, 2014Diets, Hairdos and No Sex For You
4Nov 20, 2014Playdates, New Friends and Caught in the Act
3Nov 11, 2014Dining, Doctors & Decorating
2Nov 4, 2014Coffee, Cooking and Sex After Kids
1Oct 28, 2014The Birds, the Bees and Beyond