Masters of Illusion - Episode List

Season 5

9Sep 7, 2018Smart Money, Smart Phones and a Rising Pianist
8Aug 31, 2018The Mind Freaks and the Million Dollar Trick
7Aug 17, 2018Broken Glass, a Box of Swords and Cards that Really Cut
6Aug 10, 2018The One with a Floating Orb and One Nasty Power Saw
5Jul 27, 2018Twisted Classics
4Jul 20, 2018Fast Hands, Classic Tricks, New Twists
3Jul 13, 2018The Fastest Illusion In The World... And More!
2Jul 6, 2018A Self-inflicted Slice, Creepy Crawlies And Passing Glass
1Jun 29, 2018It's All in the Cards

Season 4

13Sep 22, 2017Of Mice, Men and a Kidd
12Sep 15, 2017The Things You Can Do with Umbrellas
11Sep 8, 2017Old School With a Twist
10Aug 18, 2017Mirror Mirror And Money Movers
9Aug 11, 2017Spiked Table and Spiked Faces
8Aug 4, 2017From the Exotic to Defying the Law of Physics
7Jul 28, 2017Dancing Broomstick, Fast Coins, and One Giant Buzzsaw
6Jul 21, 2017Warped, Wacky and Weird
5Jul 14, 2017Technological Beverages and Rapid-Fire Cards
4Jul 7, 2017Maximum Separation and Chipper's Chipper
3Jul 7, 2017Manipulation, Transformation and Two Impalers
2Jun 30, 2017Turbo Tech Magic and Card Connection
1Jun 30, 2017Crazy, Crazy Cards and Silly Silhouettes

Season 3

13Sep 30, 2016Magic Pup, When Doves Fly, and The Physical Transformations
12Sep 23, 2016A Loaf of Bread, A Magic Dollhouse, and Bound by Music
11Sep 16, 2016Magic in a Flash, From Thin Air, and One Nail
10Sep 9, 2016Body Piercings, Mind Over Matter, and Those Crazy Cards
9Jul 29, 2016Money Matters, Separation Anxiety, and One Ninja Turtle
8Jul 15, 2016Altered States, Great Escapes, and The Return of the Mask
7Jul 8, 2016Extreme Levitations, Mind Melds, and Water Into Wine
6Jun 24, 2016Invisible Cards, Multipliers, and One Chipper
5Jun 17, 2016Magical Metamorphoses and Masked Men
4Jun 10, 2016Beatbox Magic and The Human Beverage Dispenser
3Jun 3, 2016Classic Magic Mashups
2May 20, 2016A Magical Smorgasbord
1May 20, 2016Techno Magic, Quick Change and a Guillotine

Season 2

13Oct 2, 2015Separating Mind, Body and Spirit
12Oct 2, 2015Razzle Dazzle!
11Sep 25, 2015Dancing Tables and Dodging Daggers
10Sep 18, 2015Deadly Desires and Non-sensory Sensibilities
9Sep 11, 2015Spinning the Classics... Too!
8Aug 28, 2015Gravity Defiers, Compactors and Transformations
7Aug 21, 2015Quick Change Duo, Box of Knives and Floating Beauty
6Aug 14, 2015Very Sharp Objects and Flying Pianos
5Aug 7, 2015Big Cats, Dream Girls and Fun Physics
4Jul 31, 2015Perception, Piranhas and Pendragon
3Jul 24, 2015Metamorphosis and Imagine Dragons
2Jul 17, 2015Jet Engines, Magic Ducks and Missing Torsos
1Jul 10, 2015Spinning the Classics

Season 1

13Feb 6, 2015Quick Change
12Jan 30, 2015Close Up
11Jan 16, 2015Twist
10Jan 9, 2015Behind the Illusion
9Sep 26, 2014Evil Met His Match
8Sep 19, 2014Under Water
7Sep 12, 2014Levitation
6Sep 5, 2014Chained
5Aug 29, 2014Walk Through Steel
4Aug 22, 2014Selbit Sawing
3Aug 15, 2014Vanish in Mid Air
2Aug 8, 2014Blindfold
1Aug 1, 2014Jaws of Death


SpecialDec 1, 2017Christmas Magic