Sledgehammer - Episode List

Season 2

13Sep 7, 2015Transforming a Cubicle Kitchen into an Open Rustic Industrial Space
12Sep 7, 2015Smashing a Dark Old Attic into New Bedrooms and Play Spaces
9Aug 24, 2015Building a New Kitchen With Unique and Accessible Features
8Aug 24, 2015Building a Teak Spa Like Bathroom for a Busy Mom
7Aug 17, 2015Building a Master Suite and a Better Closet for Mom and Dad
6Aug 17, 2015Building a Basement Pub
5Aug 10, 2015Turning a Cramped Space Into a Retro Farm Kitchen
4Aug 10, 2015Smashing a Cramped Kitchen
3Aug 3, 2015Building a Mad, Mod Basement for Grown Ups and Kids to Share
2Aug 3, 2015Giving a 1970s Kitchen a Cool Mid Century Vibe
1Jul 27, 2015Building a Better Basement

Season 1

13Oct 22, 2014Smashing Walls in Blog Cabin to Create an Open Floor Plan
12Oct 15, 2014Smashing Walls to Build an Up-to-date Kitchen and Workspace for Two Flavor Techs
11Oct 8, 2014Smashing Two Bathrooms to Create Two New Spaces: an Oasis and a Kid-friendly Space
10Oct 1, 2014Smashing the Way to a Bigger Dining Room, Kitchen and Laundry Room
9Sep 24, 2014Mom Needs a Big Kitchen for Her Big Family
8Sep 17, 2014Smashing a Deck, Hot Tub and Shed to Make Way for a Fabulous Outdoor Entertainment and Play Space
7Sep 10, 2014Transforming One Bathroom Into Two Bathrooms for One Big Family
6Sep 3, 2014Turning a Crowded Lower Level Into a Play Space, Work Space and Living Space for the Whole Family
5Aug 27, 2014Smashing Through Walls and an Attic to Create New Bedrooms for Two Little Girls
4Aug 20, 2014Turning a Two Family Rental Into Home Sweet Home
3Aug 13, 2014Jason Cameron Uses a Sledgehammer to Add Privacy to a Family Bathroom in a High Traffic Area
2Aug 6, 2014Smashing Through Concrete to Get a New Kitchen
1Aug 6, 2014The Lucky Leprechaun and Jason Cameron Deliver a New Kitchen, Basement and Cold, Hard Cash