Bring It! - Episode List

Season 5

6Mar 30, 2018Banned 4 Life?
5Mar 30, 2018B-squad Goals
4Mar 23, 2018Rivals United for a Cause
3Mar 16, 2018Let's Talk About Texts, Baby
2Mar 9, 2018The Sister Showdown
1Mar 2, 2018If You Can't Stand The Heat…

Season 4

27Feb 2, 2018National Pressure
26Jan 26, 2018The Dolls' Last Chance
25Jan 19, 2018Doll Meets World
24Jan 12, 2018Stand Battle Shake-up
23Jan 5, 2018Coach D Resigns
22Dec 29, 2017Secrets, Lies, and Slumber Parties
21Dec 22, 2017Home For The Holidays
20Dec 15, 2017Battle For Oz
19Dec 8, 2017#clapback
18Dec 1, 2017Rumble In The Jungle
17Nov 24, 2017Crossing the Line
16Apr 28, 2017Battle Royale: Up In Flames!
15Apr 21, 2017Deliver Us From Neva
14Apr 14, 2017Battle For Broadway
13Apr 7, 2017Lemons to Lemonade?
12Mar 31, 2017La La Land
11Mar 24, 2017Cookie Bites Back
10Mar 17, 2017Revenge Of The Robo-dolls
9Mar 10, 2017Black Ice Meltdown
8Mar 3, 2017Attack Of The B Squad
7Feb 24, 2017A Tale Of Two Dollhouses
6Feb 17, 2017Losing Faith
5Feb 10, 2017Torrey Takes Over
4Feb 3, 2017Bringing It to the Big Apple
3Jan 27, 2017Coach D Meets Queen B
2Jan 20, 2017Diana Said Knock You Out!
1Jan 13, 2017Miss D Reboots

Season 3

24Sep 23, 2016Stomp! Summer Slam Shocker
23Sep 16, 2016Lil Niqo and a LOT of Sweat!
22Sep 9, 2016Wigging Out
21Sep 2, 2016Dancing with the Enemy
20Aug 26, 2016Scholarship Dreams and Dating Nightmares
19Aug 19, 2016Hoop Dreams Drama
18Aug 12, 2016Ratchcity!
17Aug 5, 2016Compton Call Out
16Jul 29, 2016The Return of Neva the Diva
15Jul 22, 2016Team Kayla vs. Team Dianna
14Apr 1, 2016Spilling the Tea Reunion Special
13Mar 25, 2016Face the Music! It's the Finale!
12Mar 18, 2016They're Coming for Us!!
11Mar 11, 2016Neva Gets Even
10Mar 4, 20163 Strikes, You're Out
9Feb 26, 2016Flash Mob Madness
8Feb 19, 2016Blow It Up
7Feb 12, 2016Bucking Bride
6Feb 5, 2016The Wicked Witch of Jackson
5Jan 29, 2016Rittany's Revolt
4Jan 22, 2016Homecoming Hell
3Jan 15, 2016Hell Week
2Jan 8, 2016The Bucking Ballerina
1Jan 1, 2016Straight Outta Jackson

Season 2

25Oct 9, 2015Little Women Bring It
24Sep 25, 2015Summer Slam
23Sep 18, 2015Tick, Tick, Boom!
22Sep 11, 2015Pom Pom Panic
21Sep 4, 2015Who You Callin' Cookie?
20Aug 28, 2015Saturday Night Fights
19Aug 21, 2015The Big Apple and the Bitter Apple
18Aug 14, 2015Selena's Makeover Madness
17Aug 7, 2015Dancing Dolls NOT for Life
16Jul 31, 2015A Whole New Doll Game
15May 1, 2015Rival Rehash
14Apr 24, 2015Battle Royale 2015
13Apr 17, 2015Road to Royale
12Apr 10, 2015Copycat
11Apr 3, 2015Baby Tiger Attack
10Mar 27, 2015Don't Do It, Neva
9Mar 20, 2015Captain Down
8Mar 13, 2015Traci's Revenge
7Mar 6, 2015Stamp Out Atlanta
6Feb 27, 2015No Stopping Kayla
5Feb 20, 2015Selena's Triple Threat
4Feb 13, 2015Bucking in Bama
3Feb 6, 2015Hometown Showdown
2Jan 30, 2015Miss D Loses Her Cool
1Jan 23, 2015Miami Heat is Back

Season 1

22Oct 1, 2014The DD4L Tour
21Sep 24, 2014Chumps or Champions?
20Sep 17, 2014Bucking for Revenge
19Sep 10, 2014Dolls vs. Dollz - The Rematch
18Sep 3, 2014Pray for Sunjai
17Aug 27, 2014Baby Dolls vs. Baby Tigerettes
16Aug 20, 2014Nashville Smackdown
15Aug 13, 2014Kayla's Big Surprise
14Aug 6, 2014A New Rival Emerges
13Jul 30, 2014Prom or Competition?
12Jul 23, 2014So You Wanna Be a Doll?
11May 14, 2014Best of the Battles
10May 7, 2014Miss D Breaks It Down
9Apr 30, 2014The Finale: Battle Royale
8Apr 23, 2014The Lock-In
7Apr 16, 2014Shut Up and Dance
6Apr 9, 2014Street Battle
5Apr 2, 2014Sunjai in Stilettos
4Mar 26, 2014"Baby" Doll Don't Mean "Baby"
3Mar 19, 2014The Wig is Off
2Mar 12, 2014Battle in Memphis
1Mar 5, 2014You Better Bring It!


SpecialMar 2, 2018Pre-Game Party
SpecialApr 28, 2017Fan Chat: Deliver Us From Neva
SpecialApr 21, 2017Fan Chat: Battle for Broadway
SpecialApr 14, 2017Fan Chat: Lemons to Lemonade?
SpecialApr 7, 2017Fan Chat: La La Land
SpecialMar 31, 2017Fan Chat: Cookie Bites Back
SpecialMar 24, 2017Dishing With Dianna: Revenge of the Robo-Dolls
SpecialMar 17, 2017Fan Chat: Black Ice Meltdown
SpecialMar 10, 2017Fan Chat: Attack of the B Squad
SpecialMar 3, 2017Fan Chat: A Tale of Two Dollhouses
SpecialFeb 24, 2017Dishing With Dianna: Losing Faith
SpecialFeb 17, 2017Dishing With Dianna: Torrey Takes Over
SpecialFeb 10, 2017Dishing With Dianna: Bringing It to the Big Apple
SpecialFeb 3, 2017Dishing With Dianna: Coach D Meets Queen B
SpecialJan 27, 2017Dishing With Dianna: Dianna Said Knock You Out!
SpecialJan 20, 2017Dishing with Dianna: Miss D Reboots
SpecialJan 13, 2017Fan Chat: Stomp! Summer Slam Shocker
SpecialSep 23, 2016Fan Chat: Lil Niqo and a LOT of Sweat!
SpecialSep 16, 2016Fan Chat: Wigging Out
SpecialSep 9, 2016Fan Chat: Dancing with the Enemy
SpecialSep 2, 2016Fan Chat: Scholarship Dreams and Dating Nightmares
SpecialAug 26, 2016Sunjai's Summer Jobs: Costumed Character
SpecialAug 26, 2016Fan Chat: Hoop Dreams Drama
SpecialAug 19, 2016Sunjai's Summer Jobs: Stand-up Comedian
SpecialAug 12, 2016Sunjai's Summer Jobs: Serving Wench
SpecialAug 12, 2016Fan Chat: Compton Call Out
SpecialAug 5, 2016Sunjai's Summer Jobs: Stable Hand
SpecialAug 5, 2016Fan Chat: The Return of Neva the Diva
SpecialJul 22, 2016Summer of Surprises
SpecialApr 29, 2016Mimi Attempts to Dance
SpecialApr 22, 2016Bring It/Atlanta Plastics Update: Tina's Clothes
SpecialApr 1, 2016Spilling the Tea Reunion Special
SpecialMar 25, 2016Miss D's Top 3 Routines
SpecialMar 18, 2016Dianna's Dollhouse Diaries
SpecialMar 18, 2016Miss D's Top 3 Battles
SpecialMar 18, 2016Fan Chat: Neva Gets Even
SpecialMar 11, 2016Fan Chat: 3 Strikes, You're Out
SpecialMar 4, 2016Fan Chat: Flash Mob Madness
SpecialFeb 26, 2016Fan Chat: Blow It Up
SpecialFeb 19, 2016Fan Chat: Bucking Bride
SpecialFeb 12, 2016Fan Chat: The Wicked Witch of Jackson
SpecialFeb 5, 2016Fan Chat: Rittany's Revolt
SpecialJan 29, 2016Fan Chat: Homecoming Hell
SpecialJan 22, 2016Fan Chat: Hell Week
SpecialJan 15, 2016Fan Chat: The Bucking Ballerina
SpecialJan 8, 2016Fan Chat: Straight Outta Jackson
SpecialJan 1, 2016A Very Bring It! New Year
SpecialOct 2, 2015Bonus Round Special
SpecialSep 25, 2015Fan Chat: Tick, Tick, Boom!
SpecialSep 18, 2015Fan Chat: Pom Pom Panic
SpecialSep 11, 2015Fan Chat: Who You Callin' Cookie?
SpecialSep 4, 2015Fan Chat: Saturday Night Fights
SpecialAug 28, 2015Fan Chat: The Big Apple and the Bitter Apple
SpecialAug 21, 2015Fan Chat: Selena's Makeover Madness
SpecialAug 14, 2015Fan Chat: Dancing Dolls NOT for Life
SpecialAug 7, 2015The Power of 5
SpecialJul 31, 2015Inside the Dollhouse: Your Questions Answered
SpecialMay 1, 2015Fan Chat: Battle Royale 2015
SpecialApr 24, 2015Fan Chat: Road to Royale
SpecialApr 17, 2015Fan Chat: Copycat
SpecialApr 10, 2015Fan Chat: Baby Tiger Attack
SpecialApr 3, 2015Fan Chat: Don't Do It, Neva
SpecialMar 27, 2015Fan Chat: Captain Down
SpecialMar 20, 2015Fan Chat: Traci's Revenge
SpecialMar 13, 2015Fan Chat: Stamp Out Atlanta
SpecialFeb 27, 2015Fan Chat: Selena's Triple Threat
SpecialJan 27, 2015Fan Chat: Selena's Triple Threat
SpecialAug 27, 2014Nashville Smackdown (Choreographer's Cut)
SpecialAug 20, 2014Kayla's Big Surprise (Choreographer's Cut)
SpecialAug 13, 2014A New Rival Emerges (Choreographer's Cut)
SpecialAug 6, 2014Prom or Competition? (Choreographer's Cut)
SpecialMay 14, 2014Behind the Battles
SpecialMay 7, 2014Miss D Breaks It Down