Lockup - Episode List

Season 27 Extended Stay Sacramento

3Jul 2, 2017Extended Stay Sacramento: Taming Wild

Season 26 Wichita- Extended Stay

5Feb 11, 2017The Keeper
4Feb 4, 2017Wichita- Extended Stay: Citizen's Arrest
3Jan 28, 2017Wichita- Extended Stay: On Broadway
2Jan 21, 2017Wichita- Extended Stay: Broken Oath
1Jan 14, 2017Wichita- Extended Stay: Defending Bacon

Season 25 Raw / Sacramento: Extended Stay

12Dec 26, 2015Sacramento: Extended Stay- Starz and Zillas
11Dec 26, 2015Sacramento: Extended Stay- The Eyes Have It
10Dec 12, 2015Sacramento: Extended Stay- The Force LaForce
9Dec 5, 2015Sacramento: Extended Stay- Taming Wild
8Nov 28, 2015Sacramento: Extended Stay- 352,955 Days to Life
7Nov 21, 2015Sacramento: Extended Stay- Purple Pain
6Nov 14, 2015Raw: SEG
5Nov 7, 2015Raw: The Little Things
4Oct 31, 2015Raw: The Ties That Bind
3Oct 24, 2015Raw: Rock Bottom
2Oct 17, 2015Raw: Unraveling the Truth
1Oct 10, 2015Raw: A Young People's Guide To Jail

Season 24 Savannah- Extended Stay

6Sep 5, 2015Savannah- Extended Stay: Blood Lines
5Aug 29, 2015Savannah- Extended Stay: Back In Orange
4Aug 22, 2015Savannah- Extended Stay: Notorious
3Aug 15, 2015Savannah- Extended Stay: Hard on the Yard
2Aug 8, 2015Savannah- Extended Stay: Wis-Dumb
1Aug 1, 2015Savannah- Extended Stay: Outlaws and In-Laws

Season 23 Long Island: Extended Stay

6Jul 4, 2015Long Island: Extended Stay - Blue Balloons
5Jun 27, 2015Long Island: Extended Stay - Red and Whites
4Jun 20, 2015Long Island: Extended Stay - Old School,New School
3Jun 13, 2015Long Island: Extended Stay - No More Franks And Beans
2Jun 6, 2015Long Island: Extended Stay - Jail Born
1May 30, 2015Long Island: Extended Stay - Sufferin' County

Season 22

6Apr 4, 2015Dead Run (aka: The Dead Runners)
5Mar 28, 2015Homeless in Jail
4Mar 21, 2015Killing Clouds
3Mar 14, 2015Message in a Bottle
2Mar 7, 2015Sucker Punch
1Feb 28, 2015Snitch-innati

Season 21

6Dec 27, 2014Charleston: Extended Stay - Mail,Nails and Jail
5Dec 20, 2014Charleston: Extended Stay - Fatality
4Dec 13, 2014Charleston: Extended Stay - Suicide Watch
3Dec 6, 2014Tempt Not a Desperate Man
2Nov 29, 2014Dirt Roads and Trouble
1Nov 22, 2014Fallen Leaf

Season 20

5Oct 4, 2014Fairfax, VA: Counterfeit Lives
4Sep 27, 2014Fairfax, VA: Do Not Pass Go
3Sep 20, 2014Fairfax, VA: The Crip and the Cougar
2Sep 13, 2014Fairfax, VA: Time Never Waits
1Sep 6, 2014Fairfax, VA: Solitary

Season 19

5Jun 28, 2014Raw: Trouble in Tulsa
4Jun 21, 2014Raw: Severed Ties
3Jun 14, 2014RAW: No Boys Allowed
2Jun 7, 2014RAW: A Brotherhood of Gangs
1May 31, 2014RAW: The Gang Investigators

Season 18

7Jul 12, 2014Fairfax County jail: Extended Stay
6Apr 5, 2014Hackensack, NJ: God is Not Here
5Mar 29, 2014Hackensack, NJ: "Mama's Boy" Drug
4Mar 22, 2014Hackensack, NJ: Going Postal
3Mar 15, 2014Hackensack, NJ: Smoking Gun
2Mar 8, 2014Hackensack, NJ: No Remorse
1Mar 1, 2014Hackensack, NJ: Thicker Than a Bowl of Oatmeal

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