Sci-Fi Science: Physics of the Impossible - Episode List

Season 2

12Nov 10, 2010Shapeshifting Transformer
11Nov 3, 2010Holodeck
10Oct 27, 2010A.I. Uprising
9Oct 20, 2010Cyborg Army
8Oct 13, 2010Black Hole Odyssey
7Oct 6, 2010Destroy the Death Star
6Sep 29, 2010First Contact
5Sep 22, 2010Alien Invasion
4Sep 15, 2010A New Solar System
3Sep 8, 2010Deep Impact
2Sep 1, 2010Galactic Colonization
1Sep 1, 2010Earth 2.0

Season 1

12Feb 16, 2010How to Build a Force Field
11Feb 9, 2010How to Build a Flying Saucer
10Jan 26, 2010How to Become a Superhero
9Jan 19, 2010How to Build a Sci Fi Robot
8Jan 12, 2010How to Build a Light Saber
7Jan 5, 2010How to Build a Starship
6Dec 29, 2009How to Travel Through Time
5Dec 22, 2009How to Become Invisible
4Dec 15, 2009How to Teleport
3Dec 8, 2009How to Blow Up a Planet
2Dec 1, 2009How to Travel to a Parallel Universe
1Dec 1, 2009How to Explore the Universe