Get Swank'd - Episode List

Season 1

12Sep 13, 2015Game of Crowns
11Sep 13, 2015Fashion Vixens
10Sep 6, 2015Here Comes the Swank
9Sep 6, 2015One Hour Swank
8Sep 6, 2015Cross Country Couture
7Sep 6, 2015Two Makeovers on the Rocks, Hold the Lime
6Aug 27, 2015Deliciously on Trend
5Aug 27, 2015Textbook Fashion
4Aug 11, 2015From Ringside to Runway
3Aug 11, 2015Date Night Done Right
2Aug 4, 2015Fashion Risks
1Aug 4, 2015Flats Are for Quitters


SpecialSep 21, 2014Pilot