The Good Place - Episode List

Season 3

12Chidi Sees the Time-Knife
11The Book of Dougs
9Don't Let the Good Life Pass You By
8The Lizard and the Owl
7A Fractured Inheritance
6The Ballad of Donkey Doug
5Jeremy Bearimy
4The Cloning of Agamemnon
3Oct 4, 2018The Brainy Bunch
2Sep 27, 2018Everything Is Bonzer! Part 2
1Sep 27, 2018Everything Is Bonzer! Part 1

Season 2

13Feb 1, 2018Somewhere Else
12Jan 25, 2018The Burrito
11Jan 18, 2018Rhonda, Diana, Jake, and Trent
10Jan 11, 2018Best Self
9Jan 4, 2018Leap to Faith
8Nov 2, 2017Derek
7Oct 26, 2017Janet and Michael
6Oct 19, 2017The Trolley Problem
5Oct 12, 2017Existential Crisis
4Oct 5, 2017Team Cockroach
3Sep 28, 2017Dance Dance Resolution
2Sep 20, 2017Everything Is Great! Part 2
1Sep 20, 2017Everything Is Great! Part 1

Season 1

13Jan 19, 2017Michael's Gambit
12Jan 19, 2017Mindy St. Claire
11Jan 12, 2017What's My Motivation
10Jan 5, 2017Chidi's Choice
9Nov 3, 2016...Someone Like Me as a Member
8Oct 27, 2016Most Improved Player
7Oct 20, 2016The Eternal Shriek
6Oct 13, 2016What We Owe to Each Other
5Oct 6, 2016Category 55 Emergency Doomsday Crisis
4Sep 29, 2016Jason Mendoza
3Sep 22, 2016Tahani Al-Jamil
2Sep 19, 2016Flying
1Sep 19, 2016Everything Is Fine