Style Unzipped - Episode List

Season 1

10Oct 12, 2015Spandex, The Jockstrap, And The Leather Jacket
9Sep 3, 2015Platinum Blonde Hair, Earrings, And The Scarf
8Sep 3, 2015The Wedding Dress, Jean Shorts, And The Color Pink
7Sep 3, 2015Platinum Blonde Hair, Earrings and the Scarf
6Aug 27, 2015The Plaid Shirt, The Cape, and The Ballet Flat
5Aug 27, 2015The T-Shirt, Nail Polish, and The Bra
4Aug 17, 2015The Bikini, Lipstick, and High Heels
3Aug 17, 2015The Midriff, The Women's Blazer, and The Fedora
2Aug 10, 2015The Thong, Eyeliner, and the Cowboy Hat
1Aug 10, 2015Bridesmaid Dress, Bomber Jacket, and Skinny Jeans