House Hunters Off the Grid - Episode List

Season 2

15Sep 11, 2015You Better Belize It
14Sep 10, 2015A Call of the Wild Escape to Alaska
13Sep 9, 2015Dad's Veto In Hilo
12Sep 8, 2015Idealistic Iceland
11Sep 7, 2015My Way in Uruguay
10Aug 21, 2015Wayne's New World
9Aug 20, 2015Yippee Ki Yay in Cayo
8Aug 19, 2015High Risk Off-the-Grid Living
7Aug 18, 2015Shredding Montana's Backcountry
6Aug 17, 2015Yolo in Bocas Del Toro
5May 22, 2015Family Style in Fiji
4May 21, 2015Fulfilling Dreams in Morocco
3May 20, 2015Missouri Loves Company
2May 19, 2015Yap Is On The Map
1May 18, 2015Inspiration in Mpumalanga, South Africa

Season 1

5Apr 25, 2014Goodbye City Life, Hello Haida Gwaii, British Columbia
4Apr 24, 2014Hasta Finca Bellavista, Baby
3Apr 23, 2014Where There's a Will There's Norway
2Apr 22, 2014Cave Me, Maybe in Coober Pedy, Australia
1Apr 21, 2014Let Me See Bhutan (Pilot)