Say Yes to the Dress - Episode List

Season 16

12Mar 31, 2018Randy's Favorite Celebrity Moments
11Mar 24, 2018That's How You Dress a Lady
10Mar 17, 2018Did I Hear Someone Say $16,000?
9Mar 10, 2018I'm the Bride, Leave Some Space!
8Mar 3, 2018There's a Shark in the Salon!
7Feb 24, 2018Launching a New Marriage
6Feb 17, 2018The Twins Are Back
5Feb 3, 2018Coco Is Not Impressed
4Jan 27, 2018I'm Having a Moment
3Jan 20, 2018A Dress to Match My Black Heart
2Jan 13, 2018Randy Just Showed You the Door!
1Jan 6, 2018Everything Is on the Line

Season 15

17Jul 22, 2017Uk - More is More!
16Jul 15, 2017Outside the Box Dresses
15Jul 8, 2017Style Wars
14Jul 1, 2017Total Control
13Jun 24, 2017Fit for a Princess
12Jun 17, 2017Second-Time
11Jun 10, 2017Overwhelmed
10May 13, 2017Empire State of Bride
9May 6, 2017This is My Fiancé...and This is His Wife!
8Apr 29, 2017My Sisters Are Picking Out My Dress!
7Apr 22, 2017We Don't Do Anything Normal
6Apr 15, 2017Not Hell nor High Water
5Apr 8, 2017We're Going to Say "I Do" Underwater!
4Mar 26, 2017Love is Love
3Mar 19, 2017I Want My Daughter to Look Like a Sexpot
2Mar 12, 2017The Shay Way
1Mar 4, 201710 Years Later and Busier Than Ever!

Season 14

20Jun 24, 2016There's a New Guy in Town
19Jun 17, 2016I'm a Firm Believer in Signs
18Jun 10, 2016That Looks Like a Torture Device
17Jun 3, 2016Not Afraid to Try New Things
16May 20, 2016I'm a Legacy
15May 13, 2016The Male Perspective
14May 6, 2016Come on In, Grandma!
13Apr 29, 2016Dad's Being a Dadzilla
12Apr 22, 2016Bling, Lace, and Cleavage
11Apr 15, 2016A Rainbow Unicorn Dress
10Apr 8, 2016I'm Not the Size of a Hanger!
9Apr 1, 2016You Are a Daredevil!
8Mar 25, 2016Say Yes to the Address
7Mar 25, 2016I Am Bride-yoncé
6Mar 18, 2016I Won the Battle Against My Twin!
5Mar 18, 2016This is Your Day
4Mar 11, 2016I Am a Bride on a Budget
3Mar 11, 2016The Sasha Dress
2Mar 4, 2016I've Stalked This Dress on Instagram
1Mar 4, 2016What Does Martha Think?

Season 13

18Jun 5, 2015The Sale is On!
17May 29, 2015Sexy Sells
16May 22, 2015V.I.Pnina
15May 15, 2015Drama, Drama, Drama!
14May 8, 2015Like Mother, Unlike Daughter
13May 1, 2015Daddy Dearest
12Apr 24, 2015Worth the Wait
11Apr 17, 2015Case of Dress Distress
10Apr 10, 2015Designer Dreams
9Apr 3, 2015Love at First Sight
8Mar 27, 2015Booby Trap
7Mar 27, 2015Please Love My Dress
6Mar 20, 2015Agree to Disagree
5Mar 20, 2015Breaking the Bank
4Mar 13, 2015A Situation in the Salon
3Mar 13, 2015Vision Confusion
2Mar 6, 2015Performance Piece
1Mar 6, 2015A Comedian Walks Into a Bridal Salon...

Season 12

17Dec 19, 2014Sample Sale Madness!
16Dec 19, 2014Challenge After Challenge
15Dec 5, 2014A Thorn in the Bride's Side
14Dec 5, 2014Style Therapy
13Nov 28, 2014Dazed and Gown-fused
12Nov 28, 2014Dueling Visions
11Nov 21, 2014Entourage Sabotage
10Nov 21, 2014Top My Dream Dress!
9Nov 14, 2014The Quest for Perfection
8Nov 14, 2014A Dress Like None the Rest
7Nov 7, 2014Father Knows Dress
6Nov 7, 2014200th Episode: Brotherly Love
5Oct 24, 2014Mom's Seal of Approval
4Oct 24, 2014All Hands on Deck
3Oct 17, 2014Tight, Strapless, and Sexy!
2Oct 17, 2014When in Doubt, Customize
1Oct 10, 2014Surprise, Surprise!

Season 11

18May 23, 2014A Chart Topping Dress
17May 16, 2014Sister Act!
16May 9, 2014Smother's Day
15May 2, 2014Always the Pageant Girl...
14Apr 25, 2014More, More, More!
13Apr 18, 2014For His Consideration
12Apr 11, 2014A Kleinfeld Family Affair
11Apr 4, 2014Design Intervention
10Mar 28, 2014My Day, Mom's Way
9Mar 21, 2014If You've Got It, Flaunt It
8Mar 14, 2014One of a Kind Dress Requests
7Mar 14, 2014Til Dress Do Us Part
6Mar 7, 2014It Fits, She Scores!
5Mar 7, 2014No Room for Compromise
4Feb 28, 2014Nothing Ordinary Here
3Feb 28, 2014More Money, More Problems
2Feb 21, 2014A Gown Worth the Trip
1Feb 21, 2014New Dress -- New Beginning

Season 10

18Nov 1, 2013Apple of His Eye
17Nov 1, 2013A Mother's Touch
16Oct 25, 2013A Surprising Turn of Events
15Oct 25, 2013I'll Know It When I See It
14Oct 11, 2013Not What I Was Expecting
13Oct 4, 2013Day of Challenges
12Sep 27, 2013Not What I Had in Mind
11Sep 20, 2013Mom's Day, Mom's Way
10Sep 20, 2013You're Making Me Blush
9Sep 13, 2013Race to the Altar
8Sep 13, 2013More Than a Wedding
7Sep 6, 2013Better Than the First
6Sep 6, 2013Father of the Bride
5Aug 30, 2013Family Rules
4Aug 23, 2013Brides and Their Boys
3Aug 23, 2013Showing Off Your Assets
2Aug 16, 2013A Family Affair
1Aug 16, 2013Sisters Know Best

Season 9

18Mar 1, 2013Requests Like None of the Rest
17Feb 22, 2013Picky Brides
16Feb 15, 2013It's Just Money
15Feb 15, 2013Day of Challenges
14Feb 8, 2013Love the Skin I'm In
13Feb 8, 2013Queen for the Day
12Feb 1, 2013Dare to Be Different
11Feb 1, 2013Grands Know Best
10Jan 25, 2013Keeping an Open Mind
9Jan 25, 2013The Blowout Sale
8Jan 18, 2013Size Me Up
7Jan 18, 2013Second Time Around
6Jan 11, 2013Beat the Clock
5Jan 11, 2013Princess Fantasy
4Jan 4, 2013A Very Merry Wedding
3Jan 4, 2013Mother May I?
2Dec 28, 2012Daddy-Daughter Dilemma
1Dec 28, 2012Big Entourage, Bigger Opinions

Season 8

18Aug 17, 2012New Beginnings
17Aug 17, 2012Bling It On!
16Aug 10, 2012Staying True Before Saying 'I Do'
15Aug 3, 2012Red She Said
14Aug 3, 2012NFL Brides
13Jul 27, 2012Expecting Brides
12Jul 20, 2012Worth the Weight
11Jul 20, 2012Rocker Brides
10Jul 13, 2012Big Budget Brides
9Jul 13, 2012Image is Everything
8Jul 6, 2012What's My Style
7Jul 6, 2012His Opinion…
6Jun 29, 2012Race Against Time
5Jun 29, 20122 Dresses, 1 Dream
4Jun 22, 2012Sister, Sister
3Jun 22, 2012Not Your Mama's Dress
2Jun 15, 2012Extreme Entourage
1Jun 15, 2012You're Sexy and You Know It

Season 7

18Dec 30, 2011Princess for a Day
17Dec 23, 2011Ready, Aim, Focus
16Dec 16, 2011For the LOVE of MOM
15Dec 9, 2011Same Dress, Different Girl
14Dec 2, 2011That Special Someone
13Nov 25, 2011A One Track Mind
12Nov 18, 2011The Majority Rules
11Nov 11, 2011Sister Resistors
10Nov 4, 2011Never Settle
9Nov 4, 2011The Facilitators
8Oct 28, 2011The Devil Is in the Details
7Oct 28, 2011Dress Obsess
6Oct 21, 2011Together as One
5Oct 21, 2011Worth the Wait
4Oct 14, 2011One of a Kind
3Oct 14, 2011Too Many Cooks in the Kitchen
2Oct 7, 2011Fashion Police
1Oct 7, 2011Pushing the Limits

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