Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta - Episode List

Season 10

10Aug 11, 2018It's Dani Day!
9Aug 4, 2018Way Out of My Comfort Zone
8Jul 28, 2018Somebody Just Turned on the Vixen!
7Jul 21, 2018Men of Honor?
6Jul 14, 2018Walking on Egg Shells
5Jul 7, 2018You Can't Give Every One a Rose
4Jun 30, 2018I Feel Like I'm in Dress Heaven
3Jun 23, 2018Paying It Forward
2Jun 16, 2018Let Me Show Y'all How It's Done
1Jun 9, 2018We've Got a Lot of Catching Up to Do!

Season 9

17Feb 26, 2016Mother of the Groom
16Feb 19, 2016Momma's Holdin' Back
15Feb 19, 2016Rockabilly & Motorcycles
14Feb 12, 2016Gonna Sing You a Song 'Bout the Dress I Don't Have
13Feb 12, 201688 and Out the Gate
12Feb 5, 2016Gone with the Wind Fabulous
11Feb 5, 2016If I Feel Like a Penny, I Need to Look Like a Million
10Jan 29, 2016I'll Just Call Myself the Original Diva
9Jan 29, 2016Multiple Dress Personality Disorder
8Jan 22, 2016A Trio of Options
7Jan 22, 2016Waiting for a Sign
6Jan 15, 2016My Big Fat Ethiopian Wedding
5Jan 15, 2016Are You Ready to Play Bridal Blitz?
4Jan 8, 2016A Little Sparkle Goes a Long Way
3Jan 8, 2016What Would Phaedra Do?
2Jan 1, 2016I Feel Fierce
1Jan 1, 2016Two Monte's Are Better Than One

Season 8

19Jan 16, 2015Runaway Bride, Runaway Budget
18May 29, 2015Say Yes to the Prom
17Feb 27, 2015The Most FANtastic Day Ever!
16Feb 27, 2015A Bridal Change of the Heart
15Feb 20, 2015Mother May I?
14Feb 13, 2015No Such Thing as a Country Dress
13Feb 13, 2015A Case of Tunnel Vision
12Feb 6, 2015When the Leading Man Takes a Stand
11Feb 6, 2015A Dress Worth Saying I Do
10Jan 30, 2015No Room for the Groom
9Jan 30, 2015Love and Basketball
8Jan 23, 2015Betting Against the Barn
7Jan 23, 2015Double Brides, Double Trouble
6Jan 16, 2015I Do...Does Dad?
5Jan 16, 2015Wedding Gown Bro Down
4Jan 9, 2015Bridal Highs and Woes
3Jan 9, 2015Fifty Shades of White
2Jan 2, 2015Whose Wedding is It Anyway?
1Jan 2, 2015A Dress Against All Odds

Season 7

18Aug 8, 2014Times Are A' Changing
17Aug 8, 2014Curves and Curveballs
16Aug 1, 2014Good Things Come to Those Who Wait
15Aug 1, 2014The Ties That Bind
14Jul 25, 2014Worth the Weight
13Jul 25, 2014A Dress with a Fighting Chance
12Jul 18, 2014Gold Medal Gown
11Jul 18, 2014Eye of the Bridal Storm
10Jul 11, 2014Bridal Baggage Blues
9Jul 11, 2014Dare to Be Different
8Jun 27, 2014Blush-ing Brides
7Jun 27, 2014The Big Picture
6Jun 20, 2014Once Upon a Bride
5Jun 20, 2014Battle of the Curves
4Jun 13, 2014Bringing Bridal Back
3Jun 13, 2014First Dresses and Second Guesses
2Jun 6, 2014Out of Bridal Bounds
1Jun 6, 2014The Bridal Countdown

Season 6

18Jan 31, 2014By the Book
17Jan 24, 2014Up the Aunt-ie
16Jan 17, 2014Twelve's a Crowd
15Jan 10, 2014Shiny, Happy, Bling!
14Jan 10, 2014It Takes Two
13Jan 3, 2014Bride Overboard
12Jan 3, 2014100th Episode: Chances Are…
11Dec 27, 2013No Time for Nostalgia
10Dec 6, 2013Breaking the Bank
9Dec 6, 2013Brides by the Numbers
8Nov 29, 2013There's No I in Groom
7Nov 29, 2013Pastor Princess
6Nov 22, 2013Double Trouble
5Nov 22, 2013Playing Chicken
4Nov 15, 2013To Sleeve, or Not to Sleeve
3Nov 15, 2013Mom's Way or the Highway
2Nov 8, 2013Bridal Sabotage
1Nov 8, 2013Extra-Special Day

Season 5

18May 17, 2013The Family Feud
17May 10, 2013Booty-do's and Ball Gowns
16May 3, 2013Team Spirit
15Apr 26, 2013Tulle vs. Ta-Ta's
14Apr 19, 2013No to the Bow
13Apr 19, 2013Hope on a Hanger
12Apr 12, 2013Princess Brides Beware
11Apr 12, 2013I Do Again
10Apr 5, 2013The Bride Strikes Back
9Apr 5, 2013More Granny, More Problems
8Mar 29, 2013Chocolate Milk, Mermaids and Mothers
7Mar 29, 2013Bucking Tradition
6Mar 22, 2013Divas on the Defense
5Mar 22, 2013Thinking Outside of the Box
4Mar 15, 2013Rolling with the Punches
3Mar 15, 2013Country Girls Do Bridal Best
2Mar 8, 2013Rockin' the Runway
1Mar 8, 2013Good News, Bad News

Season 4

18Oct 19, 2012Baby Wants Blings
17Oct 19, 2012Poof, There It Is!
16Oct 12, 2012A Little Help from Her Friends
15Oct 12, 2012Dream Dress or Bust
14Oct 5, 2012Bridal Floor Bullies
13Oct 5, 2012Mama Gets Her Groove Back
12Sep 28, 2012Never Been Kissed
11Sep 28, 2012Skin Can't Win
10Sep 21, 2012Secret Princess
9Sep 21, 2012Dueling Divas
8Sep 14, 2012Blinded by Science
7Sep 14, 2012Between a Sham-Rock and a Hard Place
6Sep 7, 2012Power Play
5Sep 7, 2012Sisters Act Out!
4Aug 31, 2012Three Cheers for the Bride!
3Aug 31, 2012The Mouth of the South
2Aug 24, 2012Mommy-Daddy's Little Girl
1Aug 24, 2012Country Girls Gone Wild

Season 3

20May 18, 2012Top 10 Mama Dramas
19Apr 6, 2012Lori's 10 Commandments
18Apr 6, 2012Meant to Be
17Mar 30, 2012Stealing the Spotlight
16Mar 23, 2012Father Knows Dress
15Mar 16, 2012Say No to the Ball Gown
14Mar 9, 2012Falling in Love
13Mar 2, 2012It's More Than a Dress
12Feb 24, 2012High Fashion Anxiety
11Feb 17, 2012Live for Today, Hope for Tomorrow
10Feb 10, 2012Double Mama Drama
9Feb 3, 2012Mamas Know Best
8Jan 27, 2012Fresh Start
7Jan 27, 2012Modern Bay Scarlett
6Jan 20, 2012Mini Monte
5Jan 20, 2012Tunnel Vision
4Jan 13, 2012Vocal Training
3Jan 13, 2012Operation: Cinderella
2Jan 6, 2012Daddy's Girls
1Jan 6, 2012Dancing Queen

Season 2

18Sep 30, 2011No Boys Allowed...
17Sep 23, 2011Bride Knows Best
16Sep 16, 2011Power of the Purse
15Sep 9, 2011Here Comes the Bride...and Her Bride
14Sep 2, 2011Everyone Say "A-Ha!"
13Aug 26, 2011Brides with Baggage
12Aug 19, 2011Brothers and Mothers
11Aug 12, 2011Two Moms Are Better Than None
10Aug 5, 2011The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
9Aug 5, 2011Longest Appointment Ever…
8Jul 29, 2011Are You Looking for Trouble?
7Jul 29, 2011Be Bold
6Jul 22, 2011Sibling Rivalry
5Jul 22, 2011Mamas and Dramas and Tears, Oh My!
4Jul 15, 2011Taming of the Shrews
3Jul 15, 2011A Fox in the Henhouse
2Jul 8, 2011Go Big or Go Home
1Jul 8, 2011Southern Mamas Are Hard, Y'all…

Season 1

12Sep 24, 2010The Royal Treatment
11Sep 17, 2010In Mom's Absence
10Sep 10, 2010Bridal Veterans
9Sep 3, 2010When Push Turns to Shove
8Aug 27, 2010For Better or Worse
7Aug 20, 2010Looking for Support
6Aug 20, 2010Head or Tails
5Aug 13, 2010Buyer's Remorse
4Aug 13, 2010The Full Monte
3Aug 6, 2010If Mama's Not Happy…
2Aug 6, 2010Breaking the Curse
1Jul 30, 2010Virgin Brides Wear Sleeves


SpecialFeb 26, 2016Countdown to the Wedding
SpecialAug 1, 2014Top 10 Southern Belles
SpecialJun 1, 2012Lori & Monte: Top 10 Dresscues
SpecialMar 23, 2012Top 10 Southern Belles