The Sky at Night - Episode List

Season 2018

8Sep 9, 2018Expedition Asteroid
7Aug 12, 2018Death Star
6Jul 8, 2018Outback Astronomy
5Jun 10, 2018Jupiter: Up Close and Personal
4May 13, 2018Gaia: A Galactic Revolution
3Apr 8, 2018Mars: Red and Dead?
2Feb 10, 2018The Mystery of 'Oumuamua
1Jan 14, 2018The Invisible Universe

Season 2017

10Dec 10, 2017Wonders of the Night Sky
9Nov 12, 2017In the Blink of an Eye
8Oct 8, 2017Return to the Moon?
7Sep 10, 2017Cassini: The Gamechanger
6Aug 13, 2017It Came From Outer Space
5Jul 9, 2017Into the Dark Zone
4Jun 11, 2017Inside God's Observatory: Special
3Apr 23, 201760th Anniversary Special
2Feb 12, 2017Telescope Takeover
1Jan 8, 2017Guide to the Galaxy

Season 2016

10Dec 11, 2016Review of the Year
9Nov 13, 2016Life on Mars
8Oct 2, 2016Goodbye Rosetta: A Sky at Night Special
7Sep 11, 2016Interstellar: The Journey to Proxima Centauri
6Jul 10, 2016Juno: Mission to Jupiter
5Jun 12, 2016Secrets of the Whirlpool Galaxy
4May 8, 2016Mercury: The Problem Child of the Solar System
3Apr 10, 2016Stephen Hawking on Black Holes
2Mar 13, 2016Five Greatest Images of the Solar System
1Feb 14, 2016Planet 9 From Outer Space

Season 2015

11Dec 30, 2015The Real Star of Bethlehem: A Sky at Night Christmas Special
10Nov 8, 2015Second Earth?
9Oct 11, 2015Volcanoes of the Solar System
8Sep 13, 2015Playing With a Clockwork Universe
7Aug 9, 2015Cosmic Blasts
6Jul 20, 2015Pluto Revealed
5Jun 14, 2015Rosetta Update - A Comet's Story
4May 10, 2015Venus, Earth's Twin
3Apr 12, 2015Hubble: The Five Greatest Images of the Cosmos
2Feb 8, 2015What Have UFOs Done for Us?
1Jan 11, 2015The Billion Pixel Camera

Season 2014

11Dec 14, 2014The Pillars of Creation
10Nov 16, 2014Rosetta: A Sky at Night Special
9Oct 12, 2014Ice Giants
8Sep 14, 2014The Hunt for ET
7Aug 10, 2014How to Catch a Comet
6Jul 13, 2014The Brightest Star
5Jun 8, 2014Impacts
4May 11, 2014How Gravity Shapes the Universe
3Apr 13, 2014Mysterious Mars
2Mar 9, 2014Sounds Of The Universe
1Feb 9, 2014Jupiter: Weather and Moons

Season 2013

12Dec 1, 2013Comet Chasing
11Nov 7, 2013Moore Moon Marathon
10Oct 6, 2013Space Surgery Special
9Sep 2, 2013Fatal Attraction
8Aug 4, 2013Exploring Mars
7Jul 8, 2013Solstice
6Jun 2, 2013Lives of the Stars
5May 6, 2013Stunning Saturn
4Apr 8, 2013They Fall to Earth
3Mar 3, 2013Moore Winter Marathon Results
2Feb 3, 2013The Sun King
1Jan 7, 2013Reaching for the Stars

Season 2012

12Dec 3, 2012Mercury and the Moon
11Nov 5, 2012The Story of Stuff
10Oct 8, 2012Moore Winter Marathon
9Sep 3, 2012Curiosity at Mars
8Aug 13, 2012Home-Grown Observatories
7Jul 2, 2012Venus and the Midnight Sun
6Jun 4, 2012Juice
5May 10, 2012The Moore Marathon
4Apr 2, 2012Warp Factor 55
3Mar 4, 2012Citizen Astronomy
2Feb 13, 2012Age of the Infrared
1Jan 9, 2012Other Solar Systems

Season 2011

12Dec 8, 2011Outer Limits
11Nov 10, 2011Curious about Mars
10Oct 6, 2011Pegasus and Andromeda
9Sep 4, 2011Final Frontier
8Aug 8, 2011Dawn at Vesta
7Jul 3, 2011The Stars Indoors
6Jun 6, 2011Cygnus the Swan
5May 5, 2011Storm Chasing
4Apr 4, 2011Double Star Party
3Mar 6, 2011700 Not Out
2Jan 31, 2011Orion the Hunter
1Jan 3, 2011Volcanoes of the Solar System

Season 2010

12Dec 7, 2010The Great Bear
11Nov 8, 2010Ghostly Travellers
10Oct 5, 2010Light Echoes
9Sep 7, 2010Events on Jupiter
8Aug 2, 2010Monster Star
7Jul 5, 2010The Universe from Atlantis
6Jun 6, 2010Star Birth
5May 4, 2010Ring World
4Apr 7, 2010The Sun in Splendour
3Mar 8, 2010Life
2Feb 9, 2010The Spirit of Mars
1Jan 4, 2010Twinkle Twinkle

Season 2009

15Dec 7, 2009The Winter Sky
14Nov 15, 2009Exploring Mars
13Nov 2, 2009Lunar Impact
12Oct 5, 2009The Great Observatories
11Sep 7, 2009Jupiter Rising
10Aug 3, 2009Coronae of the Sun
9Jul 7, 2009Last Man on the Moon
8Jul 6, 2009The Apollo Miracle
7Jun 21, 2009Apollo 11: A Night to Remember
6Jun 1, 2009Neighbourhood Watch
5May 4, 2009Close Encounters
4Apr 6, 2009Herschel in the Red
3Mar 2, 2009The Fountains of Enceladus
2Feb 2, 2009The Merry Dancers
1Jan 5, 2009Light Fantastic

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