Father Brown - Episode List

Season 6

10Jan 12, 2018The Two Deaths of Hercule Flambeau
9Jan 11, 2018The Flower of the Fairway
8Jan 10, 2018The Cat of Mastigatus
7Jan 9, 2018The Dance of Death
6Jan 8, 2018The Devil You Know
5Jan 5, 2018The Face of the Enemy
4Jan 4, 2018The Angel of Mercy
3Jan 3, 2018The Kembleford Dragon
2Jan 2, 2018The Jackdaw's Revenge
1Dec 18, 2017The Tree of Truth

Season 5

15Jan 19, 2017The Penitent Man
14Jan 18, 2017The Fire in the Sky
13Jan 17, 2017The Tanganyika Green
12Jan 16, 2017The Theatre of the Invisible
11Jan 13, 2017The Sins of Others
10Jan 12, 2017The Alchemist's Secret
9Jan 11, 2017The Lepidopterist's Companion
8Jan 10, 2017The Crimson Feather
7Jan 9, 2017The Smallest of Things
6Jan 6, 2017The Eagle and the Daw
5Jan 5, 2017The Hand of Lucia
4Jan 4, 2017The Chedworth Cyclone
3Jan 3, 2017The Eve of St John
2Jan 2, 2017The Labyrinth of the Minotaur
1Dec 23, 2016The Star of Jacob

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